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For easy understanding of personality traits, I have first explained personality, values and traits before the positive personality traits list because they are ideals that are closely linked to the concept of personality traits.

Personality: Your whole characteristic thoughts, your feelings, behaviours and actions form your personality.

So, what are personality traits?

Traits: Your traits are now the consistent and stable qualities formed from your personality. They form you and distinguish you from others.

Values: As for values, our values lead us to fulfilment, our values give indications of the things that are important to us at every point in time.

For instance, while some people value good name, others just want riches and it doesn’t matter if they are perceived as good or bad by the society.

While our values motivate and guide us, our personality traits describe us.

 I can say our traits are our identifying characteristics.

But why are you taking the time to read this piece?

Maybe you are a student of success who already realized it pays to study success.

Successful people are not difficult to find and study.

They are everywhere and in every field.

Let’s get close to them enough to observe the traits they possess; chances are, we’ll become like them if we develop their traits.


According to Jim Rohn, success leaves clues. In this post, I will reveal a huge positive personality traits list with the positive personality traits by which successful people are described and identified.

Discover them, select the best personality traits that align with your values, go learn more about them, cultivate them, make them part of your daily life; chances are, you’ll also attract success to your own life.

Below is a positive personality traits list each with a brief description of positive traits that highly successful people possess.

  1. Balanced: They are just and fair
  2. Admirable: They are exceptional and worthy of commendation
  3. Adaptable: They easily adjust
  4. Confident: They are able to rely on their strengths and skill to handle matters.
  5. Clean: They stay dirt-free to preserve their health and that of others
  6. Charismatic: They are able to easily influence others
  7. Daring: They are audaciously bold
  8. Cheerful: They are happy and don’t trouble people
  9. Active: They get up and go do things, they are not dull and sluggish.
  10. Allocentric: They value and understand the importance of people.
  11. Attractive: Oh yes. Don’t get it twisted. They are beautiful ladies and handsome men
  12. Clear-headed: They are sensible and think clearly in difficult situations
  13. Decisive: They are admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.
  14. Athletic: They do sports and another physical exercise
  15. Elegant: They are stylish in appearance and they walk with confidence.
  16. Benevolent: The are kind and desire to help others
  17. Alert: They pay attention and are always on guard.
  18. Courteous: They polite and well mannered
  19. Dynamic: They are energetic and active people
  20. Conciliatory: They are willing to end disagreements and reconcile
  21. Debonair: They have worldly experience and knowledge of fashion
  22. Anticipative: They are expectant and have hope
  23. Charming: They possess an appealing sense of humour
  24. Exciting: They cause others to become enthusiastic and eager to things
  25. Agreeable: they socialize and are fun to be with
  26. Creative: They are inventive
  27. Discreet: They are careful and think well about what they say or do
  28. Companionly: they are friendly and fun to be with
  29. Esthetic: They appreciate beauty and have good taste.
  30. Amiable: They are kind and easy to get on/along with.
  31. Earnest: They are very sincere and serious in what they say or do
  32. Considerate: They have regard for the feeling of other people
  33. Efficient: They are not wasteful
  34. Caring: They show concern and empathy to other people
  35. Clever: They easily understand things and learn quickly
  36. Adventurous: They are daredevils, having the guts to take risks
  37. Ebullient: They are cheerful and full of energy
  38. Cultured: they are civilized and have good manners
  39. Appreciative: they manifest gratitude and understand that being thankful encourages people to give them more.
  40. Calm: They love peace and don’t panic
  41. Accessible: they are friendly and within reach
  42. Curious: They are inquisitive thinkers always eager to know more
  43. Dramatic: They act in ways that attract attention
  44. Capable: They are proficient in the skills necessary to achieve their goals
  45. Decent: They Conform with generally accepted standards and are reasonable
  46. Courageous: They are fearless and stand up against the odds
  47. Enthusiastic: They feel passionate about life, knowledge, and work
  48. Eloquent: They are fluent and persuasive communicators when they write or speak.
  49. Educated: They are well informed
  50. Captivating: They are irresistibly appealing
  51. Brilliant: They are extremely intelligent
  52. Conscientious: They are efficient and organized, they pay thorough attention to tasks.
  53. Compassionate: They sympathize and show concern for others
  54. Disciplined: They do the needful to achieve their goals
  55. Articulate: They express themselves vividly, they are good communicators.
  56. Dutiful: They try to do everything that they are expected to do
  57. Aspiring: They are specific about what they want and channel their hopes towards it.
  58. Challenging: They make interesting or enjoyable things seem difficult to encourage competition
  59. Merciful: They compassion and forgive those who did something wrong to them
  60. Neat: They always appear smart and well-organized.
  61. Integrous: They have very strong moral principles.
  62. Organized: They plan effectively and stick to their plans when doing things
  63. Initiative: They assessing situations and take actions independently
  64. Independent: They think and act for themselves.
  65. Polite: They act respectfully and considerately.
  66. Listening: They make effort to hear others out.
  67. Honourable: They do things in the morally right way.
  68. Thrifty: They don’t waste resources.
  69. Wise: They rely on experience, knowledge, and fair judgement when doing things.
  70. Supportive: They encourage and help others.
  71. Loving: they feel and demonstrate deep selfless affection towards others.
  72. Methodical: They are systematic and orderly in their thoughts and behaviour.
  73. Reliable: They are consistent in their responsibility.
  74. Truthful: They are honest and always telling the truth.
  75. Logical: They take actions based on clear and sound reasoning.
  76. Prudent: They are concerned about the future.
  77. Industrious: They are diligent and hard-working people.
  78. Humble: They have a modest or low view of their importance.
  79. Patient: They wait as long as required for things to be what they hope for it to be.
  80. Hopeful: The are optimistic about the future.
  81. Hard-working: They bring energy and commitment to their work
  82. Resolute: They are unwaveringly purposeful and determined.
  83. Liberal: They respect the behaviours and opinions of other people different from theirs.
  84. Valiant: They are possessive, courageous and determined.
  85. Honest: They are truthful and sincere.
  86. Punctual: They do things at agreed and appropriate time.
  87. Lively: they are full of life and energy.
  88. Persistent: they keep firmly at what they do even under difficulty and opposition.
  89. Pragmatic: their actions are sensible, they are realistic and practical
  90. Generous: They are willing to do more than necessary or expected
  91. Open-minded: They are receptive to change and new ideas
  92. Mindful: They are conscious of the present.
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Hope this personality traits list was helpful? Share the best personality traits you know or found in this personality traits list with us in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece.


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