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Setting Goals and Tracking Progress: Motivation for Beginner Dancers

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If dancing is something you’ve always been drawn to, it’s never too late to learn. You can learn to achieve anything you put your mind to with the right steps in place. If learning how to dance matters to you, whether it’s tango, salsa, or ballet, you’ll discover that achieving your dancing goals is something that can be attained. Here are some ways to set goals and track progress:

Discover the dance style you’ll love

When it comes to dancing, there are so many different styles to choose from. You may want to get ballet flats and jump right into ballet, or perhaps you’d love to enjoy the casual appeal of hip-hop dancing. If you’re unsure of what dance appeals to you the most, don’t be afraid to try out a variety of options.

Find studios that offer different classes, so it’s easier for you to choose from. Or you could dedicate time to trying out different options for a specific span of time, like a month or so. If you don’t love the dance style you chose, don’t be afraid to pivot and try something new.

Be willing to look like a fool

Look, it can be hard to go to group classes and get up in front of other people without a clue what you’re doing. Dancing is such a public display of using your body, and it may not turn out all that well at the beginning. That’s okay. If you look around the room at your co-class takers, you’ll find other people who are just as new to dancing as you are.

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While there are always those natural-born talents who may take one class and look like they’ve been dancing for years, don’t worry about it if you’re not that type of person. Take your ego down a notch, then take it up a notch when you finally figure it all out.

Learn the best style of learning for you

While learning in a group class works for some people, you may want to consider individual classes if you find that large classroom-style groups make you uncomfortable. You may simply learn better with more focused attention.

However, some people have a hard time even learning how to dance in a class. For some, signing up for dance nights at different venues in your city could be the ideal way to learn a new dance style. Whether it’s salsa nights at your favorite club or two-stepping at the local honky-tonk venue, there are as many ways to learn dancing as there are dancers.

Don’t give up

If you really want to reach your dancing goals and see progress, you’re going to have to commit to not giving up. Whether you’re taking classes or learning with friends on nights out at local venues, you may find that becoming an expert will take time. That’s perfectly okay. If you love what you’re doing, it’s worth being patient and persisting in your dance classes or attempts.

Practice makes perfect

There are some things in life where you can only get better by practicing, and dancing is one of these things. Practice by taking multiple classes a week, or practice by watching and following YouTube videos in the comfort (and privacy) of your home. Sign up for challenges if you need a little motivation, and consider reaching out to a fellow dancer who could help you practice with someone else, which is always a good idea.

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Becoming a dancer, Ways to learn dancing

In Conclusion

For some, dancing is something that comes naturally. For others, it’s a learned skill. Wherever you fit, know that with practice, determination, classes, and a lot of letting yourself have fun, you can get to where you want to be when it comes to becoming a dancer. As with many acquired skills and talents, be patient. You’ll reach your goals!

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