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3 Kinds of Brand Names to Help People Identify Your Business

When you try to understand the various types of brand names, it is the first essential step towards naming your business. It’s an exercise to help your targeted customers identify your company and products or services.

According to an article published in Forbes, a brand name is important for your business because it’s the first thing that people notice and defines the tone for all other communication

You need to think of a brand name that is effective, stands out, sounds unique, and resonates with your audience. In this article, we will walk you through the various kinds of brand names to make your business recognizable. 

1. Evocative names

When it comes to evocative names for your business, it denotes metaphor and recommendation that calls to mind your business positioning and brand experience. 

Such names are inimitable and creative and help you in establishing an influential brand name. That’s because evocative names have some scope for interpretation and tell a brand story that resonates with your customers. It helps in building a brand that is beyond just your product/service offerings. Some examples of popular evocative names are Amazon, Nike, Apple, Virgin, Greyhound, and more. So, use your creative skills and create a unique name for your business. 

2. Descriptive names

The descriptive business names communicate the idea and benefit of your products and services. Though useful and functional, descriptive brand names have little scope for creativity or human interpretation. Descriptive names come as a tagline to tell your brand story or communicate your brand persona to your targeted audience. 

The benefit of descriptive names is that it conveys your business’s key competencies. The disadvantage is that descriptive names restrict your business when it evolves and diversifies. So, you need to come up with brand name ideas that go with your growing business. Descriptive brand names aren’t easy to trademark and usually created using standard words or expressions. Examples are General Motors, Bank of America, the Weather Channel,, etc. 

3. Geographical names 

You will some brand names have a location included such as New York Life, Arizona Tile, and more. Location-based names permeate your brand with every historical and cultural association, whether for good or bad. 

The limitation of a geographical name is that it’s tied to a specific location, but with time when your business grows, that name will sound irrelevant. So, in this age of digital transformation, you need to leverage AI tools to create brand names that sound universal for many years. 

So, you will need to rename and rebrand your business when it has been established in multiple geographies. The common location-based brand names are American Airlines, California Pizza Kitchen, Florida’s Natural, etc. 


There are many valid reasons to rename or rebrand your business. Though some brand names have limitations, with the use of AI-based tools, you can create names that will be universally accepted. Then, you also need to allow your creative juices to flow when naming your business. You can consult a professional agency when it comes to naming your business to help customers recognize your business. 

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