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List Of JUPEB Affiliated Universities

JUPEB Affiliated Universities

So, you’re done with high school and your sights are set on a top-tier university?

But the thought of JAMB has you shivering in your socks?

Don’t freak out, future scholar, because there’s an awesome alternative:

JUPEB! This pre-degree program acts as a launchpad, catapulting you straight to 200 level in universities (including some real gems), without needing to sweat through JAMB again.

But hold on, the question might be swirling in your mind: where can I actually use my JUPEB magic?

Worry not, for this guide is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive list of
JUPEB affiliated universities across Nigeria!

First things first, what’s the JUPEB deal?

Think of JUPEB as a one-year intensive training ground. You choose your subjects, master them under expert guidance, and then BAM! You’re armed with scores that can grant you direct entry to 200 level in a whopping number of universities. Talk about skipping the queue!

Now, let’s unveil list of JUPEB Affiliated Universities:

Eastern Part Of Nigeria:

  • Akwa Ibom State University (Ikot Akpaden):

    Home to vibrant campus life and top-notch programs in Engineering, Law, and Medicine.

  • Ebonyi State University (Abakaliki):

    A haven for science enthusiasts, offering stellar programs in Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Computer Science.

  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT):

    This tech giant boasts renowned Engineering and ICT programs, perfect for the digitally inclined.

  • Imo State University (Owerri):

    A well-rounded choice, offering a diverse range of programs from Law and Education to Business and Mass Communication.

Western Part Of Nigeria:

  • Adekunle Ajasin University (Akungba-Akoko):

    A beacon of academic excellence, with strong programs in Education, Management Sciences, and Social Sciences.

  • Delta State University (Abraka):

    Get ready to dive into the world of Engineering, Law, and Agriculture in this dynamic university.

  • Edo State University (Uzairue):

    This rising star shines bright in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences.

  • Lagos State University (Lagos):

    Immerse yourself in the bustling city life while pursuing degrees in Law, Engineering, and Media Technology.

Northern Part Of Nigeria:

  • Bauchi State University (Gadau):

    Explore your agricultural passions with their renowned programs in Crop Science, Animal Science, and Forestry.

  • Gombe State University (Gombe):

    Hone your legal skills or delve into the world of Education and Social Sciences at this vibrant university.

  • Jigawa State University (Dutse):

    This young and ambitious university offers promising programs in Business Administration, Education, and Law.

Central Part Of Nigeria:

  • Benue State University (Makurdi):

    A hub for science and technology enthusiasts, with top-notch programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, and Environmental Science.

  • Kwara State University (Ilorin):

    This well-established university boasts strong programs in Law, Medicine, and Agriculture.

  • Nasarawa State University (Keffi):

    Get ready to explore the world of Computer Science, Education, and Management Sciences in this rapidly growing university.

Please Note:- Each university has its own unique offerings and specific JUPEB acceptance criteria. So, grab your magnifying glass and do your research – find the program that ignites your academic fire!

Top FAQs

What are the specific JUPEB subjects accepted by affiliated universities?

Individual universities have specific subject requirements based on their programs and faculties. The most reliable sources for this information are:

  • Official JUPEB website: 

    https://www.jupeb.org.ng/ (Navigate to the “Affiliates” section and select a specific university for detailed acceptance criteria)

  • Individual university websites:

    Look for sections on undergraduate admissions and JUPEB entry within relevant university websites.

  • Educational consultancies:

    Reputable consultancies can provide updated information on specific university requirements.

Can I use JUPEB scores for direct entry into any university program?

No, not all universities or programs accept JUPEB scores. While many do, some might require additional tests or interviews for specific programs. Always check the admission requirements of your desired university and program to ensure JUPEB is sufficient.

Is the list of JUPEB affiliated universities on your blog always up-to-date?

While I aim to provide the most current information, universities can update their JUPEB acceptance criteria periodically.

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