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9 Most Productive Volunteer Software Features to Help Host Multiple Campaigns & Projects


Volunteer management software has become quite popular for nonprofits in recent times. These applications allow organizations to manage and look after everything from volunteer recruitment to fundraising details and often much more. Nonprofits can use them to ease their operations and work conveniently towards their goals.

Each volunteer software has features that can help nonprofits work on and host different campaigns. They cater to various requirements, and organizations can optimize these features based on the type of campaign and work they are carrying out. Before implementing any of these applications, all nonprofits must know about the software’s different features. Hence, here’s a look at a few of the most productive features that organizations must know of.

9 Productive Volunteer Software Features to Host Successful Campaigns

  • Background Checks 

Having a feature that allows nonprofits to run a background check on potential volunteers helps them to onboard only the most suitable candidate. It is a critical feature that enables organizations to narrow down people that will fit well with their operations. When recruiting volunteers for their campaigns, nonprofits can use this feature to screen a candidate, understand their criminal history (if any), identity checks, ethics, past experiences, and more.

  • A Communication Hub 

Volunteer software that has a feature that allows nonprofits to build communication across the organization is crucial as it ensures a smooth flow of information during campaigns. Using an application such as the Microsoft volunteer software will provide organizations with a communication feature that will enable managing different email threads, group chats, keeping track of contact details, etc. It will help nonprofits successfully host various volunteer campaigns efficiently.

  • Skill Matching 
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Based on the goal of a campaign, organizations may require volunteers who possess a set of relevant skills to join their operations. Having volunteer software with a skill-matching feature will allow nonprofits to narrow down potential volunteers as they can quickly identify people with the needed skill set before taking them on board. It will also help recruit reliable volunteers with values similar to the organizations’.

  • Volunteer Hour Tracking 

Depending on the type of work, shifts, volunteer activities, and more, it becomes necessary for organizations to keep track of the hours each volunteer puts in during a campaign. The Blackbaud hour tracking feature for volunteers will help organize all the information in one place, and management can analyze the details instantly as and when needed.

  • Reporting Abilities 

Nonprofits are often backed by stakeholders who fund their operations. These stakeholders require performance reports on a timely basis to check if their funds are being utilized and conform to the said agreement. They may also need reports on different campaigns to determine a nonprofit’s success. Using volunteer management software with a reporting feature can help simplify the process and ensure that the stakeholders receive the needed information on time without any errors.

  • Task Management 

During volunteering campaigns, there may be several tasks that single or multiple volunteers have to carry out. Using a task management feature will help organizations organize these tasks based on who’s doing it, the hours, the duration to complete the tasks, and other relevant details. It will help ensure that all the work meets the deadlines and has a positive output.

  • Performance Tracking 
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To ensure that the volunteer campaigns are successful, organizations must ensure that each volunteer performs to the best of their abilities. Tracking performances will allow organizations to identify volunteers who may need a helping hand and those who are highly efficient and take the necessary steps to ensure the desired results.

  • Organizing Partnerships 

Sometimes, nonprofits may partner up with other organizations for multiple campaigns. This feature will allow them to track all the past and present partnerships and utilize the information for critical decision-making for event success.

  • Manage Fundraising Details 

Many nonprofits take up fundraising campaigns for their mission. A volunteer software fundraising feature helps organizations track donors, past donations, amount differences, monetary targets, and more. It allows the management to make informed decisions for future fundraising campaigns.


Using volunteer management software is highly beneficial for all nonprofits that take up fundraising and volunteer campaigns. Organizations can simplify tasks, manage time, and ensure event success with these applications. By using the various features of this software, nonprofits can host multiple volunteer campaigns successfully and achieve their goals conveniently.

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