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This guide contains Yahoo Mail overview, tips for fixing yahoo mail login or Yahoo Mail sign in issues, yahoo mail sign up tips, yahoo mail search tips, tips on how to delete Yahoo Mail account, how to create yahoo mail, how to contact yahoo mail customer service, guides on how to reset Yahoo Mail password, ways to protect your Yahoo Mail account from hackers, how to fix Yahoo Mail Error 1242, Yahoo mail recovery tips, a guide to create yahoo mail account for a novice, and important settings for yahoo mail new account.

We have compiled these tips on yahoo mail sign up and yahoo mail sign in to help users make the best of the Yahoo Email platform.

Let’s dive in!



Yahoo Mail has been a popular email and international service for so many years. It appeared even before the birth of Google Mail service and is still thriving in the digital market. YahooMail offers users not only Email Services, but also provides the user with search and other digital solutions, which is in no way inferior to the services of the world’s leading companies at the moment.

Despite the fact that this service is not particularly popular as in its early days, but at the same time, it can be very useful, and it remains one of the best alternatives to Gmail and other email services available online.

YAHOO MAIL OVERVIEW (Description of Yahoo Mail)

Yahoo Mail — this is a popular online service that offers not just email, but also provides a tool for viewing office documents with photos, features to host meetings, make schedules, manage contacts, as well as a whole 1 TB of message storage space.

23 Important Features of the YahooMail service:

  1. One-click access to the mailbox.
  2. Notifications about messages.
  3. Quick view of messages with continuous scrolling.
  4. Auto-completion of addresses when entering.
  5. Selecting a group of messages to speed up work.
  6. Access to multiple mailboxes from one account.
  7. Attachments of photos when creating messages.
  8. Viewing photos at the beginning of messages.
  9. Search in messages and folders.
  10. Search for friends, contacts, photos, and attachments.
  11. News and weather.
  12. Quick actions.
  13. Contact management.
  14. Diary.
  15. Notepad.
  16. Instant messages.
  17. Formatting emails.
  18. Integration with Dropbox and Flickr services.
  19. A quick viewing of MS Office attachments (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and PDF.
  20. Meeting notifications.
  21. Import contacts from Facebook, Google, Outlook, another Yahoo account or via .csv/ .vcf.
  22. Encryption with 2048-bit certificates.
  23. Spam filter.



Since this service is still very much in use, we will share some tips for using YahooMail service, starting from the yahoo mail sign up process and yahoo mail sign in process.

The service exists both for the mobile user and for use on a computer.

This Yahoo Mail sign up and Yahoo Mail sign in guide will cover both mobile and desktop version of the service.


In order to create email in the Yahoo service from a computer, you need to go through the yahoo mail sign up process.

For a successful yahoo mail sign up, you need to do the following:

  1. First, you need to go to the official website of Yahoo – and start the yahoo mail sign up process by clicking on the “Mail” button;
  2. After clicking on the button, the user is redirected to the yahoo mail sign in page. But since there is no account yet, you need to create one. You can do this by clicking on the “Create New Account” button, which is located under the yahoo mail sign and yahoo password form;
  3. After doing step 2 and clicking, the user is transferred or redirected to the Yahoo mail personal data entry form, where it is necessary to enter such data as your first name, your last name, your gender, your date of birth, your mobile phone number, Yahoo Mail sign in and password to log in to the Yahoo account.


After the account has been created, it is necessary to repeat the initial steps.

  1. Go to the main page of the site, and select the “mail” button in the upper right corner;
  2. In the new tab, we no longer select the yahoo mail sign up form for the creation of a new account; we now need to enter the already available data that was received during the YahooMail sign up process and click the “Sign In” button;
  3. After a successful Yahoo Mail sign in, the entered name is displayed in the upper right corner, which will be permanently present in the specified place on the screen. At this stage, Yahoo mail has been created successfully, and the account has been logged in. The user can safely start using the newly opened mail.
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The yahoo mail sign up process will be similar when done via a mobile phone browser using the full version of the site. At the same time, it is necessary to take action to provide access.



If you need to get yahoo mail from a mobile phone, the registration processes for different devices may differ. Let’s analyze the yahoo mail sign up settings on the iOS and Android devices.


In order to use the Yahoo Mail client service on a device with Android operating system, you must first download and install the Android Version of Yahoo Mail from Google Play Store or other App store available on your Android device.

After installation of the Android version yahoo mail app, you need to launch the application and log in, if you have an active account. If it is not there, then you should register or log in via Gmail or Outlook.

