Let’s Talk Skincare with Nikky’ann – Episode 1

Many worry about how to Layer Acids in their Skincare Routine. If you are among these categories, then you’re in the right place.

The skincare community can be separated into two different types of people: Those who are obsessed with exfoliating and those who are still skeptical about trying it. Especially when it comes to acids like AHAs(Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHAs(Beta Hydroxy Acids). Chemical exfoliation can sound intimidating, but once you start, it’s easy to go overboard.

When done correctly, exfoliating is such an important part of your routine. It helps to clear pores, prevent acne, and keep your skin even and smooth.

There are two main types of exfoliants: Physical and Chemical. Physical (or manual) exfoliants typically feature ingredients like sugar to slough away the dead cells on the skin’s surface. Chemical exfoliants are a bit more complex which is why we’re going to focus on how exactly they work and how to best layer them for effective results. We’ll also answer two of your most frequently asked questions: Can you use AHAs and BHAs in one routine? And can you use them with vitamin C?

How to Layer Acids

What are acids/chemical exfoliants?

Putting an acid on your face may not sound like a good or safe idea, but it’s not as scary as it sounds – we promise! Here’s how it works: Chemical compounds loosen and get rid of the gunk (thick sebum, dead skin cells, etc.,) lurking on your skin.

There are different types of acids but they are usually separated into two categories: AHAs and BHAs. The former, alpha hydroxy acids, are water-soluble and give you smoother skin, while the latter, beta hydroxy acids, are oil-soluble and get into your pores to clean them. A popular form of AHAs is glycolic acid and a common form of beta hydroxy acids is salicylic acid.

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There’s even a new generation of acids called PHAs – polyhydroxy acids – this doesn’t penetrate as deeply as their counterparts and thus are great for more sensitive skin types. PHA is a great product to start with.

NB: If you’re interested in including a product containing any of the mentioned chemical exfoliant in your skincare routine, do well to Contact/WhatsApp Nikky’ann on +2348169371950.

Article to be continued on Episode 2 of Let’s Talk Skincare with Nikky’ann

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