best blog topics for making money
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Are trying to figure out the best blog topics for making money in Nigeria?

You may be asking one of the questions below in an effort to know some basic things required to make money with your blog.

Is blogging profitable?

Is there any unsaturated blogging niche in Nigeria?

What are the best blog topics for making money?

Can I still make money blogging in Nigeria?

Yes, It can be a difficult task selecting a niche to blog on Nigeria when you are just getting started. But one thing is you want to make money. And to make money, you need to consider certain factors when choosing a blog niche in Nigeria; profitability and resources at your disposal.

It may be true that you can blog on anything, however, earning power of niches varies. One of such is earning power of a blog focus on underwater basket weaving and video-making equipment. Which one do you think would be more profitable?

With factors such as volume, keyword difficulty, trends in mind, a comprehensive list of blog niches that makes money in Nigeria has been collated.

List of blog niches

5 List of best blog topics for making money In Nigeria

There are thousands of blogs on the internet, which makes it more difficult to escape google sandbox and ranking for profitable keywords. But choosing the best blog niches in Nigeria can give a head start.

In this post, we’ll look into what the best blogging niches are, possible sub-niches, and why you should choose them.

Let’s get started!

#1. Food

Everyone eats, so naturally, food niches is an evergreen topic to blog on in Nigeria. You’d be surprised at the search queries people in and outside Nigeria type into the search bar when looking for guides and recipes of different Nigerian delicacies.

With a good content development and method of generating targeted traffic in place, you can gain junks of organic traffic and loyal readers.

One unique thing blogging on food and cooking in Nigeria is the low competitiveness. Even though there is a huge search for Cooking How To’s, only a few blogs are available to provide content for the growing interests or audience.

And it’s worth noting that the food niche in Nigeria can be further categorized into different sub-niches. This can be done base on ethnicity, age group, season, festive, and so on.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the Food blog niche:

  • Homemade food for babies.
  • Ukwa.
  • Ofada rice recipes.
  • Akara preparation.
  • e.t.c.

#2. Education

Everyone is trying to improve their education one way or the other and to do that individuals dedicate their time and resources to do quite a number of things.

And luckily, education is a major factor for virtually every career path, which there is always a market for students, individuals, teenagers, undergraduates looking for a resource on how to pass exams, past questions, tips on how to read effectively, and so on.

Quite a number of bloggers in Nigeria still belong to the school of thought that blogging on education is limited to writing the latest news on the ASUU strike, POST UTME…….. but it goes deeper than that.

With the spirit of standing out, you could dedicate an entire blog to exam preparation in the country and tips on how to pass different exams.

Or you could even blog on finding learning resources online, scholarships for different levels of learning.

Or anything to help students in Nigerian institutions of learning save a few bucks, leaving comfortably on campus.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the education blog niche:

  • School news.
  • Scholarships.
  • Reading tips.
  • Past questions.

#3. Agriculture

Agriculture will always be in the spotlight and there is a growing number of individuals in the country looking for practical tips on how to start agriculture in Nigeria.

Do you have practical knowledge of rabbit farming in Nigeria, snail farming, pig farming, and so on? Blogging on agriculture is one thing you won’t regret doing.

Other than huge search interests, another thing that makes blogging on agriculture a good deal is the different methods of monetization that can be implemented.

From consultation to the selling of informational content, and then sponsored post to the selling of your farm produce or equipment.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the farming blog niche:

  • Rabbit farming.
  • Pig farming.
  • Snail rearing in Nigeria.
  • e.t.c.

#3. Weddings

Blogging on weddings in Nigeria a great blog niche, especially for someone who has done one. Anything from picking the right wedding dress, buying the perfect ring, decoration, and every other thing to a wedding in Nigeria a perfect topic for a blog.

Luckily, the wedding niche is quite less competitive and there are thousands of virgin search queries to target.

As if that is not enough, there is plenty of room for monetization (sponsored post, display of the banner, selling of products, consultation, and rendering of services). For these reasons, it is definitely one of the most profitable blog niches in Nigeria.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the wedding blog niche:

  • Wedding dress.
  • Choosing a wedding ring.
  • Wedding quotes.
  • Decorations.

#4. Skincare

Skincare is one of the best blog topics for making money. The Skincare industry in Nigeria is vast and the audience is huge, which makes it a surefire way to draw in a loyal audience from a blog. Luckily, there are more than enough sub-niches and profitable keywords to target.

While other skincare blogs will typically focus on skincare as a whole, it is more advisable to follow the sub-niche path. This way you focus on one skincare problem instead of the writing on everything skincare.

Like every other Your Money Your Life niche, there is a need for professional knowledge to stand out from every other blog out there.

Talking of profitability, there is a lot of money to be made from information marketing, ads, sponsored post, and selling of your own products.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the Skincare blog niche:

  • Acne.
  • Sunburn.
  • E.t.c.

#5. Fashion

Everyone in the country is always looking to hop onto the next trending clothes and styles, and as a fashion blogger in Nigeria, you’d be helping them find it.

Other than being known for providing accurate information, you can also build a brand on the side by owning your own fashion or a cover a variety of styles and provide guides on how the targeted audience can make them.

List of blog niches – best blog topics for making money in Nigeria under the Fashion blog niche:

  • Fashion How To’s.
  • Ankara Styles.
  • Celebrity Fashion.
  • E.t.c.


With this list of best blog topics for making money in Nigeria, you should be able to choose the ideal niche for your type.

However, before choosing any blog niche make sure you have the information and resources to pull it off.

Do you have any questions or contributions to make on the Blog Niches That Makes Money In Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment box.



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