Many Hong Kong couples choose to live ‘childless’

Many Hong Kong couples choose to live 'childless'
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Unborn couples are happy with their decisions, but many find the lifestyle too selfish and suggest increasing taxes on them.

Introduced to Asia in the 1980s, the DINK lifestyle (Double income, no kids) is used to describe a part of couples who choose to focus on “living their life” without having children.

Instead of spending time and money on the next generation, these couples devote themselves to themselves and to dogs and cats. Every month, instead of giving up an amount for raising children, they use the money they have for personal activities, taking care of pets. Many newspapers have published images of couples putting dogs in prams and pushing them to the supermarket.

According to a 2017 survey by the Hong Kong Family Planning Association, about 28.4% of respondents said their ideal number of children was zero, indicating a certain percentage of young couples volunteered. choose not to have children. About 40.4% of the survey respondents said that their ideal fertility was 1, while only 29.4% reported that their ideal fertility was 2.

Until now, after a few decades, the first generation DINK in Hong Kong was middle age. Some couples, with a very well-off economy, enjoy the old age to travel together, feeling completely satisfied with the old decision.

One of the most famous couples of DINK lifestyle in Hong Kong is the couple of artists Luong Trieu Vy and Luu Gia Linh. Married and committed to not having children, two famous artists now maintain a free “semi-single” life: each has their own busy job, share a house, but compete. We just met once in a while.

Both said that their current life makes them feel comfortable with absolutely no regrets about not having children. In their house, they have some dogs and cats as pets. In an interview with the press, actor Luong Trieu Vy mentioned about his children: “Mother, sister, wife, I take care of all three of them, that is enough, can not take care of another child. My wife just had a little bit of trouble, I was not at peace. The dogs in the house died, I was infinitely sad. Children were born, unfortunately, nothing, how do I live? “.

Another couple who chose to DINK a lifestyle were actors Mong Gia Tue and Trinh Y Kien. Their view of having children is very clear: “Someone desires to have children but I think I do not want. We have discussed with each other. The reason is that the environment is not clean now. We used to talk to a few babies and found them unhappy.” Married in 2013, actress Mong Gia Tue insists she and her husband have a lifelong consensus about not having a baby.

While many couples choose not to have children, there are many opinions that the DINK view is too selfish. Most people believe that this is the lifestyle of “living today and not knowing tomorrow”. This flow of opinions says that giving birth and giving birth is a natural inheritance, giving the society a stable workforce, helping society to grow …

Statistics show that China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore, are among the seven regions with the lowest fertility rates in the world, despite the fact that these are all regions. has a Confucian cultural background, which attaches great importance to having children to continue the family line.

Facing this situation, in China, even many scholars believe that the “Childless Tax” should be applied to DINK families, to have a source of social support funds, especially families with children. second, in the future. This proposal even caused outrage among the public, because many are of the opinion that wanting to have children is a person’s personal choice, society and the law must respect that.

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