Sakeenah’s You Belong Somewhere

There is more to what dictionary has to say about what family is.

Well, to me, family is what makes up that place you go back to after the day’s hustle;


Because without that HOME, you are going back to solitude.

Without that HOME you are going back to your plate, T.V, bed and window.

When you have a family, you might not need a t.v because the drama alone is more than what zeeworld, Telemundo or Mzone has to offer you.

Family is an oxymoron of life

because it is a union of sweet and sorrow.

Family makes you cry,

Family makes you laugh,

Family makes the impossible’ possible and makes the possible impossible.

Despite these oxymoronic features of a family,

If you don’t have one, you feel dejected

If you don’t have one, you feel orphaned

If you do not belong to one, you feel lost and you would begin to ask yourself “where do I belong?”

In a society full of refugee camps with lost fathers, lost mothers, lost daughters and lost sons;

You should bow your head in shape if you feel burdened to belong to a family

You should bow your head in shame if you feel disgusted that you belong somewhere; because that same family that made you cry that very day gave you hope yesterday when covid-19 surfaced.

They just say to you”stay home, be with us, wash your hands, stay clean, pray with us and you will be safe from Corona virus”

because let me tell you, people that live alone or people that doesn’t have a home will tell you lockdown is life-down because it’s not same for everyone.

So, if you have a family, say “I belong somewhere because I have a HOME.

If you have a family, say “Alhamdulillah” (praise be to God).

If you have a family, say “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

Our creator wouldn’t stick us with people we can’t bear

So every smile from your cousin,

every frown from your niece,

every disturbance from your sister,

every service you render to your parents or grandparents reads the tag “You belong somewhere”.

It reads the tag “You belong somewhere”.


Originally posted 2020-05-24 21:08:34.

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