Power Is Not Given, Power Is Taken

Power Is Not Given, Power Is Taken

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Power is not given, power is taken,
By those who strive and never weaken.
It’s not a gift, but a prize to be won,
Through hard work and battles hard-fought and won.

Those who seek it must seize the day,
And never let others stand in their way.
They must be strong, resolute, and bold,
To gain the power they wish to hold.

It’s not a right, nor a privilege,
But a path fraught with many a challenge.
For power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,
So take care not to stray from the path truly.

Power is not given, power is taken,
By those who dare to be great and awaken,
The potential that lies deep within,
To achieve greatness and never give in.

So if you desire to wield great might,
Prepare to face challenges with all your might.
And with each obstacle that comes your way,
Remember, power is not given, power is taken.


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