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Make Memories Eloping For Your Wedding

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People’s perspective surrounding the word elope has changed from the early medieval times to the age of millennials and Gen-Z.

Earlier relationships that faced stiff resistance from families forced a couple to elope with others. They simply ran away from their homes with the hope to live in each other’s company and the angst of leaving their loved ones behind. It was also an act that brought disgrace to families in many conventional communities. 

Later elopement was popularized by pop culture as an impulsive decision taken by two lovers who book a flight to Las Vegas and get married there. Now couples have evolved to accept eloping as a thoughtfully planned act, to get married in an intimate low-cost wedding that involves a guest list of just the number of people who matter to them most. They plan everything to the detail including the elopement wedding photography to reflect back on the beautiful moments for a lifetime. 

The idea of eloping for their wedding is a personal decision of a couple. Usually, it is influenced by factors like 

  • Personal touch and detail-oriented
  • Reflects the personality and taste of the couple
  • Sans family drama and high-energy emotional upheavals
  • Minimalistic and eco-friendly
  • Low-cost and unbeatable prince difference from a normal wedding

Considering a couple has decided that they would like to go for the elopement wedding, then it’s about time they understand the trivia that comes with planning one to make it memorable:

  • Envision the atmosphere

The idea of an elopement wedding for most couples who decided to go for one was the flexibility of location. A low-key affair at the perfect place with the universe backing its blessings on the couple when they read a well-thought, hand-written, and sometimes quirky wedding vow, the vibe is mesmerizing. 

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The place of your wedding will set the tone of the atmosphere. Do you prefer an old vintage building, a quaint looking Victorian park, flower fields, riverside amidst the deep tropical forest, beach side with the sun ready to set but waiting for you to finish your vows, or a place that is significant to both of you..make it as personal and memorable? This will be a key element and a differentiator for a memorable experience of a lifetime. 

  • Every elopement wedding need not be low cost

Personalization is the key to these weddings and not all of them come at a predetermined price. For instance, if a couple decides that they will invite only eight people to their wedding but will hold the ceremony in a location in a foreign land, then they may need to make travel plans for the small wedding entourage. 

Unless the guests are bearing their travel expenses, ticket, visa, and stay, the related costs are a reasonable figure ranging in a few thousand for the new-to-be wedding couple. However, it is a courtesy to take the people for the marriage if it is held far away from your home country. 

If low cost is the option that you want to work around, plan your elopement a tad bit differently to remember it as something you can talk about a few years later. 

  • The Dress

Every bride-to-be, however pragmatic, frugal, and non-fancy will get mesmerized in a wedding dress shop. A hefty price tag for a designer wedding gown will set you back by a few thousand dollars. Nevertheless, a pretty wedding dress on a budget is never a bad idea as dresses without a big label for a steal and still look stunningly beautiful. If spending a lot of money on a dress that you will wear once is something you approve of, choose a lovely dress from budget lines or upcoming designers who are yet to establish their line of clothing. 

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If still not convinced, try and remember the scene from the movie Sex and the City where the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw ditches her expensive designer wear and marries Mr. Big in a dress by nobody in a courthouse. There are many characters in real life akin to that Carrie in this movie and Julia Roberts in the Runaway Bride, who are happily marrying the person they can grow old with, in a simple, nothing fancy yet beautiful ceremony. 

  • Time flies-Make those moments count

Elopement weddings are less stressful, require less planning, and are not elaborate affairs. But as a couple, you have people around who will be happy for you, and those little moments with them matter. 

The look of a best friend when a to-be bride is trying on wedding dresses is worth recording. The moist eyes of the father of the bride when they are dancing should not be missed. And the expression of a patient groom when he sets eyes on the bride is captivating.

Invest in a good elopement wedding photographer who will take candid pictures of expressions that go unnoticed. Moments like this when cemented in memory through pictures will help you ride through your relationship in every phase of your life. 

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Final thoughts on how to make Memories Eloping For Your Wedding

Planning for an elopement wedding is as crucial as planning for a normal one to avoid surprises. Ideation, travel plans, photographer, and dress selection usually take 3-4 months of thorough planning. To make it as personal and memorable as possible a couple has to agree on most of the decisions made at the planning stage of the wedding. So, sit down with your partner and make a list of things that you feel will make a difference to your wedding. 

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Try and include stuff from that list in the wedding. For example, it can be a particular dish or type of personalized music that will make way to your wedding day and make it merrier and unforgettable. 

Remember to enjoy the process of planning for your wedding as it will make the whole experience more intimate than the real wedding itself. It will be worth every moment because what matters in life is not where you go but who you travel with. Happiness exists in little moments and sweet nothings that are priceless. 

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