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Sports Betting Business in Nigeria – Complete Guide for Starting

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In Nigeria today, the gambling  and sports betting business is the among the popular and lucrative business that brings millions to many people every day.

An interesting fact is that there are a lot of young sports fans in Nigeria.

According to the online sports betting and gambling business statistics on the web, about 60 million people between the ages of 18 and 40 are engaged in active sports betting in Nigeria.

And the global sports betting market is almost 3 trillion dollars.

If you are considering starting your own sports betting business in Nigeria, be it based on casino games, poker, online betting, or any other kind of gambling business, you have a big market.

Running your own betting business is a profitable idea because both offline and online sports betting is promising.

People who want to start gambling and any betting business in Nigeria should have a clear idea of the kind of betting shop they should open, general considerations and tips for making a profit, and obtaining proper permits and licenses.

So, when you start, choose a niche or a combination of some of them.

How do you start an online sport betting business in Nigeria?

If you want to own one of them and start making good money while still enriching others, this article will help you achieve this.

Tips for Starting Sports Betting business in Nigeria

This article contains detailed explanation of the following tips for starting Online Sports Betting business and other types of gambling Business in Nigeria;

  • Getting your betting software
  • Gambling Company Registration
  • Obtaining the necessary gambling business license
  • Getting a betting shop location
  • Creating a Betting Website
  • User-friendly and Secure Payment Platform
  • Promoting your betting business and gaining popularity

Here, we explained what you need to start a gambling business or online betting business:

  1. Getting your betting software:

As an owner of a sports betting business, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting the best betting software for your business.

As you will enter into a long-term partnership with a sports betting software provider, you need to take your time to evaluate the existing options in terms of the quality of the services offered and the price.

You want to choose a betting software provider with a deep understanding of the online gaming industry and experience running successful online betting platforms.

  1. Gambling Company Registration:

Some businesses do not require someone to register them before opening their doors to customers and customers. Usually, people run some businesses for several years before they officially get registered and become fully registered Nigerian companies.

However, some others must get fully registered to gain trust, and one of these is a sports betting website or sports betting business.

Registration can be at the Corporate Affairs Commission in any state of Nigeria, and currently, this process takes about two weeks.

  1. Obtaining the necessary gambling business license:

It’s just that in every modern society controlled by laws and regulations, a body in Nigeria is responsible for regulating the conduct of business, such as the betting business. The body responsible for this is the National Lottery Commission of Nigeria.

  1. Get a betting shop location: 

An affordable office location for a betting business where people give away or gamble for their money will help you gain loyalty and trust.

This will allow people to place bets quickly, share their complaints, demand cash, and there you can do everything related to managing your gambling business. You also need to make sure that your bet shops are also in a well-protected environment.

  1. Creating a Betting Website: 

A betting website makes the business very easy for both owners and those who place bets. Various bets that have already been made can be easily managed, and people can see them and place bets online without coming to the office.

Some betting business owners have gone to another level by creating betting apps and gambling sites that run on various devices.

Betting apps allow people to access their services freely. Most of the bets that occur these days are made online by tech-savvy young people who also have other things to do on the side.

  1. User-friendly and Secure Payment Platform:

The best way to make the most of the website you have installed is to give people the opportunity to place bets online, which also means making payments. They can also claim prizes without having to come to the betting shop.

Therefore, if you are going to do this business in full force, you should implement a payment system that will be secure and user-friendly.

  1. Creating a franchise: 

This involves expanding your sports betting business from one outlet in one place to another. This will not only boost the profitability but also increase the reputation of your business. In addition, most sports fans prefer to visit the betting shop near them.

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Opening franchises and retail outlets can be expensive, especially for a betting business that is just starting. Still, you can achieve this by collaborating with investors who can afford to open outlets in their chosen locations based on well-agreed terms between you.

If you cannot open these franchises in many places, it would be advisable to start with famous cities such as Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, etc.

The cities mentioned above attract or have a large concentration of young sports fans and gamblers.

  1. Promoting your betting business and gaining popularity: 

The sports betting business has been around in Nigeria for quite some time. Thus, there are leading players in the industry who are already well-known brands located in different parts of the country. Over the years, they have built their credibility and reputation.

As a start-up company seeking to destroy and gain popularity among leading brands, you will need to promote your new business actively; on radio, television, social networks, and in all possible ways.

You can also try to introduce bonuses and free services for your customers or as a way to attract more people, ensure timely payment and offer services that are better than those of your competitors.

On the other hand, social networks have become a second home for young people, so you can maximize this by posting advertising posts on Facebook or Twitter so that people register and start betting on your platform.

There is also an option to launch an affiliate program in which you pay or reward people for attracting other people to use your business. Rewards can be in the form of free tickets for bets or waivers from purchases.

You also need to expand the scope of your betting options from simple football to other sports. This will allow you to be in business even when the football season is over or on break.

Investing in binary options trading is also another way to make money for yourself and keep your business running all year round, maximizing profits.

Important Sports Betting Questions and Answers

Can Sports betting make you rich?

Sports betting and other kinds of gambling are unlikely to make people rich unless you make it into a permanent job and become one of the best players in the world.

This is an extreme statement, and before you get rich, it is essential to remember that only a small percentage of gamblers who bet on sports make a profit.

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As for Sports betting business owners, the simple answer to the question is Yes.

Why do I always lose in sports betting?

As a sports betting gambler, you may always lose because you don’t allow yourself to win; even when you have won a significant amount of money, you will continue to bet until you lose the money you won all again.

When should you give up gambling?

You should walk away from sports betting when you start chasing losses. The absolute best time to give up gambling is when you are chasing losses. This refers to the act of making large bets or simply playing for longer than you would like to win back previous losses.

Are sports betting rigged?

The simple answer to this question is No.

Sports betting is not rigged, but because of the vig,

Sports betting is not in your favor as a gambler.

To make money, sports betting companies charge a commission on losing bets, which is called vig.

What is SPBO?

SPBO is an Asian live broadcast provider that offers the latest results of any sporting event, be it Football, Golf, Basketball, Auto Racing, etc.

How profitable is the sports betting business in Nigeria?

Sports betting is a highly profitable business in Nigeria. Approximately 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 participate in active sports betting.

On average, these players spend about 3000 Naira on bets every day. Sports betting provides Nigerian football fans with the opportunity to earn money from what they love.

In 2019, sports betting shops can now be seen on almost every street in Lagos, and new ones appear daily.

Final thought

The online sports betting industry in Nigeria has shown tremendous growth over the past few years.

As more and more operators are entering the sports betting market. It means that it is becoming more and more challenging to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from the rest.


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