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The Different Poker Variations You Can Play Right Now

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Poker is one of the most popular games at online and physical casinos. There is a learning curve when it comes to being better at the game, specifically because it is a skill-based game. One path that many people follow is learning the different types and variations of poker they might encounter. To help you get started, we will look at some of the more popular poker variations. Please keep in mind that for all any variation of poker online that you choose to play,  your desktop is an essential tool and you should keep it running smoothly.

Texas Hold’em Poker

This is one of the most popular and well-known poker variations in the world. Texas Hold’em Poker uses both hole and community cards. Hole cards are given to a player and not shown to other players while community cards are used by all players. A player uses their home cards plus the best cards from the community cards to create a winning hand.

The game typically lasts four rounds, with players making bets or exiting the game (folding) depending on their card combinations and probability of winning.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is very similar to Texas Hold’em Poker, with the difference being that players begin the game with four hole cards rather than two. The players then have to create the best hand using three of the community cards and two of their hole cards.

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Omaha Poker has three variations; Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo and 5-card Omaha. Each variation has slightly different rules, especially around how the pot is divided among the players and how many hole cards players start the game with.

Bonus Poker

Bonus poker is a poker variation where there is extra payout for getting four of a kind. Players start the game by inserting credits into the game machine and then deciding how many credits they want to play, with the range being between one and five. 

The machine then shows the player the cards they are allocated. Because the game is based on draw poker, players can discard the cards they do not like. These cards are then replaced with the final hand determining the payout. This payout is based on the pay table for the specific game you are playing.

Playing bonus poker well and winning is a maths problem. Players already know that there are only four suits and each suit only has 13 cards. Players can then work out the odds of getting each card in a round depending on prevailing circumstances. Players can also learn bonus poker strategy that will help them maximise their winnings and minimise their losses.

Seven Card Stud

This poker variant was very popular before Texas Hold’em Poker started dominating professional tournaments. This variant is very challenging because players have partial information and there are no community cards. The cards are shuffled so some cards face up and some face down which means players can see some of the faces but not all when the cards are dealt.

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Each player receives seven cards in Seven Card Stud, and they have to create the best hand using five of these cards.


Poker is widely popular and this makes it available online and in physical casinos. You can play some of its variants right now on whatever device you are using. Go have some fun before you play against other players!

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