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5 Killer Social Media Advertising Tips For Maximum Conversions

If you’ve been struggling to resonate with your audience and achieve optimal conversions through your social media advertising, you’re likely feeling the frustration. Fortunately, we’ve got 5 killer social media advertising tips that can help you up your conversions considerably. Let’s get to it…

1. Leverage your data for audience insights

Start by taking inventory of your existing contacts. How many customer email addresses do you have in your CRM? Upload them to websites like Facebook and LinkedIn and match them to the users. Following that, you can learn more about their interests and demographics using various tools like Audience Insights.

This kind of data is invaluable when understanding your ‘ideal customer’. You’ve already got existing customers, so use them to your advantage so you can attract even more people just like them!

2. Don’t neglect the value of UTM code tracking

With UTM codes you can create unique URLs that can be tracked through Google Analytics. This allows you to see how each individual piece of content that you create performs.

We’re not talking about likes and shares and comments (which are all valuable metrics), we’re talking about action taken on your website.

Which posts inspire people to buy? How long do they spend on your website when they visit through one of your socials?

The more data you have, the better positioned you will be to replicate your most successful posts.

3. Utilise social pixels

Social pixels allow your social media platforms to access your website and share data back and forth. This is essential if you wish to retarget your website visitors who don’t quite make a purchase.

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Remarketing campaigns enable you to send tailored adverts to individuals who have been active on your website and perhaps need more interaction and nurturing before they feel confident marking a purchase.

4. Optimise for conversion events

Using the Meta Pixel, you can add additional code to it to track specific actions (e.g., registrations, leads, downloads, etc.).

Following that, you can optimise your ads campaigns for these specific actions in order to target specific users who are most likely to take said actions.

In doing so, you can achieve a sustainable (and measurable) ROI.

5. Track ‘view-through attribution.’

Generally speaking, you can only track conversions when a user sees and clicks on an ad and immediately converts. However, using the Pixel and the view-through attribution method, you can see how many times a user saw one of your ads before taking action further down the line.

This is a great way to see how impactful your ads are, allowing you to edit and refine your ads to inspire immediate action – a great way to scale your business with precision.


When it comes to running a successful pay-per-click ads campaign, whether on social media or via Google, do not underestimate the power of data and tracking.

The numbers don’t lie, and as you collect more and more data, you can yield some truly powerful, actionable insights.

Of course, this is when running successful PPC campaigns gets complicated. As such, if you don’t have the time, desire, or expertise to go digging around with code and trawling through large amounts of data, your best bet is to hire PPC services and let the professionals handle all the time-intensive admin tasks instead!

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