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Telling Your Story: The Art of Writing an Autobiography Essay

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If we want to talk about writing an autobiography, we must clarify what autobiography is. Also, we should make a difference between biography and autobiography. Biography is a literature genre that tells a story about an important historical figure. That could be politicians, writers, artists, scientists, and other figures that left a mark in history. We know about Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera, Oscar Wilde: A Life, by Matthew Sturgis, Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, and others.

However, autobiography is a non-fictional story that we write about ourselves. Auto means self in Greek, so it is self-biography. You’ve probably heard of some of these autobiographies before – The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Becoming by Michelle Obama, and Cash: The Autobiography by Johnny Cash. In this article, we will discuss how to write an autobiography essay.

Find some essay examples in the library and on the Internet

At some point in your academic life, your literature professor would ask you to write an autobiographical essay. You can go to the library and find thousands of autobiographies. Choose one historical figure that you are interested in and enjoy reading. You can also lend a book about writing an autobiography. However, it will take so much time and you probably don’t have too much to spare.

The faster and easier way is to seek help on the internet and find the best one autobiography essay example that will show you how to deal with this task. And if you are not interested in writing, you can hire a writer to do it for you. Edubirdie features many autobiography essay examples and writers that would be happy to help you.

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Select important events from your life

If you decide to write an autobiography essay by yourself, you should follow the next steps. In the first place, you should make some sketches about major events in your life that you want to share with your readers. You should also think of elements that would be interesting to someone who reads your story. Find some events that your readers can relate to. Avoid falling into the trap of writing in detail about every tiny moment of your life. Even your mother isn’t interested in knowing every detail of your puberty.

However, you should consider writing about your hometown, childhood friends, family history, and touchstone moments in your education. Maybe you can give a portrait of the dearest family member and your first love. Then you should involve some significant experiences that help you become the person you are now. It would be engaging to talk about big failures in your life and how you overcame them. You should write about people who were there for you in tough moments. At this point, your autobiographical essay becomes helpful for your readers.

Engage eloquence and humor

Avoid dry sentences that will reduce your essay to a list of events from your life. You should engage imagination and eloquence while describing what happened at some point in your life. For example, when you talk about childhood, you should introduce readers to the rules of your favorite childhood game. You can also tell a funny anecdote that happened while you and your friends played that game.

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Don’t avoid making jokes on your own account. People who admit their mistakes and laugh about them are more approachable and likable. Show your readers that you are only human, just like them. Also, when is appropriate, engage in humor describing other interesting events. There is no need for your autobiography to be too serious.

Use a first-person voice

We said that this is a self-biography, so you should use a first-person narrative voice. That will make an intimate feeling between you and your readers. It will show your readers that you give them an honest story about your family, friends, and, more importantly, yourself. The third-person narrative voice is reserved for tales, biographies, and novels that are about others. This story is about you and your readers want to hear your voice. What do you think, why is Catcher in the Rye so popular?

Art of Writing

Come up with a unique title

You should avoid titles such as “My Autobiography”, “The Story of me”, and other generic titles that will come to your mind instantly. The title should be attractive and make people think Wow, that sounds amazing, let’s see some interesting details in this person’s life! So, you should consider the following titles: “The Road Less Traveled: Memoirs of an Adventurous Soul” or “Beyond the Pages: A Life Written in Ink”. These titles sound mysterious and they would intrigue people to read your autobiography.


It isn’t so difficult to write an autobiography. You just need to look deeply into yourself and remember the important and fun moments of your life. Keep your work moving, fun, and engaging. But most importantly, keep it authentic and free of plagiarism, that’s imperative. Yet, if you don’t want to deal with it, you can always seek autobiographical essay examples on the internet. You can also hire someone to write your story for you while you manage other college tasks.

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