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How to Write a Winner Announcement Email

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Healthy competitions motivate individuals to perform at their highest levels. People grow more curious, which leads them to learn more. They become capable of doing their own research and learning to collaborate with others if they are compelled to compete. 

In this way, individuals are encouraged to go above and beyond what is expected of them because of contests. Announcing a winner is also a task that should be done properly. As a winner announcement email is a formal form of correspondence, its length is restricted while still expressing heartfelt joy for the winner. 

On the other hand, it must inspire the other players as well. Everything, from the prize list to the procedure for collecting rewards, must be presented in a concise and understandable way. The letter must be effectively written; thus, choosing the appropriate language is important.  

In order to write a proper winner announcement email, we have elaborated on the things you need to consider in our article below. 

Things You Should Consider While Writing A Winner Announcement Email

Emails that announce a winner should be professional and not contain unnecessary information or ads. They should be created in a certain way to propagate the company’s skills in a positive light. Accurately addressing the points mentioned below is essential if you want your email to accomplish its stated goals.

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Positive Tone of Voice 

The newsletter should have an optimistic tone of voice. It should rotate around Congratulating the winner and conveying heartfelt wishes. The words should be uplifting and enthusiastic, which positively impacts the recipient. 

High Clarity 

Emails are typically skimmed; therefore, it’s important that your message is comprehended easily. Try to avoid descriptive language and instead stick to basic, straightforward terms. Avoid using ambiguous language or avoiding clear answers. 

You need to ensure that all individuals understand what you’re saying. The information you intended should be clear to the reader without too much effort from them.

Carefully Constructed Email Template and Subject Line 

Another important aspect of a winner announcement email is to use the correct template and proper subject line. The template should be proportionate and well-organized, with the subject line clear and bold straight in sight. It should not distract from the main point and explain the purpose of the email accurately. 

To easily customize your template for a winner announcement email, we suggest you Discover the Stripo templates from their website. Stripo is simply offering outstanding layouts and the ability to design your own templates. Their subject lines with ready-to-use templates are precise and effective, which is excellent. 

Encouraging Words For The Participants 

Another important aspect to consider while writing this type of email is always to consider all the participants. Write a few words of encouragement and let them know you appreciate their contest participation. This shows credibility towards your business and allows people to participate in future contests as well. 

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Detail Oriented 

Even though it is preferred that the email announcing the results be brief, it is imperative that all relevant information be incorporated into the letter. The competition announcement email should contain all details, including the winner’s number and all their available personal information, the procedure to get the prize, the components of the prize, etc. 

Concise Text Body 

Try to condense the essentials of the announcement email down to around 100 words which are ideal. There is no need to fluff the text body. Long phrases are generally not read by most users. Try to keep the message brief and easy to comprehend. It should only take a short time for users to go through the email and get to a conclusion. 


The competition, which is for constructive purposes, encourages individuals to participate in activities. And announcing a winner through an email is a great way to let them know of their victory. However, these emails should be professional and concise. 

It should have the correct subject line as well as an engaging template that can be used from Stripo’s collection of email templates. By now, you should have a good grasp of the proper method of an award announcement email. Our article contains all the requirements and prerequisites required for this in great depth.

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