Sheen Glow Pure Herbal Soap

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Look your Best Everyday with Sheen Glow Pure Herbal Soap… SPF-30



Sheen Glow Herbal soap is not only formulated with high purity herbal extracts that penetrate the skin easily to inhibit melanin production but also other natural extracts that safely tone, rejuvenate dull skin, exfoliate and treat skin blemishes such as pimples, rashes, eczema, skin patches, spots, stretch marks, sunburn and wrinkles that reveal a Bright uniform and glowing complexion.

Ingredients: Herbal extracts, Glycerin, Vitamins, Honey, Essential oils, Collagen, Fragrance.

Direction: Scoop from the jar on to wet sponge or face towel and apply on affected areas for 10 minutes before bathing.


For all Skin Types

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