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Insurance for Small Businesses: Top 5 Reasons to Get It

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Do you want to start your own company? Are you thinking about getting business insurance?

You can protect your business and yourself by purchasing small business insurance. All small businesses, including food trucks, caterers, estheticians, and wedding photographers, are vulnerable to the risk that can be costly.

Continue reading to learn the basics of business insurance and 5 reasons you should have it. There are also common types of business insurance that you might consider.

What is small-business insurance?

Insurance for small businesses protects you from risks and accidents that are often beyond your control. It is a combination of insurance you purchase to protect your business and save money.

Depending on the nature of your business and your needs, you will need different types of coverage. Instead of purchasing multiple policies, insurance companies can often create customized coverage that allows you only to pay what you need.

The 5 most common insurance requirements are:

  1. General Liability Insurance
  2. Product liability insurance
  3. Equipment and tools insurance
  4. Damage to premises rented
  5. Workers’ compensation

5 Reasons you should Insure your small business

Are you still skeptical that small business insurance is necessary? Here are some key reasons small business insurance is so crucial for your business’ success.

  • Saves you money

You’re setting up a safety net by purchasing small business insurance. Although you might spend more initially, insurance will save you money in the long-term if you find yourself in a position that requires coverage.

You never know what you might get when you make insurance claims. While some claims may be relatively small and affordable, others can consume your financial resources. Small business insurance can help you get ahead of the costs, sometimes reducing or eliminating the expense of a claim.

Insureon found that 32.5% will be affected by an incident that insurance could cover within 12 months. This is nearly 1/3 of small businesses each year.

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Because you are often working with others, you could be exposed to risks as a massage therapist. You could have a client slip and fall in your office. The oils or lotions that you use could cause an allergic reaction. Your table could also break, which could result in costly claims.

With insurance, you could avoid paying thousands in legal fees, defense costs, and other expenses. You need to file a claim and the insurance company will take care of everything for you. This can save you money.

Insurance can help you save money, regardless of what type of small business you own. You could end up paying thousands for repairs or replacement of equipment that has been stolen or damaged. These costs and the lost time can cost you a lot.

These out-of-pocket costs can be reduced by insurance, so you can continue to do what you love-running your business.

  • Increase your professionalism

Small business insurance can be like a business financial plan showing investors you are serious about your business. It will also increase your professionalism and credibility as an owner of a business.

Insurance can help you deal with the many situations that could lead to claims. An insurance provider can help you navigate the process of paying your customer or repairing an equipment problem. This will show your clients and customers that you care about the service you offer and what you do.

Most Insurance customers agree that insurance helps them get clients. Some business even gives customers a badge that business owners can place on the site to let them know they are insured.

You can also get funding through insurance. The bank might ask for proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance if you are applying for a loan or line. This documentation will help you establish stable credibility.

  • Protects your business

There is little that can be done to prevent any claims. Accidents happen, no matter how careful or safe you may be. Insurance offers a safety buffer to protect your business even if an accident occurs.

There are many types of insurance that offer great protection, including general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. You may also find industry-specific coverage to protect your business’s assets and liabilities.

For example, a wedding photographer might travel with a lot of expensive equipment. These equipment include lenses, cameras, lighting props, backdrops, and often even lenses. Camera equipment insurance covers their business in the event of theft by covering the cost for the equipment.

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Without insurance, the photographer would have to pay for the replacement of the equipment and face time if they are unable to work because the equipment was stolen. This is just one example of the many situations where small business insurance can be helpful.

  • Required by law

Did you know that insurance for your business could be required by law? You may need to show proof of insurance if you have a lease, a loan, or a rental property for your company.

It is smart to insure your company regardless of whether it is required by law. Your state might require you to do so in cases like liquor liability or dram shop laws. Liquor liability insurance is mandatory for restaurant owners who sell alcohol.

You may need to have insurance if you rent space from landlords. A landlord or organizer may require you to add them to your insurance policy. Your policy will also extend coverage to them. It is a common practice for landlords you list them as extra insured.

  • Provides peace of mind

There are many reasons to be stressed when running your business. Financial responsibility shouldn’t be one.

You have many responsibilities when running a small business. From payroll to daily operations to dealing with customers, there are many. Insurance for small businesses can give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about the potential consequences of any claims and can instead focus on the pleasure your company brings its customers.

Insurance for small-business owners

The subject of business insurance can be confusing due to the confusing terminology. Continue reading to learn more about insurance for small businesses.

General Liability Insurance

Protect your business against third-party injury and property damage claims. These claims could affect your day to day business operations. Common claims include a customer injuring themselves by tripping on your equipment.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Your business tools and equipment should be covered. This can be your equipment if you’re a photographer. Your deep fryers and ovens can be included if you’re a food truck. The limitations will vary depending on the type of business.

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Product Liability Insurance

This insurance is for food-related businesses. This insurance will protect your business against the costs of any claims arising from a customer becoming ill from the food you prepared.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance is a great addition to your small business insurance policy if you have employees. Your state may require it.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It is important to include your vehicle use in your insurance policy. This includes delivery or food trucks.

Liquor Liability Insurance

If your business sells or supplies alcohol, it is essential to have insurance. Even state laws governing dram shops require it. Insurance can help you avoid the high cost of making a claim. If you don’t have insurance, these alcohol-related lawsuits can easily cost thousands in out-of pocket costs.

Premises Damage Rented Insurance

Protect your business from any claims arising from damage to a rented property. This could be a commercial kitchen, photography studio, or space you rent to your business. If you rent your business space, this coverage is crucial to your small business insurance policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This is a great addition to your insurance policy. Cybercrime is on the rise so it is crucial to take steps to protect your company. This coverage should be included if you store data online via a tablet, smartphone, or mobile device.

The best places to buy small-business insurance

Small business insurance is available in many forms. It’s important to research the options and choose a company that offers the coverage you need.

Get small business insurance

Small business owners face many challenges. Insurance doesn’t have to be one of them. You can save time, money, stress, and effort by insuring your business. It gives you peace of mind, and protects and enhances your professionalism in your industry.

Don’t wait too long before it’s too late. You will be happy to find the right small business insurance to meet your needs.

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