L arginine

Which 1 is more efficient? L Arginine or L Citrulline!

L arginine is an amino acid that helps in building the blocks of proteins. It is found in dairy products, red meats, fish, and other protein-rich foods.

L citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid found in foods e.g. watermelon. It is also found in bodies. It is then further converted into l arginine or other chemicals called nitric oxide by the body.

However, in this article, we are going to share the uses and side effects of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. So, read this article till the end.


Uses of L Arginine:

  • Angina:

 L arginine intake decreases symptoms of this high chest pain. It heals wounds and treats burns faster.

  • Hypertension:

Oral intake of l arginine aids in controlling high blood pressure in healthy people as well as heart patients. It also helps in lowering blood pressure in pregnancy complications. It helps to prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women.

  • Erectile dysfunction:

L arginine improves sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction due to any physical cause or illness and use as a leading medicine in its curing with the proper use of an Australian tablet kamagra oral jelly.

  • Arterial diseases:

It eases the circulation of blood. It cures inflammation of the digestive tract in unborn infants. It also treats kidney disorders with congestive heart failure.

Uses of  Citrulline:

  • Exercise performance( energy booster and provides strength)
  • Treats diseases( sickle cell and heart diseases)
  • blood pressure( controls blood pressure in lungs)
  • intestinal problems( short bowel syndrome, celiac disease)

Side effects of L Arginine:

Oral use of high l arginine might result in

  1. bloating
  2. allergies or asthma
  3. gout
  4. airway inflammation
  5. headache

Side effects of L Citrulline:

Highly intake of citrulline causes

  1. stomach upset
  2. heartburn
  3. cough
  4. swelling
  5. changes in urination

Combination of L Arginine with:

  • L arginine and yohimbine( helps in ED)
  • L arginine and pycnogenol ( normalizes erection)
  • L arginine and Sildenafil ( lower blood pressure)

Combination of L Citrulline with:

  • L citrulline and phosphodiesterase( decrease blood pressure)
  • L citrulline and nitrates(increases blood flow)

Sources of L Arginine and L Citrulline

Dairy products, animals, turkey breast, leafy green vegetables, pulses, chickpeas, soybeans, red meat, fish are the best sources to get these two amino acids.

Combination of L Arginine and L Citrulline:

The powerful combination of these two acids results in great efficiency with even a small dose. It improves blood pressure. Their combining dose includes higher plasma l arginine levels and plasma nitric oxide. Blood circulation and cardiovascular health is effectively improved.

During pregnancy, the rate of adverse birth outcomes, fetal growth restriction, preterm birth, or lower term weight is very high. Thus to enhance placental vascular development and improve birth outcomes, this combination in supplement form is proved best.

L Citrulline other names:

2 amino 5 pentanoic acid, citrulline, citrulline malate, l citrulline AKG, l citrulline alpha ketoglutaric acid.

Best L Citrulline supplements

  1. Best citrulline overall ( full of essential with clear formula)
  2. Bulk supplements l citrulline powder (no artificial flavor or sugar)
  3. Best runner up (fruits taste )
  4. Best citrulline for vegans (inexpensive and non-GMO)
  5. Doctors best l citrulline (pure, non-GMO, third party tested, gluten-free)

Benefits for gym users:

  • Helps in metabolism
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • No preservatives, no artificial flavors
  • Helps in muscle protein synthesis.

In performance, which one is better?

Citrulline expands blood vessels to a great extent than l arginine. It is the most beneficial as a higher dose of arginine results in gastrointestinal problems and leads to diarrhea. A dose of citrulline pumps up the performance, it enhances the body’s ability to use oxygen to create ATP, which produces energy.

Citrulline supplementation is more efficient in producing arginine availability than arginine itself in animals like mice.

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