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Let’s talk about lucrative side hustles for women to earn money in their spare time!

I even added free marketing tips to help you start selling as quickly as possible

If you are thinking about starting a side hustles to earn passive income as a woman, don’t let lack of good ideas stop you. This article will help you get some really lucrative side hustles for women to earn extra cash legitimately.

The side hustle ideas below are great because many of them don’t require a huge investment or expert level skills to begin.


This is one of the lucrative side hustles for women looking to turn their artistic skills and crafty hobby into a business.

You can easily start a side hustle in this line if you are passionate about things like Basket Weaving, Calligraphy, Costume Designing, Welding, Handbag Designing, Custom Toy Making, Soap Making, Ceramics Making, Sculpting, Painting, Greeting Card Making, Jewelry making, Hair plating, Shoe Making, etc.

Free marketing tips: You can share pictures of your work on social media and people will see them, like them, and buy from you.


If you like bodies or are hungry to receive touch, massaging and cuddling may be the lucrative side hustles for you.

If you are wondering who your clients will be, the question below is for you.

Can you remember how the big hug felt on that strenuous and awkward day?

Well, research has proven that massage and cuddling lower depression, anxiety, and blood pressure by stimulating circulation and relieving tension.

Massaging and Cuddling is also one of the lucrative side hustles for women. You can improve your skill and start doing massaging as a professional, professional Massagers and Cuddlers earn a lot from helping people boost their well-being.

Before you get things twisted, you can do a little bit of online research and watch a couple of videos of professional cuddling and massaging sessions before you start considering this as a side hustle.

Free marketing tips: You can blog about cuddling and massage to build a list, you can talk to hotels, gyms centres, and other hospitality outlets to help advertise your business to their client.


If we say content is king, writers and other content developers are kingmakers.

Freelance writing is one of the lucrative side hustles for women.

If you are eloquent and passionate about writing, you can earn money for assisting bloggers, writing as a ghostwriter for authors, or writing self-published eBooks and selling them online.

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You can even start a niche blog and blog about the industry you can write a lot of valuable content about. Before you start a niche blog, learn a little about SEO content writing, and ensure that your articles are not providing answers to questions people are not asking.

Free marketing tips: Publish guest posts on blogs like and other popular blogs to build a reputation and show your writing skills, participate in writing contests.


A lot of women are handy with Sewing Machine. I believe there is a big market for clothing alteration since we all wear clothes and need to do amendments like changing zippers and altering size once in a while.

Cloths Alteration is amongst the lucrative side hustles for women to try, it can even grow into a tailoring and fashion design business.

Free marketing tips: Post flyers close to laundry shops, post e-flyers on WhatsApp and Facebook status and you should start getting customers in no time. You can even offer pickup and delivery for your alteration side hustle.


Businesses and marketing research agencies need mystery shoppers to help them when measuring sales and service quality, employee performance, compliance with regulations, specific market information, and information about competitors.

Mystery Shopping is one of the lucrative side hustles for women, it is a simple task that involves visiting businesses such as retail outlets, restaurants, bank branches, or any such environment with the aim of gathering unbiased feedback and other specified information about brands, products, and services.

It can also be a good side hustles for students.


Can you prepare nice looking and delicious meals?

side hustles for women, lucrative side hustles

You can start earning from helping people prepare meals if you can comfortably prepare meals in other people’s kitchens.

From providing personal chef services, you can up your game and start your own catering outfit or start offering training on preparing the meals you are good at. You can even gain more knowledge about the hospitality industry and launch your own restaurant or do other businesses in the foodservice industry.

Free marketing tips: Spread the news to your friends and family via WhatsApp, design an e-flyer and post frequently on your social media status, do video recording of yourself preparing meals and share on social media.

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This is not just one of the lucrative side hustles, it’s a lucrative side hustle for women that can turn into a sustainable business.


A lot of Women are eloquent and have a good voice. In this age of light and sound, a lot of businesses are in need and searching for voiceover talents, especially those with the female voice. You can search for these opportunities online.

Voiceover acting can be a very lucrative side hustles for women. There may be more opportunities for you if you can do voiceover acting in languages other than English and French.

 You can improve your voiceover acting skill by practicing with a mic, reading books out to people, and paying attention to what other actors have done.

Free marketing tips: Update your social media profiles to reflect your voiceover acting talent, do a free job for friends and family, and ask them to refer people to you.


If you have social media accounts or a blog with lots of readers, you can start earning commission for recommending the products or services of other people to your friend, followers, and readers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the highly lucrative side hustles for women because you can earn something from every sale that you make.  But you must refer to earn because affiliate marketing is purely performance-based.

Free marketing tips: To start earning fast with affiliate marketing, it is better to promote products and services that solve the problems of your existing audience.


If you love shopping and running errands, this side hustle is for you. Here you will be helping your customers shop for foodstuff and groceries and also help them deliver their items at their homes, offices, or any other agreed location.

This is also a lucrative side hustle for women because women are good at shopping.

Free Marketing Tips: You can approach friends and family who stay late at work pitch your business to them, you can also make e-flyers and share in social media groups and your status to get clients.


Baking is a good side hustle that can help women earn extra money doing what they love.

While working full-time you can run a home bakery on the side as a woman and your home bakery can turn into a home-based business if you are consistent.

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Free Marketing Tips: Take nice pictures of what you baked and share on social media, I believe people will start asking questions.


For women who think they are amusing or entertaining, hosting comedy and trivia nights can be a good side hustle for you.

Owners and operators of Restaurants, Bars, and Events are always looking for innovative ideas to get new customers coming, entertainment can also make existing customers keep returning. Find people who will pay you to host comedy shows and trivia nights.

A lot of people enjoy entertainment because just like massaging and cuddling, it helps in relieving tension.

Free Marketing Tips: Offer to host a few shows for free and record your work to show people who may be interested, update your social media profile to show what you do, share your contact during your show (a Bar operator visiting a restaurant to get food can find you there and hire you to do the same thing for his Bar)


Brand ambassadors and models represent brands in a positive light to help increase awareness and sales.

Though modeling is highly competitive since models are predominantly female, it can be a very lucrative side hustle for women who have what it takes.

They help businesses with promotion, marketing, branding, networking, and influence building.

Free Marketing Tips: Build a strong online influence and portfolio with pictures that can help you get hired for public awareness events and trade shows.


FOOTNOTE: It is important to mention that women don’t have to be confined to the side hustles ideas mentioned in this piece.

And this post is absolutely not about promoting gender bias in the entrepreneurship space. If you have been nursing other good side hustle ideas that can help you earn extra cash in your spare time, please believe in your ideas and take the actions need to start earning.

Thanks for taking the time to read this piece. In case you have ideas for lucrative side hustles for women, please share them with us in the comment below.


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