Live Webinar, Promote Your Small Business

How to Use Live Webinar to Promote Your Small Business


Promoting your business via an live webinar is one of the proven methods of increasing the awareness of your small business.

In this post, we will share tips on how to promote your small business using Live webinar.

And as a small business owner, you can think about various aspects that can help you increase the reach, number of potential customers and sales of your business, and then think about a business webinar as an option.

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Currently, webinars have become a highly effective tool for communicating with the target audience.

In this technology-driven era, live webinar platforms provide businesses and small business owners with the opportunity to interact with both existing and potential customers effectively.

How to use Live webinar to Promote your Small Business

Below are some of the best interactive steps that will help you promote your small business through a webinar.

  1. High-quality communication

The reasons why excellent and high-quality interaction is essential when conducting a webinar are apparent.

Therefore, before you start the webinar, ensure proper interaction between you and the audience. There are many obstacles, such as network problems, poor connection, weather problems, etc. However, to succeed, you need to consider the possible challenges and find ways around them.

  1. Choose the right platform

Moving on to the tools of an live webinar, you can use a lot. However, it would be helpful to choose a tool with less technical complexity, tools everyone could use without hassles and effectively. In this case, you can select some of the best tools for live webinars.

If your audience is less than 250-500 people, you can continue working with webinar platforms in social networks, such as Google meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. While if people are more focused on four-digit numeric values, the best option is to work with webinar software such as Easy Webinar, Webinar Jam, YouTube lives, etc.

  1. Select the appropriate topic
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Instead of choosing a general topic, you can select a topic that is relevant to your business. And you can connect this with your audience. For example, being a small business, you can create a webinar on affiliate marketing and teach something about it.

In the later part of your webinar, you can encourage the audience to join you as a partner. Thanks to this, both sides benefit.

With a reasonable offer for partners, you can get the help of/from partners and increase your sales. Ultimately, your small business will grow significantly.

  1. Participate in email marketing

When a participant registers for your webinar, be sure to remind him about it more often. To do this, you can connect to them via an email newsletter and send a confirmation email after registration. Just a few days before that, you can send a short note (reminder) about the webinar. Just before the start of the seminar, perhaps an hour before this time, you can share an invitation link.

At the beginning of the mail, you can introduce yourself, and there you will get free advertising and brand awareness.

  1. Keep your audience engaged

During the live webinar, make sure that your participants are not bored. To cope with this, you need to attract the attention of the audience. In order to achieve this goal, it is effective to conduct some games, fun classes, or activities while the webinar is on. This small exercise will have a positive impact on the minds of the participants, as well as allow them to relax and enjoy the event.

  1. Promote your webinar
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It may sound a little different. But, oh, yes! It is also important. If you want to promote your business with a webinar, you may also need to create awareness for your webinar. To do this, you take advantage of social networks.

Promote the latest seminars on your social networks and the main page of your website. You also need to develop the right digital marketing strategy, use the right keywords and other free advertising options on the internet.

  1. Provide a free brochure or book

At the end of the webinar, you can share an eBook or brochure with all the participants. The book should be relevant to what you discussed throughout the seminar.

Most people always want to have a reference and a detailed reference material on the topic under discussion. Indeed, if you can work on this step, you will promote your business at a high level.

On some pages, you can advertise your products and services. You can specify your contact details and everything related to your business. For some reason, it looks like free advertising.

  1. Conversations with guests

Here, a conversation with guests means you can make an appointment with guest and offer free consultation.

Guest will tell you about their challenges and you can tell them how your business can solve it.

You can also refer them to other businesses and earn referral commission. If you can invest a small amount, you can use this step. Otherwise, you can skip it. But this is one of the most effective ways to promote your webinar and business because, in the end, you will get a good result from this method.

  1. Offer discounts and bonuses
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During the seminar, being a service or product provider, you can offer them rewards and offers on your latest products or discount on services.

However, you can offer them a coupon code and make the sale limited in time. In this case, you will get high traffic, and your sales will increase due to higher promotion during this short period of time.

  1. Question session

In the end, you can hold a session where you can solve the participant’s request. Doing it will make your webinar more effective and informative. The purpose of the participation of different people in your business seminar will be satisfied. Thanks to this, you have become one of such popular businesses with good interaction with customers.

You can make it in such way that only those who participate in the webinar till the end and are active in the question session can be eligible for the free consultation mentioned in number eight above.

Final thoughts

Following all the above ten methods, you can easily promote your small business with the help of a live webinar. All you need do is to plan it well and start.

Live Webinars are more effective if your business have a beautifully designed website web landing pages relevant to the topics being discussed.

In case your business doesn’t have a website yet, Many small business owners in Nigeria trust Tycoon Concept for building small business websites. Click here to discus your project with them.


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