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Makima in Chainsaw Man – Personality, Abilities and More


Makima in Chainsaw Man is one of the major characters from the first episode of Chainsaw Man. At the story’s beginning, we discover that Makima is a top member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and the leader of an experimental group Tokyo Special Division 4.

This brings us to her first appearance. In it, she comes across Denji when he transforms into Chainsaw Man (first anime episode) and invites the opportunity to join her squad. 

According to Denji, Makima in Chainsaw Man appears to be the most compassionate and amiable one in the world. She is the first to accept him as human. From the first meeting, he feels romantically in love with Makima in Chainsaw Man.

Unfortunately, in the story of Chainsaw Man, Makima turns into the control devil and has the power to control other creatures. 

To control someone else, one must first believe that she has the ability to beat that person. Thus, Makima uses Denji’s romantic emotions to trap him in her plan, slowly weakening him to become Chainsaw Man’s ally.

The purpose of Makima in Chainsaw Man?

The control devil first gets presented, and we discover that Makima is determined to subdue Pochita and use the Chainsaw devil’s power of elimination to create a dream world. If she had her way, then the elements of death, fear and even conceptually bad films don’t exist.

In Chapter 96 of the manga, after believing that she was defeated by Pochita, Makima shares that she would like blissful life with Pochita. Makima in Chainsaw Man even says it would be an honor to be defeated by him if she is defeated.

Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man

Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Christian mythology, In the Chainsaw Man story, the Four Horsemen in the Chainsaw Man story the dangerous devils. According to a Chapter of the manga, They represent the sole devils to keep the names of the devils removed by Pochita. 

We’ve already learned that Control Devil or Makima is the antagonist of the first episode of Chainsaw Man. Incredibly, it is revealed that the War Devil (or Yoru) is described in Chapter 98 as the second Chapter’s main antagonist. According to the appearance, The Four Horsemen are the “big bad guys” in the tale of Chainsaw Man. 

However, seeing other villains appear later in the story shouldn’t be surprising. The movie and pop culture references within the Chainsaw Man opening theme were an example of how it is always unexpected things.

Chainsaw Man Makima Abilities

Compared to the other demons we’ve encountered so this far Makima stands out as having the most varied set of talents. To better understand these abilities, we will cover every aspect of her capabilities in two distinct sections.

Common Powers

These are just a few common capabilities that are the property of Makima:

  • Regeneration: As with any other demon, Makima can heal all her wounds through the consumption of blood.
  • Strength in fighting in direct form, Makima is one of the strongest and best characters from Chainsaw Man manga and anime. As shown in Chapter 96, Makima even beat Chainsaw Devil once.
  • The Devil’s Contract. All evil spirits can create a contract with humans to grant them power in exchange for a sacrifice. Makima is the only one to take this power beyond the norm when he signs an agreement with the prime minister of Japan. In the event of this contract, the entire fatal injury caused to Makima is passed on as an unintentional illness to Japanese citizens.

Special Powers

In terms of the unique capabilities that vary between devils, Makima has the following abilities:

  • Command: Exactly in line with her character, The most well-known characteristic of Chainsaw Man Makima is her ability to control any creature she perceives to be superior to herself. At first, in the manga, it was believed that she was only able to manage birds, rats and other tiny creatures. But, later on, we learn that this isn’t the case and her ability extends to humans too. She even has the ability to oblige people to sign devil-like contracts with her. However, the people who are under her control don’t remember anything they did to help her.
  • Ability to Steal: Demonstrating the strength of her abilities that control devils have, she can use her victim’s abilities. In the manga’s Chapter 95, Makima uses the powers possessed by the serpent devil angel devil and others by keeping them on a leash and managing the animals. In Chapters 66 and 67 Makima can use birds, rats, and other creatures of the lower realms to listen in on conversations from afar and spy on others.

The Personality of Makima in Chainsaw Man

At first glance, Makima seems to be an easy, pleasant female who is friendly and social and is often seen all the time with smiling and is confident and relaxed even in a moment of crisis. However, this is an illusion she employs to accomplish her objective. Following the demise of Aki Hayakawa, Makima begins to reveal her true character to Denji. 

Makima’s real face is someone who is calculating and brutal and who views those who surround them as just “dogs” she is able to use however much she wishes and is required to be obedient to her without hesitation.

Makima is extremely clever as well as cold and manipulative. She manipulates Denji with the promise of an intimate and romantic relationship and threatens the man with death if he does not comply with her. Despite the risk to those she is supposed to protect, she will do whatever it takes to attain her goals.

Chainsaw Man Makima is also aware that she isn’t an ideal person and sees herself to be “necessary evil” as a weapon that is under the control of the Japanese government, similar to Gun Devil which is under the control of Americans. 

Makima isn’t afraid of the possibility of her plans going off course, because no matter if her plans are unsuccessful or successful she will accomplish what she desires.

Makima is a huge lover of Chainsaw Man, the “Hero of Hell”. She intends to use Chainsaw Man’s power to end death, fear, and ‘bad’ films and create a perfect world free from death, fear, and embodied notions of devils by eating them. 