This way, you can log in to your account from an existing email. In this case, it is necessary to specify and confirm it.

A confirmation code will be sent to your email, which you will need to enter to gain access to a new Yahoo account.

After performing these operations, the application is ready for use. Inside the program, you can set up an alert, and other necessary functions for using the application.


The process of registering and configuring the Yahoo application on an iPhone is not much different from how it’s done on Android and Desktop. First you need to download and install the Yahoo Mail app from the Apple AppStore, then run and wait for the input form to appear.

If you have completed the Yahoo mail sign up and yahoo mail sign in process, then it is necessary to enter a login and password to log in. If there is no mail yet, then you need to select “create new account” and get mail directly from your iPhone mobile device, then repeat the Yahoo mail sign up as described earlier.


It is quite possible to create a to create Yahoo Mail without phone number. To create a yahoo mail account without linking to a mobile phone, follow the steps below.

To do this, you need to log in to Yahoo mail App from your mobile phone, and in the input-form, choose one of two: login via a Facebook account or through a Google account. Using a ready-made account, login occurs instantly, and linking to a mobile phone account is not required.

As a rule, in this case, all personal data is taken from the social network account, or from the Google account used for the Yahoo mail sign up.

Hey, Head-Up!

Without linking a mobile phone, you will not receive push messages to your mobile phone since it is not linked.


After your Yahoo Mail registration is completed, you can configure the mailbox to better serve you. You can customize both the visual design of the page and the mail functionality.

Yahoo Mail  Interface

Immediately after you sign in to Yahoo Mail, a window with the main mail menu appears in front of you. At the first login, the Yahoo Mail users are asked to choose a theme they like for further use. To set a specific theme, simply select the color scheme and the desired image in the menu that opens, and then confirm the changes you have made.

If, in addition, it is necessary to configure the general system settings, then you should select “settings,” The Settings Navigation is located in the upper right corner of the YahooMail App.

After switching to the settings, the user opens the entire possible interface of the program. If you consider all the proposed possibilities in order, then you should get the following set:

Yahoo Mailboxes

With this option, you can make an anonymous newsletter. The main postal address will not be involved in this operation in any way.

Attention! In this settings tab, an exclusively one-time mailbox is created.

Yahoo Notifications

In the next tab, you can activate various notifications that will appear both on the desktop and email, depending on the settings specified by the user.

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Head-Up Again!

When installing desktop notifications, they will appear in the lower right corner of the screen as push messages with a hold for about 25 seconds.

Writing Email

This setting is responsible for sending messages. The user can customize the font of messages, the original recipient by default. In addition, you can set a signature for each sent message. It will be generated automatically in each email.

Reading Emails 

In this block of settings, you can set important parameters, such as automatic reading of messages with a specified interval of operation for each letter. You can set up automatic uploading of images from emails or do it functionally, as well as configure the mail collector.

Creating and Sending Emails

To create and send an email, you need to log in to the service from your own account. If this action is done, then you should open the main page of the mailbox and select “Write” on the left toolbar.

After selecting it, the message and recipient input window opens. The email address can be specified manually or by exporting data.

In the “Subject” column, you must specify the subject of the email, and a specific message for the user is already entered under it.

After the letter is completely filled out, you need to send it to the recipient by clicking on the “send” button.

In order to attach any file or a photo to any email in Yahoo, you need to click on the paper clip icon at the bottom of your Yahoo screen, next to the send message button. After that, select the necessary files from the list and wait for the data to load.

Can I Create Email Signature in Yahoo Mail?

The signature is configured inside the program settings in the “writing email” or “composing Email” tab. There is no difficulty in setting it up. It is only necessary to switch the toggle switch opposite the “Signature” parameter to the right and specify the text of the signature to the emails you compose.

Do We Have Autoresponder in Yahoo Mail?

In the settings, the user can set up an auto-reply to all received emails. This feature is useful if you expect a long absence of Internet access. In this case, the user can find Yahoo mail in his account, go to settings and open the Autoresponder tab.

In the window that opens, you need to turn on or off the automated email answering machine by moving the toggle switch. If enabled, you must specify the date of the auto-reply and the text of the auto-reply. The email will be generated automatically and immediately sent to the addressee within the specified time period.

This feature is helpful for Yahoo Mail users who are on a business trip or vacation.

Yahoo Mail Filters

An important point when setting up any email account is to configure filters. With their help, the application will generate all the necessary summaries and filtering of emails.

To configure filters in Yahoo Mail, you need to open the mail settings in your personal Yahoo account and go to the “Filters” tab. Inside this tab, you can create a new filter, assign it a specific name.

