Over 10 billion Amazon counterfeit listings cracked down.

Over 10 Billion Amazon Counterfeit Listings Blocked!

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Over 10 billion Amazon counterfeit listings cracked down.
The Amazon Counterfeit Listings on Amazon online store is on target. [Image of online stores-from-pexel]

Over 10 Billion Amazon counterfeit listings which can cause Amazon to lose the trust of its customers have been blocked! 

The news is quite a positive response to the Amazon Counterfeit products listing that has been trendy with negative impact on the Amazon online store.

 The Amazon customer reviews on Amazon Counterfeit Listings have been massively pointing towards the possibilities of the trust of the company, devaluating as a result of the presence of fake goods and products on the Amazon online store. 


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  According to a report from the Seattle based e-commerce behemoth, the enormous attempts of counterfeiters to sell on the Amazon online store is as a result of scammers trying to take advantage of customers who were purchasing online during the pandemic.

Amazon is wrestling with fake goods and products.
Image of Amazon icon [file-from-pixabay]

  On a very serious note, Amazon online store have been battling with fake products from sellers who place their fake goods and products on the site through the third party sellers of Amazon. 

 Being pressurized by brands, customers and even lawmakers to resolve the counterfeit issues on its site, the company has been able to block more than 10 billion Amazon counterfeit listings as it suspected last year.

 The details of the numbers have been released and received in the company’s very first report on it’s anti counterfeiting efforts after having announced new tools and technologies in the year, 2019.

 The total of blocked Amazon counterfeit listings of last year, is above sixty percents of that of the previous year.

The Warning To Investors On Amazon Counterfeit Products


 Sensitive enough in 2019, Amazon warned investors on the risk inwhich the selling of fake goods and products imposes on the image of the company.

My personal thoughts:

 “Don’t you think it is possible that brands and other businesses would not want to sell on Amazon online store when they discover versions of fake goods and products on the site? Absolutely, they will.”

 “On  the other hand, many customers could lose trust for the company, thereby looking out for Amazon online store alternative.”

 The blocking of over 10 billion Amazon counterfeit listings is a proof of Amazon’s ability to handle fake goods and products on its site.

 The company has also made it possible for brands to remove fake items from the site without having to contact and wait for the company. 

 Also, the company is using the machine learning technology to scan listings and remove suspicious items from the Amazon online store. 

 It is worth knowing that the reintroduction of the bill known as INFORM CONSUMERS ACTS, is also to aid the reduction of fake goods and products online .

 Two great Senators and Democrats, Dick Durbin from Illinois and Bill Cassidy from Louisiana reintroduced the bill this year, requiring third party sellers to be verified and to reveal their personal informations (name and address) to buyers.

 Although the bill was introduced last year, it wasn’t voted for. Instead, it was opposed by Amazon online store alongside other smaller online stores.

 The reasons probably could be that it would discourage small businesses and online sales persons.

 Still, some companies accepted it with the assurance of their sites being free of fake goods and products.

 All the same, the blocking of over 10 billion Amazon counterfeit listings is a massive achievement of the company which has extracted enormous amount of money from their purse.


 Nothing goes for nothing. At least, they are doing their best to serve us better.


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