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A niche site is a site that covers a very specific topic or needs, below I have compiled a list of niche ideas for jobs and career sites based on real human needs.

This may seem like a strange article to some bloggers and online entrepreneurs, but for others, I really hope that it will be very useful. Especially those people who think that all the good ideas have already been taken by other people.

I took the time to study the keywords, real human needs, and earning potential for the jobs and career niche blog ideas shared in this post.

I hope this post will help you in choosing a niche for your career website or job board.

Use the low competition niches for jobs and career websites and blog ideas to choose the most successful topic for yourself and get the maximum benefit from your jobs and career site.

For instance, Babysitting jobs: You can create a blog or job placement website for Babysitting jobs, many people around the world search for opportunities using the keyword “Babysitting jobs near me”, create a website to help them find a job.


    1. Biotechnology jobs
    2. Blogging Jobs
    3. Courier jobs
    4. Handyman jobs
    5. Host jobs
    6. Bartending jobs
    7. Chef jobs
    8. Forklift jobs near me
    9. Biostatistician jobs
    10. Personal assistant jobs near me
    11. Merchandising jobs
    12. Networking jobs
    13. Junior web developer jobs
    14. Camp counselor jobs
    15. Forklift operator jobs
    16. Legal assistant jobs
    17. Dishwasher jobs in colorado springs
    18. Dishwasher jobs
    19. Paramedic jobs California
    20. Cashier jobs near me
    21. Caregiver jobs near me
    22. Web developer jobs
    23. House sitting jobs near me
    24. Insurance adjuster jobs
    25. Painting jobs
    26. Advertising jobs
    27. Pct jobs
    28. Information technology jobs near me
    29. Tem jobs
    30. Welding jobs near me
    31. Program Manager jobs
    32. Esthetician jobs near me
    33. Quality Engineer jobs
    34. Event coordinator jobs
    35. American eagle jobs
    36. Jobs in Fredericktown mo
    37. Housekeeping jobs
    38. Clinical nurse specialist jobs
    39. Security analyst jobs
    40. Manufacturing jobs near me
    41. Bookstore jobs near me
    42. Air traffic controller jobs
    43. Academic advisor jobs
    44. Home health aide jobs
    45. Machinist jobs near me
    46. 2nd shift jobs
    47. Sterile processing jobs
    48. Evening jobs
    49. Stocking jobs near me
    50. Pharmaceutical sales jobs
    51. System administrator jobs
    52. Bartender jobs near me
    53. Florist jobs near me
    54. Computational neuroscience jobs
    55. Management jobs near me
    56. Assistant jobs near me
    57. Ccna jobs
    58. Physical therapist jobs
    59. Pet sitter jobs
    60. Janitor jobs near me
    61. Part time jobs from home
    62. Pharmacy jobs near me
    63. Account manager jobs
    64. File clerk jobs
    65. Wells Fargo jobs
    66. eBay jobs
    67. Project coordinator jobs
    68. Night jobs
    69. Chef jobs near me
    70. Dog walker jobs near me
    71. Restaurant jobs
    72. Ekg technician jobs
    73. Lab tech jobs
    74. Water treatment jobs
    75. Real estate jobs
    76. Bakery jobs
    77. Lifeguard jobs near me
    78. Bookkeeper jobs
    79. Janitorial jobs near me
    80. Dishwasher jobs near me
    81. Food Service jobs
    82. Maintenance Technician jobs
    83. Call center jobs near me
    84. Teen jobs
    85. Pharmacy technician jobs near me
    86. Front desk jobs near me
    87. Accounts receivable jobs
    88. Front desk jobs
    89. Busser jobs
    90. Dental assistant jobs
    91. Merchandiser jobs
    92. Manufacturing jobs in las vegas
    93. Babysitting jobs near me
    94. Plumbing jobs
    95. Humana jobs
    96. Chemistry jobs Seattle
    97. Lafollette TN jobs
    98. Video editor jobs
    99. Vet assistant jobs
    100. Personal assistant jobs
    101. Electrical jobs near me
    102. HVAC jobs
    103. Chemist jobs
    104. Instructional design jobs
    105. Dog walking jobs near me
    106. Waitress jobs
    107. Barista jobs
    108. Payroll jobs
    109. Indeed jobs Gainesville fl
    110. Property management jobs
    111. Daycare jobs
    112. Forklift jobs
    113. Talent acquisition jobs
    114. Esthetician jobs
    115. Videographer jobs
    116. Factory jobs
    117. Process engineer jobs
    118. Teen jobs
    119. Barista jobs near me
    120. Sales associate jobs
    121. Medical scribe jobs
    122. Dog walking jobs
    123. Lab jobs near me
    124. Plumbing jobs near me
    125. Research analyst jobs
    126. Accounts payable jobs
    127. Financial analyst jobs
    128. Occupational therapy assistant jobs
    129. Carpenter jobs
    130. Web development jobs
    131. Photography jobs
    132. BCBA jobs
    133. Cashier jobs
    134. Seo jobs
    135. Phlebotomy jobs
    136. Data scientist jobs
    137. Bakery jobs near me
    138. Medline jobs
    139. Keyword
    140. Desktop Support jobs
    141. Indeed jobs san Antonio
    142. Front end developer jobs
    143. Manager jobs
    144. Audio engineering jobs
    145. Pct jobs near me
    146. Administrative jobs near me
    147. Executive assistant jobs
    148. Coordinator jobs
    149. Rhode island library jobs
    150. Class B CDL jobs
    151. Desk jobs
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Because of the increase in nearby searches (Near me), if you are creating a job board (Job posting site) to help people find jobs and help businesses find employees. I recommend adding a feature that allows applicants to search for jobs based on their location.


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