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Minecraft Enthusiast’s Guide: How to Spot a Reliable Game Server

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Playing games like Minecraft is fun, but you will enjoy it more when you play on a server with other gamers. Some platforms list the best servers, where you can choose a good server. However, a challenge comes in the selection process because there are factors you must consider if you fancy joining a reliable server. This simple guide will help you, as a Minecraft enthusiast, to spot and choose a reliable game server.

Optimal Server Location

First, you will spot a reliable server with its location. The optimal server location is closest to you and other gamers who will connect to it. Its location will minimize the time it takes for data to transfer from the server and your computer, known as latency. Besides, the server location determines ping time. You can use online tools like Pingdom to determine the ping, with a lower ping time being better. Platforms listing the Minecraft servers indicate the location of each of them. It will help to check it out before joining it.

Version Compatibility

These servers are in different versions. In this case, Version compatibility means your ability to connect to a server running a different Minecraft version. For instance, you can connect to a Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 server if running Java Edition 1.18. That connection, however, can’t happen if the server edition is 1.16. This feature comes from the new elements introduced in each version. Therefore, you can use this factor to spot a reliable server that won’t crash.

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Active Community

You can also spot a reliable server by how active the community is. This factor is essential due to social interaction events, competitions, and help. When you visit the listing websites, you will find servers with different numbers of active players online. It will help if you choose a service with many players online, as it is a sign of reliability. Besides, other things like severe size, age, and type can also determine community activity levels. Thus, you can use them to spot a reliable one.

Game Modes

Minecraft has a setting that determines how the game is played, known as ad mode. There are four main modes: Survival, the default, and Creative, where you have unlimited resources used for exploring besides building. There is also Adventure and Spectator mode. You can spot a reliable server by the game mode and the number of players playing it. This is because some modes strain the server more. For example, a server running in Survival mode and many gamers playing will be slower than that running in Creative mode with fewer players.

Positive Feedbacks

Positive feedback can also help you spot a reliable server. The Minecraft servers have review sections where gamers share their experience. This section is valuable because you can learn what to expect when joining the server. The review section lets you know about the community, plugins, customization, and performance.

Playing interactive games like Minecraft on servers is the best way to do it because you will find other gamers to play with. Some platforms list the best servers, from where you can select the one to join. Use the information in this article to help you choose the most reliable server.

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