The best time to post on Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram – 2022

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

If you’re looking to get the most engagement possible on your Instagram posts, timing is everything. According to data from, the best time to post on Instagram is between 9 and 11 am EST. This is because most users are checking their feed first thing in the morning, and again right before bed. That being said, every account is different, so it’s important to experiment with posting times to see what works best for you and your audience.

In this post, we will share essential information that you need to know the best time to post on Instagram. 

Why choose the optimal time for Instagram posts?

Let’s start with an example: let’s say that you are an Instagram blogger. Every day you post at different times: on Monday – at 13:00, on Tuesday – at 18:00, on Wednesday – at 19:00. Coverage for publications that come out at 13:00 is 580, and for posts that come out at 18:00 – 9:00.

This means that your target audience is most active at 18:00. Posts published at this time collect more likes, views, and comments.

But this is just an example. You have yet to find your ideal time for posts.

By publishing posts – photos, videos, and Stories at the optimal time for your profile, you can ensure that most of the audience will see the note, video, or Story. This has a positive effect on the growth of subscribers and sales (if you have a commercial account).

Choosing the best time to post on Instagram

The timing directly depends on your target audience. Therefore, first, you need to portrait your client: his gender and age, what he is interested in, where he lives.

For example, you are the owner of an online store that sells cosmetics. The target audience is girls from 18 to 24 years old, mostly students. This means that she will not be active in the morning — therefore, there is no point in publishing posts at 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00. Coverage will be minimal.

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Based on your target audience, the optimal time for posts will be the period from 17:00 to 22:00. As a rule, the audience aged 18 to 24 years is active during this period: they come from work and study.

If you have an audience of teenagers, then you can start publishing materials at 14:00. Their peak activity lasts until 20:00 — then there is a decline.

In the event that you have a wide audience — mothers on maternity leave, teenagers, students — then the only way to find the perfect time for publications is experiments.

Try posting posts at different times every day: for example, publish a post today at 12:00, and tomorrow at 14:00. Follow this strategy for a week, or preferably two.

See at what time your posts collect more likes, comments. Be sure to study the account statistics — look at the coverage at different times. By experience, you will find the best time when your target audience is most active.

In general, if we talk about the activity of Instagram users, then keep the following figures in mind:

The first peak of audience activity is from 11:00 to 16:00.

The second peak of activity is from 17:00 to 23:00.

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Choosing the best day to post on Instagram

Instagram audience activity depends not only on the time post on Instagram but also on the day of the week. Based on this, you need to draw up your content plan for the week competently: entertainment materials should be released on one day and selling posts on another.

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What to post on Instgaram by day of the week

  • Monday: Maonday is the first working day of the week. People are after the weekend, which means selling them something on this day is not the best idea. Therefore, post entertaining posts on Monday.
  • Tuesday: On Tuesday, you can publish informative and informative content – instructions, reviews, recommendations.
  • Wednesday: On this day of the week, you can sell — post posts with special offers, promotions.
  • Thursday: On Thursday, you can upload any content: at least entertaining, at least informative.
  • Friday: The end of the working week is the time to prepare for the weekend. Publish entertaining content; at the same time, you can try to post a selling post.
  • Saturday: The first day off. As a rule, there is very low activity of the audience on this day: people go to cafes, bars, and go out into nature. Therefore, on Saturday, it is better to post posts from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Sunday: On this day, the audience is most active throughout the day. Therefore, you can post posts at any time. Focus on entertaining content, but it can be diluted with selling and training posts.

What time to conduct live broadcasts?

Live broadcasts are a great way to communicate with your audience. This format also attracts new subscribers.

It is best to broadcast in the evening – in the interval from 19:00 to 23:00. This is the time of the day when your target audience will be home and are able to allocate hours to watch your broadcasts.

As for the day of the week, we recommend holding live broadcasts on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

How often do I post on Instagram?

The organic coverage of posts depends on the frequency of publication. But this does not mean that if you post 5-10 photos, Stories, or videos every day, the audience growth will noticeably increase.

The frequency of posts depends on your account:

Business accounts. 4-5 publications per week will be enough. For example, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Try to diversify the content: selling, informational and entertaining.

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Blogs. Here, unlike commercial accounts, posts can be posted every day. This way, you will flash in the subscribers’ feed more often. But no more than two posts per day.

Personal pages. At your discretion – you can publish posts every day, once a week, or once a month.

But if you want to gain an audience, then, as in the case of blogs, try to post interesting content as often as possible.

Now we will share with you two types of tools that will help you in working with publications:

Automatic social media Posting Tool: 

Good for deferred posting on Instagram. You don’t have to post all the posts manually: just specify the right time and date for the post to be published, and the Automatic social media Posting Tools will automatically publish the post. You can work from your phone and computer.

Analytics Tools:

Analytic tools can help you to determine the best time to post on Instagram.

You can view detailed account statistics: for example, at what time the audience is most active. Thus, thanks to Analytics Tools, you will find the optimal time for your photos, videos, Stories.

Final thoughts on the best time to post on Instagram

We hope that you were able to find the best time for Instagram posts. Of course, all the recommendations from this article are not the ultimate truth. It is possible to find the optimal time only by experience.

Only by experimenting will you find out at what time your posts “come in” best: in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Are you an influencer on Instagram?

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Please share your thought with us in the comment below.


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