Yahoo Mail Redirection

If all modern mail services provider supports email redirection, then initially it was the same with the Yahoo service. But over time, the developers removed mail forwarding from the service, thereby causing a wave of indignation among users.

The purpose of this action was to keep users inside the service, without switching to other mail resources.


There are different ways to change the language in the Yahoo Mail. One of them is the translation of text using the Language translator within your browser. The Browser Translator can perform all the operations automatically; the user is only required to consent for the Language translation to start.

How to change Yahoo Mail Language – Another method.

In order to change the Yahoo Mail language in another way other than the method mentioned earlier, you need to sign in to Yahoo Mail account, select the gear in the upper corner and open the “Account info” tab of YahooMail. Inside this tab, you can click on Language and select the desired language from the suggested ones for future use.


You can remove a mobile phone number from your Yahoo Mail account, but not through a setting within the service itself. The YahooMail App does not provide such opportunities to its users. In order to remove a linked Phone number from your Yahoo account, you need to submit a support request to remove a number from Yahoo Account.

After the Yahoo Support reviews your Phone Number removal application, they will respond and help with your request if it meets the requirement to remove phone number from Yahoo Mail.


People change their yahoo mail password for many reasons.


To change the password of your Yahoo Mail, you need to follow the step below:

  1. You need to sign in to Yahoo Mail;
  2. Then Click on Your profile, which is located at the top of the App screen;
  3. Select account info in the menu that opens;
  4. Click and Open the account settings section;
  5. Select change the password for your account;
  6. Enter Your new password in the two provided form fields – the new password and confirm password fields, and click “Continue.”


If you lose your password, you can reset Yahoo mail password and restore access to your email account in a matter of few minutes, and you can reset Yahoo Mail Password in different ways.

How to reset yahoo mail password without phone.

To reset Yahoo Mail password without using a mobile phone, you need to go to the password recovery form and enter your email address, which was specified during registration as a recovery email. After you enter your recovery email, Click Enter, a message will be sent to it with a new Yahoo Mail password that was generated automatically.

How to reset yahoo mail password with a recovery email address.

This method is very easy.

To reset Yahoo Mail password with a recovery email address, you need to go to the password recovery form and enter your recovery email address which was specified during registration as a recovery email. After you enter your recovery email, Click Enter, a message will be sent to it with an OTP (One-time Password).

Just enter the OTP in the required mail, and you will be allowed to enter a new password and you can access your Yahoo Mail account with the new password.

How to reset yahoo mail password with a secret question and answer.

To reset Yahoo mail password and restore access to your email via a security question and answer, you must enter the phone number or email address used.

If there is no access to the email and phone number, then the Yahoo system will offer the option to use your secret question and answer to confirm your identity; you will need to specify the question and answer added previously to recover and access your account.

Can I delete my Yahoo Mail Account?

It is possible that you want to delete your Yahoo Mail Account.

If it so happens that you no longer want to use Yahoo Mail, as well as the amazing feature it offers, you can decide to delete your Yahoo Mail account, but this action will stop you from receiving emails via Yahoo.

To delete your Yahoo Mail Account, first, you need to go to the official website of Yahoo Mail: and enter your login email and password. This is necessary for you to confirm permission to delete your Yahoo account.

After the operation is completed, an application for account deletion will be created. The application will be open for three months, after which your Yahoo Mail data is completely deleted. During the waiting period, you have the grace to restore your Yahoo account and start using it again.

Final Thoughts on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular mail services. It can be used both on desktop or mobile devices.

You can do more than reading and sending emails on Yahoo Mail.

The email service provider also allows you to create emails using ready-made templates, transfer text documents and other types of files to users, you can view photos and videos, set reminders for important events, make a schedule, get news updates, weather forecasts, Horoscope Readings, Notifications about incoming emails, etc.

There is a convenient browser version of the Yahoo mail service and applications for iOS and Android devices.

The applications have convenient functionality and easy navigation. They implement almost all the functionality of the site. With the help of the mobile program, you can register, log in to the service and use all its main features.

They can be customized according to the user’s personal needs.

Upon registration, the user is provided with a 1 TB virtual disk. It hosts all received and sent emails and photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

All the features of the mail service are available to users for free. But you will see some adverts in your mailbox.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide on Yahoo Mail.

If you still have unanswered questions about Yahoo Mail. Do not hesitate to contact the Yahoo Mail Support team – Here: Sign-in Helper – Help for your Yahoo Account

Don’t forget to leave your feedback about this article in the comment below.


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