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John Akanbi is a garment-makers, He studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering but is passionate about making people look good through fashion. John enjoys sewing and is passionate about preparing people for a career in fashion. He is the founder of Akanbi Clothings Fashion School, a leading fashion school in Abuja.

Fashion School Leading Fashion School In Abuja

According to John, Akanbi Clothings Fashion School (ACFS) has trained and graduated over 100 students through its three courses which are Basic, Professional, and Advanced courses having a duration of 3 months, 6 months, and 4 months respectively.

Akanbi Clothings Fashion School (ACFS) is a skill acquisition training school for garment-makers and people who are passionate about becoming self-employed fashion designers.

Below is an exclusive interview conducted with him via the Rindx Business Interview platform:

  • Question: What inspired you to get into this line of business?

John: My passion for looking good and teaching gave me the drive to choose this business.  If I don’t impact someone in a day, I will feel empty and unhappy. But each time I produce an outfit and teach a student, I feel fulfilled. Sewing is my life.

  • Question: How long have you been in this business?

John: I have been in this sewing business for over 13 years. Even as an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, I was known in my school to be a fashion enthusiast and garment maker in school. But I officially lunched out on the 19th of September 2013.

  • Question: How do you deal with difficult times in this business?

I keep focusing on where am going. I know where am heading, so whatever am going through can’t stop me. That is my mindset. Every business has challenges but they are temporary.

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I entered Cres Plaza with Just a Measuring tape, Scissors, and Business Card. My Sewing Machine was an old machine and shame won’t let me bring it to the shop. But today, Akanbi Clothings is a different thing.

John: I market my business by making compelling garments, doing it neatly, good, and doing it with all of me.

My major focus is making sure I meet deadlines and more customers are referred to me by my clients and students.

I have also gotten a lot of customers after they saw my own clothes and asked me who made them for me. You may not understand until you visit Akanbi Clothings Fashion School.

Satisfied customers and my products are what brings the customers and students.

I have a huge photo gallery of past work and I share pictures of my business on social media and we have a website.

  • Question:  How do you generate new ideas?

John: I get new ideas by studying and getting feedback from my students and clients.

  • Question:  What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

John: My most satisfying moments are the moments when I see male and female students who knew nothing about fashion putting on garments that they made themselves within three weeks of learning.

You need to see how happy I am when in just six months, I see most of my students even better than me in their gifted areas.

  • Question:  What piece of advice would you give to fresh graduates or other people who want to become entrepreneurs?
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John: Look inward! Every person is born an entrepreneur. Just look inward for that thing that you love doing. Most times there are things that irritate you that you wish to correct.

Please start from there, I differentiate myself from others by meeting deadlines, People think Tailors must disappoint and I hate that a lot, so I decided I must be that Tailor that will not disappoint and I believe that has helped my business.

  • Question:  How can people get in touch with you?

John: We are located at FF 16 and 21 Crest Plaza, 1st Avenue, Beside Fidelity Bank Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Our website is, Phone Number is +234 813 726 9754  and we are open from Mondays to Saturdays 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Akanbi Clothing Fashion School

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  1. Thank you for the advice. Focus on where you’re going to and look inward. I won’t forget. It has been an amazing experience working with you sir. God bless you.

  2. Akanbi fashion school is a good place to acquire tailoring skills.

    If u are looking for where to get d best knowledge of fashion designing, Akanbi is d best place to be.

  3. Nice piece, I have had my fair share of disappointments from tailors and knowing one who goes out of his way not is a big deal. I made the right choice when I came to Akanbi. God bless you sir

  4. Nice concept, if you want to achieve your dream, Akanbi fashion school is the best place to be. I knew how I started and where I am today. God bless you sir for your good work.

  5. Wow

    It was only a matter of time before my boss/mentor (big bro as I like to call him ) got interviewed.

    No need to say too much just visit the school. It’s the best cradle for anyone who is passionate about fashion and wants to learn it the right way.

    More blessings bro

  6. Very interesting to read , may God bless you and give you strength to impact in your students like you have always done

  7. Honestly the leading fashion school in Abuja! Mr. Akanbi is an encyclopedia of ‘fashion’ and simply the best at what he does, yet very humble. He simplifies learning fashion design both in practice and theory. You are worth applauding Boss Way to Go!!! #ProudlyAssociated #AkanbiFashionStudent

  8. To be honest, Mr John is a goal getter. I enrolled at rhe fashion school in 2017, and i can say that i had the best moments being a student at Akanbi Clothing. He is so passionate about what he does, and i recommend that this is a place to train, if you aspire to be a fashion designer

  9. I have know Akanbi clothing for many years now and i have patronize them without any regert on my cloth. John is focus in his career due to his passion for fashion. Akanbing clothing remains the best fashion house in Abuja. He has trained many persons over the years including my own close friend Blessing and many others.

  10. It really is one of the leading fashion schools in Abuja. I was able to start making and wearing what I was taught myself within 3 weeks of learning. Thank you very Much sir for the platform. God bless you

  11. Akanbi fashion school was a beautiful experience for me, he wasn’t just a teacher but was also a friend, he thought me how to sew, and also gave advice on ways to succeed in the fashion Industry. Thanks to him I became more creative and more focused on chasing my dreams of becoming a tailor.

