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The Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy Now

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The best wireless earbud headphones bring more than freedom from wires. They give you a truly comfortable fit, unbelievable sound quality for video streaming and phone conversations, and even a hands-free operation of your smartphone through its digital assistant. But which ones are worth your money? Here’s a look at all the major players in the wireless headphone market, rated according to their overall value and features.

Best Wireless Earbud Headphones

The best wireless earbud headphones offer a combination of convenience and style in a package that’s hard to beat. The 75tevant is a stylish design with a built-in sound card. It also folds easily for storage and brings a remarkable battery life, lasting up to five hours. While its design may not be for everyone, this is one pair of headphones that will do the job and stay on your head. The other major wireless earbud headphone in the 75 range is also a stunning-looking piece of kit.

Active 75T

The Active 75T is among the Best Wireless Earbuds, it has built-in rechargeable batteries and a flexible headband for optimal fit and comfort. It has three different sound sources, including two-speaker frequencies and one passive noise cancellation. This wireless earbud unit can be customized with your own choice of cable length, so you get a perfectly suited fit for your head. Also, noise cancellation technology helps to reduce outside noise to create a truly peaceful environment, even when you’re actively listening to music or using your phone. The adjustable volume dial also lets you set a precise volume level.

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Best Sound Quality

A favorite among health buffs and athletes alike, the Powerbeats Pro wireless earbud headphones pack a powerful punch. With eight different sound sources including a cardio workout soundtrack and sports beats, this model is perfect for exercising on the go. The built-in rechargeable battery life will keep you pumped during those all too frequent workout sessions.

The built-in charging case doubles as a storage case for the cables and powerbeats pro, and it includes a built-in power cord storage compartment. The headphones have a nice quality sound, but like all high-quality buds, they’re at their best when paired with the right source device. The Active 75T cans connect wirelessly with most MP3 players and with most iPods, including the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Comfortable to Wear

These are the best wireless earbuds to buy now, period. The Active 75T has an excellent sound quality and is comfortable to wear. The lightweight earpiece is also lightweight enough that it will easily go into your ears while you perform your workout routine. The lightweight construction of these buds makes them perfect for multi-boxing or any activity where you need to remain mobile and flexible.


For those who have gone through the pains of trying to get rid of decibels, you’ll find nothing to complain about with the FitBud 85T. FitBud makes high-quality, medical-grade noise cancellation wireless earphones that work just as well as wireless earbuds with noise cancellation capabilities.

The 85T has a powerful bass response, so you can feel the beat in your favorite workout tunes. If you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds with good sound quality, you should consider the FitBud 85T.

The rechargeable battery life is another big plus, and it comes with an adapter. The headphones have a three-year warranty and are available in black, red, and blue colors with the option of charging via the car’s battery or charging cable if you don’t want to use your car adapter.

Ultimate Ears

The next-best thing for the best wireless earbuds with noise cancellation is the Ultimate Ears Xplod car kit. It comes with three pairs of earphones, two ear tips, and all the standard connectors that you would find on other stylish car kits. The Ultimate Ears coupon car kit is very durable and comes with a long cord that keeps the wires from tangling up. You can use your car kit for any type of ride – whether it’s driving down the road or going out on the town, the Ultimate Ears Xplod car kit will always work flawlessly.


For those that need extremely good quietness, there is the UBtech Echo Plus Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphone. This wireless pair comes with a lightweight remote control for easy operation and they feature a powerful battery life. The earphones are also cordless, which allows you to use them anywhere. The UBtech Echo Plus weighs in at only two ounces. That’s less than half an ounce to get an hour of wireless talk time, which is excellent.

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