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10 Best MP3 Cutter Apps for Trimming Mp3 Music on Smartphones

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The MP3 music format has been available for a few centuries, but the most effective Mp3 cutter software helps users cut mp3 music into smaller length and alter audio file formats.

While it was difficult for the average user to alter mp3 files, Media technology has advanced drastically in recent years. It is now possible to download mp3 music for free from sites like mp3 Paw and modify and Cut Mp3 file to make an alert tone or ringtone tone in few minutes.

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Did you know you can make this same thing on your smartphone right now?

You can find many ringtone maker apps available in the Play Store that serve as Mp3 Cutter.

With the overwhelming variety of Mp3 Cutter applications available, there are a lot of options, and it’s difficult to choose the best Mp3 cutter software that is available.

Today, we’ll simplify your task by presenting a list of the top Mp3 Cutter applications for cutting Mp3 files without stress. A few of them are free, and some require ongoing payment.

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Why You Need the Best Mp3 Cutter

Sometimes, we wish to set any specific mp3 track as our Phone Ringtone. But keeping a long Mp3 song as a ringtone is not feasible. Therefore, there are only two choices in this scenario: Downloading smaller versions of the Mp3 song or cutting off a portion of the track to use as the Ringtone.

You can download mp3 ringtone apps and get the cut rendition of the track with this mp3 cutter and joiner online. But, to do that, you will need an effective ringtone application and mp3 cutter joiner free app. Therefore, it is recommended to use an MP3 cutter application to have the mp3 song cut. This article will provide the Best MP3 cutter applications available for Android.

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These MP3 cutter applications can cut some music pieces as a sound ringtone. It is also possible to cut pieces to make Notification tunes too. Let’s look at it.

Ringtone Slicer FX, Best Mp3 Cutter. Mp3 Cutter App, mp3 cutter online

Ringtone Slicer FX

This mp3 cutter and ringtone maker is a basic app that lets you design custom ringtones using the editing of your music files of choice. It also has an option to fade in/out to create smooth music, setting the volume and volume levels, and an equalizer.

It also includes an integrated file explorer that displays all music files on your smartphone as well as your SD card. RSFX also comes with basic editing tools for audio such as audio cutting, merging with other features, etc.

Timbre, Join Mp3, Convert Mp3 Audio, Mp4 Video Cutter, mp3 cutter online


Timbre is an editor for video and audio files available for Android and is available right now. Timbre makes it easy to cut, merge and convert video and audio files. It’s even more exciting than it’s free and ads-free.

The most effective functions offered by Timbre include an audio cutter and audio joiner, an audio converter, a video to Audio Converter, etc.

WaveEditor for Android, Audio Recorder, Mp3 Editor, mp3 cutter online

WaveEditor for Android

Suppose you’re in search of an expert tool to edit or record audio on Android. Try WaveEditor on Android an attempt. The app for editing audio on Android allows mixing and editing capabilities for multiple tracks.

It can be used for cutting audio clips, combining them into another video clip and many more. It’s an extremely adjustable audio editing application for Android.

Ringtone Maker, free ringtones, Mp3 Cutter Apps, mp3 cutter online

Ringtone Maker

As you may have seen from the title, Ringtone Maker is an application that lets you cut music files into a Ringtone. The application is light and straightforward mp3 cutter apk to use.

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Utilizing Ringtone Maker, you can make ringtones, alarm tones, as well as notification tones in several minutes. If you do not want to make a ringtone, you can cut off the MP3 files.

Music Hero, Rhythm Beat Tap, Best Mp3 Cutter

Music Hero

Music Hero is another top-rated MP3 cutter application available in the Google Play Store that you can download right now. The best part of Music Hero is that it can support a variety of music file formats, including WAV MP3, AAC, AMR, 3GP and more.

It’s even more fascinating than Music Hero also has an MP3 player built-in that can be used for editing, cutting, and copying audio components.

Lexis Audio Editor

If you’re in search of an all-encompassing audio editing program for Android, then look no further to Lexis Audio Editor. With the aid of Lexis Audio Editor, you can create audio recordings and edit existing files.

It can be used as a recording tool to copy/cut/paste audio files, cut down on audio noise, and much more. In the end, Lexis Audio Editor is an excellent audio editing application for Android.

Video to MP3 Converter

The Video-to-MP3 converter is all-inclusive editing and video software that lets you cut and reduce video files, combine audio and convert videos in MP3 formats.

In addition to cutting and joining audios, the app also includes the ability to boost the volume of sound, which boosts the volume of the music file. It supports all important audio file formats, including MP3 WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A, ACC, FLAC, etc.

The Video-to-MP3 converter is an easy to use Mp3 Cutter for smartphone users.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is yet another great application from Inshot that allows you to trim and merge music.

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The app lets you add audio effects to your music, such as fade in and out. In addition, it also includes an inbuilt music player that allows you to play music videos.


Audio MP3 Cutter

The Audio MP3 cutter is designed for those who are looking for a powerful and complete editor for audio. It includes all the features you require to meet your needs for editing music.

From cutting music files down to mixing tracks Mixing up tracks, MP3 Cutter can handle everything. It’s even better the fact that the application is free and comes with no limitations.

Music Editor

Music Editor comes with everything people look at in an audio editor software. Cutting audio files to merging them, Music Editor will assist you in many ways.

After you cut music files, you may convert the files to different formats. Apart from that the Music Editor comes with a music player and an MP3 recording tool.

Final thoughts

There are a variety of free mp3 cutter apk for cutting MP3 tracks on an Android smartphone. If you have any other Mp3 Cutter apps like the once mention in this piece, tell us about it via the comment section below. I hope that this article was helpful to you! Share it with your acquaintances as well.


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