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Logo Design – 5 Logo Mistakes to Avoid

Your brand logo is the gateway to your brand; it represents your business to the world.

One wrong step towards this direction and Boom!! You are ruined. Well sorry for the exaggeration, we would not say your brand will be ruined but you can face some serious damages. Your brand personality can be mistaken for something that you are not or you are not presenting.

Therefore, it is important to ensure you are avoiding all the main logo mistakes. Trusting an amateur for the logo designing is one grave mistake that most entrepreneurs make and they realize it when it’s too late.

When you are looking for a logo design agency make sure you are going for the one who knows their logo games.

When designing a logo or getting your logo designed, we recommend taking help from the experts of Ingenious Gurus as they know how to study the business first and then make the logo that reflects the brand and its personality appropriately.

It’s important for the logo to explain what the brand is about and communicate its message to the customers. I mean it should at least tell the customers the basics of the brand.

And if you go with the wrong logo, you would be attracting the wrong kind of audience and would not make any progress unless you get your logo right.

Nevertheless, if you have taken the designing job in your hands and want to become a pro at it there are a few mistakes that you MUST avoid or else you are in for some really big problems.

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Logo mistakes to avoid

  • Blindly going in

One of the biggest mistakes that most logo creators do The business of logo designing without doing some proper research. If you are a small business owner, nobody expects you to be a top-notch and creative artist.

However, what people expect is to have some efforts to be made, if you are going into this job blindly hoping for some kind of miracle to happen then trust me nothing good would come out of it.

Research what your competitors are doing and what they have done. We do not absolutely recommend copying what others are doing but we do recommend taking inspiration from the competitors as it tells you what is trending and how you can deal with the customers better.

Or if you are not in the mood to design a logo from the scratch you can take help from the online templates available and see which ones speak to you the most. However, getting a new one made from scratch is always a good idea.

going with the trends, logo trends, Logo Design

  • Only going with the trends

Going with trends is okay and a good strategy but only following trends can be pretty damaging for your brand. You must not forget; your logo is going to stay with your brand for a really long time and once the trend has passed your logo will be outdated and will not serve any purpose later.

So, be very vigilant while designing yourself a logo, trends turn cliché in a year and the last thing that you would want for your brand is to link it with something that is old-fashioned and tacky.

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Your logo should be classic and timeless; however, we do not really mean you should not go with the trends.

Trends are important to follow but making your logo all about your trend is a pretty bizarre concept. Follow the trends but know your limits and know when to stop, that’s the only key to create a timeless and catchy logo.

De-cluttering, cluttering, Logo Mistakes to Avoid

  • Cluttering

De-cluttering is not only important while you are managing your wardrobe or your house but you have to make sure your logo is not very congested too.

I mean why would you want to confuse your customers with stuffing your logo with everything you get your hands on?

Do not hold on to everything you like, there are some things that you should let go of, and putting everything on your logo would just make it look messier.

While you are looking to design a logo, you would come across many things that you would like to add to your logo but you cannot have just everything there.

You might get attracted to tones of colors and some crazy fonts and that is pretty great.

However, not everything belongs to your logo. Today people are more into the mantra of “Less is more” so, it’s better to de-clutter everything and go with the less stuff in your logo.

Confusing your audience would just make them go towards your competitors; nobody would want that, right?

Logo Audience, Logo Mistakes to Avoid, Logo Mistakes, Logo Design

  • Forgetting your audience

Keep your audience in your mind that is one of the most important aspects of designing logos. You are creating them only to attract and intrigue your audience and put light on something that you want to show off.

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Doing everything that YOU like to do and forgetting the brand is the biggest mistake that you would make for your brand.

Forgetting them is similar to neglecting the presence of grapes in the wine bottle, is this in any way possible? No, right? It will not be usable at all.

Always see how your customers would perceive your brand when they look at your logo and only then move forward with your idea. Maybe get some reviews from the customer around and your friends and family to ensure you are on the right track.

  • Randomly choosing fonts

The amateur designers do not really think much before choosing the fonts and that is where they make one grave mistake.

Your fonts can make or break your whole design; a really catchy and attractive design would just go down only because you randomly chose the font and did not give it much of your thought.

Research well before you is choosing the font because each font has some meaning to deliver.


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