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Korle Bu Nursing Training School Fees

Are you dreaming of becoming a nurse at the prestigious Korle Bu Nursing Training School? 

It’s an exciting path, but navigating the fees can be a taunting task.

This guide will break down the costs, and give out clear answer to your unanswered  questions, and help you plan for your nursing future.

Korle Bu offers a range of programs, each with its own fee structure.

Generally, you’ll encounter two types of fees:academic fees for tuition and learning materials, and residential fees for accommodation and meals if you choose to live on campus.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Diploma Programs (e.g., Registered General Nursing)

Academic fees range from GHC 5,000 to GHC 7,000 per year, with residential fees adding approximately GHC 3,000 per year.

  • Postgraduate Programs (e.g., Midwifery Specialist)

Academic fees range from GHC 8,000 to GHC 12,000 per year, with no residential fees applicable.

  • Certificate Programs (e.g., Community Health Nursing)

Fees vary depending on the program duration,typically ranging from GHC 2,000 to GHC 4,000 for the entire program.

Remember, these are just estimates! The actual fees may vary depending on the program you choose, your year of admission, and any additional charges like student union dues or health insurance.

Tips for Navigating the Cost’s

  • Download the official fee structure

The Korle Bu website has a comprehensive document outlining all current fees. This is your go-to source for the most accurate information.

  • Consider financial aid

There are scholarship opportunities and student loan options to ease the financial burden.The school’s website and the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat are great resources to start your search.

  • Budget wisely: Plan your expenses carefully and create a realistic budget to manage your finances throughout your studies.

While fees are important, remember that Korle Bu Nursing Training School offers an invaluable education and opens doors to a rewarding career.

FAQs about Korle Bu Nursing Training School Fees:

Are there any discounts on Korle Bu Nursing Training School fees?

Yes, the school offers discounts for certain categories like Ghanaian nationals, physically challenged students, and wards of deceased staff. Check the official fee structure for more details.

Can I pay my fees in installments?

Yes, the school allows payment plans for some programs. Contact the finance department for specific inquiries.

What are the additional costs outside of the official fees?

Be prepared for some additional expenses like textbooks, uniforms, and transportation. These costs can vary depending on your lifestyle and program requirements.

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