But, failing is acceptable since it would result in being eaten, which is a great honor, according to her.

Makima’s main ambition was to stay for the rest of her life with Pochita and to live a joyful life together. Makima always wanted an intimate family unit but was incapable of creating friendships that were as meaningful and equal in the same way as Control Devil.

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Abilities of Makima in Chainsaw Man

Makima is among the most powerful individuals within the realm of Chainsaw Man thanks to her physical and supernatural skills as a devil with her sly and manipulative personality. Makima is revered by humankind as well as fiends and devils from everywhere This has increased her power as a devil. According to the President of the United States, other countries aside from America have given up combating her.

As a devil, Makima has all the usual devil powers. They include the ability to negotiate contracts with human beings. Due to her ability to manipulate the human race, she is in a position to make them create a contract for herself.

Makima has a contract signed with Japan’s Prime Minister Japan as a condition of her being employed by Japan. In connection with her agreement with the PM, and death inflicted on Makima can be transferred to the appropriate illness or disease that affects any citizen of Japan. 

Makima was found to have been shot at the back of her head, which was then believed to be fatal but then stood up afterward with no visible injuries.

She claimed that a bullet just injured her, but this is not likely due to the location of the gun as it was fired and the location of the blood dripping from the wound exiting. In the following days, she was shot dead at the hands of Gun Devil after it fires shots across her forehead. It’s been confirmed that she was killed 26 times prior to the assault of Gun Devil. 

In the following, she is as well killed by Pochita multiple times during their final fight. In the end, Denji loved by Makima has found an escape route to the clause in the contract by disrupting her ability to regenerate by taking the blood of the Blood Devil and eating her pieces by pieces.

After being devoured by Denji after which Denji ate her, she went back to Hell and then reincarnated as a demon China as Nayuta due to the power of revival of devils.

Physical Abilities

  • Extreme strength: Makima possesses a great amount of physical strength, allowing her to effectively fight in hand-to-hand combat without relying on her subordinates. Her strength was sufficient to take on Pochita and break his chainsaws using her strikes.
  • Enhanced Smell A Enhanced Smell Denji, Makima primarily differentiates from others by scent. When they first met she was able to discern that Pochita continued to exist within Denji by his scent.

Supernatural Abilities


Because she represents an aversion to control, or dominance, her skills reflect this nature. In addition to her manipulative manner of thinking and performing, she’s in a position to control anyone she feels is superior to her.

She is even capable of forcing others to make agreements with her and another demon. It is apparent that the person loses memory when she is in control. This power is available to animals, and humans such as devils, fiends, and hybrids.

She can channel the strength of her victims by activating them with chains linked to her own body.  She has been proven to have the powers to summon Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, Spider Devil, and Zombie Devil.

Even dead people are controlled by this method. Makima was able to form a group of weapon hybrids with three of them (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) who were once adversaries who were now friendly toward her.

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This indicates Makima is able to control people outright and change their behavior through subtle methods.

  • Chainsaw Man Makima enlists the ears of birds, rats, and other lesser living creatures that she can control to listen to conversations on the internet, almost anywhere on earth and perhaps even to Hell itself. She was able to listen in on Reze and Denji’s conversations as well as listen to Kishibe’s conversations with Quanxi. Spying can be overcome through nonverbal communication like writing on paper.
  • Chainsaw Man Makima has been proven to manage a lot of rats that allow her to move around with them. The rats are then able to cluster together in the form of a person and allow Makima to be taken to the desired location immediately.
  • Chainsaw Man Makima has been known to broadcast her voice to others by placing her hands on their head even if the person in question is dead. This is used to summon those demons with which the person is currently in a contract.

Force manipulation: 

Makima was shown how to manipulate an invisible force range of ways like Darkness Devil. This force can be utilized to harm her weak targets by just looking at them. In the event of an emergency she may use this power in different methods, including;

  • It has been proven that she causes her targets to be crushed by an invisible force, which can be seen far distances. To employ this method, Makima appears to require an elevated location, like a shrine, the name of the victim and a human sacrifice. Makima makes a sign with her hands and commands the sacrifice, whose eyes are closed with a white fabric to pronounce that name for the victim. 
  • The sacrifice dies, and then it is then crushed before recognizing that something is not right with only a splash of blood and their clothing. When she uses this ability, those in her vicinity are able to shut their eyes using the help of black cloth. She once used this power in Kyoto to take down the Sawatari group.
  • She’s been demonstrated to cause harm by projecting an invisible force on those she points to using her index finger. This force is powerful enough to harm Darkness Devil, who is a Primal Devil Kill Power immediately and send an energized Chainsaw Man to outer space even though she has repeatedly used it against him. She will usually say “Bang!” while using this power.
  • Chainsaw Man Makima was shown to take the heads off of her targets within the vicinity of a short to mid-distance using a sword. Similar to her capability to crush her targets remotely, people in her vicinity close their eyes using opaque dark cloth.

The streaming of the Chainsaw Man anime is only the most recent reason to obsess over the heroine at the center of the story.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the ovation is all about Makima, who is the leading lady in the anime and plays the title role. But fans of the anime may wonder whether she’s not as innocent as she seems.

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