  12. I have known Femi for a couple of years now and he has been an exemplary designer. I am very proud of his achievements and inspired by his work ethic! Rooting for you Femi, you will do great things!

  13. If you are looking for a place to follow your passion on fashion designing. Akanbi Fashion school is the best option. More grease to your elbow sir and Greater height on this journey

  14. Akanbi Fashion school is the best place to be in terms of learning fashion. Mr Femi is very thorough and hands-on with his teachings. Very easy to learn from as he carries all his students a long. The price point is also perfect for the average person who wants to get quality fashion education without breaking the bank. Wishing you more success ahead. Cheers.

  15. In life there is something you are born with and something you are trained for.
    1: the electrical engineering studied in school was what you were train for. And secondly
    Your fashion designing was your call it’s a gift from God that you can’t run away from and can never be taking away from you.
    I was your student, and now a friend, sister and daughter I love you Mr John my God keep blessing you with more wisdom to carry out your assignment in life ❤️

  16. Wow what a wonderful school, l appreciate Mr John for the impact he put in me,l can boost to say that I can wear what l sew. Please you can come and learn fashion.

  17. Mr Akanbi is a very kind and hardworking man! I mean HARDWORKING, i always wonder where he gets his energy from, to run morning and evening classes all by him self and teach individually and at the same time entertain his students. We all his students enjoyed our stay with him!!!! HE IS A VERY GOOD AND NICE MAN

  18. You are a wonderful teacher, boss, leader. You are everything one could look for in a good mentor. You groomed us to be sound professionals and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

  19. I started up as a customer, mr john is different from other fashion designers..he keeps to time and will never dissppoint you….
    Then I decided to train under him and trust me when I say he is the best teacher so far.. he makes tailoring so easy. THANK YOU SIR.
    He is God fearing, kind and humble….

  20. Best place to kick start your career in fashion.
    Mr Akanbi is a fantastic teacher, starts from the scratch and pays close attention to details. Learning environment is very warm and supported.
    Learnt so much in just a couple of months and my experience at Akanbi Fashion School was amazing!

  21. If you go to Akanbi clothing to learn fashion design and you couldn’t get it, trust me you can’t learn anywhere again. Mr Akanbi gives his all and best.

  22. Mr John is a great man and a wonderful mentor. He has done so much as an impact to people’s life and also mine as a student. Akanbi clothing fashion school is not just any fashion school, it’s a place where moral are also leant. Great work mr John

  23. Akanbi fashion school is the best place to unlock any fashion potential. I have learnt a whole lot from passing through that school, not just about fashion but life as well.

  24. ACFS is the best place to be in terms of learning fashion. Cus Mr John will root out the interest of the work out of you.
    Mr John is a wonderful teacher,boss, leader he’s everything one could look for in a good mentor. He groomed us to be sound and independent professionals and made working.
    With you sir, an interesting and unforgettable experience
    Thanks to you sir, I became more focused to be what I want to be.

  25. Mr. John Akanbi is a very talented and hardworking young man, he is very passionate about entrepreneurship, fashion and education. I’m very proud to be a graduate of Akanbi Fashion school and i just want to say thank you sir for making my dream of becoming a fashion designer a reality. Akanbi Fashion school is the place to be. Cheers

  26. Akanbi clothings is like a city set upon a hill that can never be hidden so am not surprised at ur level of success thus far … I greatly admire your level of discipline n consistency.. You have successfully trained, schooled n mentored some many since inception and you’re only getting started.. May you Continue to scale higher heights and continue to impact more lives which is your m utmost desire in Jesus name.. Amen!!! #akanbiclothings# rocks!!!

  27. I have been trying to go into fashion but the fear of “can you do this?” has always been on mind. But when I entered Akanbi Clothings fashion he told me to relax when he saw the fear from my eyes. Surprisingly, within three weeks of learning at Akanbi clothings, I was able to make an outfit for myself and so many more beautiful outfits after then. Indeed Mr. John Akanbi is very good at what he does. Thank you and God continue to bless you sir.

  28. It has been a great pleasure working with you, the dedication and effort you put in teaching your students is on of a kind.

  29. A very hardworking and dedicated person. It has been very easy learning from you. Your teaching skills are top notch and You know how to carry everyone along. Keep up the good work sir.

  30. Akanbi Fashion School is the best in Abuja because he has a unique way of impacting the fashion skills on someone. His way of training is just out of this world and he is very good at bringing out the best in you.

  31. Sure Akanbi Fashion school remains the best in Abuja for its zeal and penchant to bring the best out of the budding entrepreneurs under his tutelage. It’s amazing how committed he is to bring out the best in his students.

  32. Akanbi clothing fashion school has a stress free class environment that is commendable.And thank you Mr.Akanbi for helping me discover my talent and boosting my confidence.

  33. I have known Femi (Akanbi Clothings CEO) since he entered that plaza with just a scissors and complimentary cards, I have NOT been disappointed even once!
    I am a very lazy person when it come so to choosing styles and making clothes but I just get my fabric, walk up to him, drop them and in next to no time, the fabrics become trendy outfits for me and trust me I always stand out wherever I wear them.
    To a man who has done so much with so little, I celebrate you! Congratulations and more wins.

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