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How to write a winning product design brief

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Never underestimate the power of an excellently written product design and development brief.

This brief is one of the essential elements that must be correct because it informs the entire product design process.

The product design brief is not a summary that sets out technical details; it simply describes the product goals and the overall vision.

This section of this product design guide will share the main tips to help you write the best product design brief.

Reach an agreement on what the goals are.

The product design process will be seamless if your team and the product designer are in agreement about what you are trying to achieve.

All parties involed must be on the same page and understand the project’s vision and the agreed steps to achieve it.


A design manager should always be responsible for writing reports, but involving all participants and informing them is vital for his overall success.

A product design brief must be concise.

Just because a document is essential doesn’t mean it has to be very long. If it is short, simple, and straightforward, it means that it can be used as it was intended; to inform the design process.

A document that contains endless reference information or uses too complex a language is not suitable for this purpose. 2-3 pages are the ideal length for a brief description of the product design.

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Plan and map the journey of your product

Your product design brief is a valuable document that acts as a project map that you can use to build a route to production.

Spending quality time at this stage of the project will help you gain clarity; it will serve you well in the future and save you from spending more money on further changes.

Separate Project Management

Project management is concerned with short-term practical aspects of the process. A brief description of the product design should be strictly describing the long-term intentions of the product.

This document will support the project in the right direction and ensure that it remains true to its original purposes. This is why it is best to use this document right at the testing stage.

Determine What The Product Will Do

A product design and development brief is a brief description of what the product will do, what are the goals?

This is not an opportunity to study the details or find solutions. For instance, when it comes to materials, use a short description to explain the material’s properties, such as strength or lightweight.

You don’t need to offer materials; this is the work of the design team.

Be ready to make changes.

The product design summary is a working document and should be updated throughout the project.

During the process, information will appear that you will not have access to at the beginning. For the summary to remain relevant and practical, it must be updated.

When you sit down to write a product design brief, you will recognize the gaps in your knowledge; when you do, do not be afraid to highlight them and ask open-ended questions, which can be answered later when you have the correct data.

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If you follow the above product design tips, then your brief will provide an informative and clear guide as your product goes through the production and testing process. Realize its great value.

Many products failed because there was no time invested in the brief at an early stage.

Don’t let yourself be one of them and give yourself the best chance of success by preparing a good design brief.


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