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4 OOH Media Options in Memphis TN

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Before we get started, let’s establish that OOH media options are Out-Of-Home advertising products like outdoor billboards that individuals or organizations can use to expand their presence in selected markets, which often begin with where their business happens to be located.

Suppose the home base for your organization happens to be the famed city of Memphis, Tennessee. In that case, buying memphis billboards is an important way to reach that vast population of approximately 650,000 people and those coming in and out of the city on a regular basis. 

There are also plenty of people whose careers are situated in Oklahoma City, including the prestigious Fortune 500 companies – AutoZone, FedEx, and International Paper.

With your sights set on setting Memphis ablaze with your brand, here are four OOH media options to make the most of.

1.) Digital Billboards

Buying digital billboards in Memphis TN offers you an opportunity to make your outdoor message become a part of the modern world with it flashing brightly up on a digital screen that is able to showcase a multitude of videos and images as they rotate between a total of six to eight ads per digital billboard, with each remaining up for about eight seconds at a time. 

As a company buying a digital billboard ad, you can change the ad a lot easier and make it hyper-focused for the audience in the area. This level of flexibility that digital billboards offer is due to the fact that they are getting printed onto paper like traditional static billboard advertisements.

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This also means that you get to save some money in your marketing budget by not having to print out your ads and make changes without having to start over completely.  

2.) Traditional Billboards

 With static traditional billboards for advertising, you are essentially having an extremely large-scale print ad designed, printed, and placed high up on the billboard to raise brand awareness. These are the types of ads that you often see when you are travelling on interstate highways. This is a very attention-getting advertising method because their sizes often range from 12 feet to 24 feet for small billboards and large billboards are about 20 feet high and 60 feet wide.

Before you jump right into digital ads, keep in mind that with traditional billboards, being that they are printed on paper means that they are always on, no matter if the electricity is acting funny in the area or not.

They are very hard to miss and add instant credibility to an organization because the audience knows that you have actively invested in your out-of-home media options with a classic advertisement medium. 

3.) Bus Ads 

It is fantastic to have reliable billboard ads that sit still and are waiting there for anyone and everyone that passes by them by car or by foot. But what if you want the ad itself to be mobile, just like the audience that witnesses it? This is where bus advertising comes into play.

For your third choice of out-of-home media, putting your advertisements on Memphis buses is powerful because Memphis Area Transit Authority is the biggest transit agency in the entire state of Tennessee. Placing your ads on the sides of buses allows your message to travel right along with the busy people of Memphis and be seen from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. 

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But also consider that your bus ads can also appear on the inside of Memphis buses as well. People might take vacations, but buses don’t. In other words, with interior bus ads, you will have a captive audience of commuters that will be face-to-face with your ads on a daily basis. Then there is also the extra opportunity to see bus ads at bus shelters to attract potential customers that may be waiting for their bus to arrive. 

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4.) Tourist Attractions 

What is the point of marketing your business in a grand city such as Memphis, Tennessee, if you aren’t going to take full advantage of the four out-of-home media options, which is the steady assortment of tourist attractions that pull people into the city from far and wide like the Memphis Zoo, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, and the Beale Street Entertainment District.

Let’s not forget that superstar Elvis Prestley’s Graceland is in Memphis, and it usually attracts over 600,000 visitors from in and out of the United States every year.  

In order to cater to sports crowds, Memphis has professional sports teams such as the NBA basketball team and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Finally, there are also plenty of colleges and universities in the Memphis, Tennessee, area with thousands of people who can be made aware of your products and service via out-of-home ads.

Consider getting your own billboards and bus ads set up to cater to studies and staff members that are associated with the University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Christian Brothers University, LeMoyne-Owen College, and Southwest Tennessee Community College at the Union Avenue Campus.

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