How to Quickly Grow Your Reach With Link Building Strategies

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In the past, link building primarily focused on quantity and not on quality. But today, it is a different ballgame altogether. When you are building a link building strategy, it is crucial to know that it is not an instant process when done right. Moreover, it is not easy, as multiple strategies vary in expertise, efficiency, and required resources. If you are new to link building, you must acquire some insights on the essential things to do, the things to avoid, and the best strategies available. In this article, let us explore more about link building, its importance, and strategies to grow your reach instantly.

As search engines like Google employ links to scour the web and assess the authority and relevancy of a website, link development is crucial for SEO in the UK. A website’s likelihood of being seen as a reliable and authoritative source of information increases with the number of high-quality links pointing at it, which may help it rank higher in search results. Links can also direct referral traffic to a website, broadening its audience and raising its profile. An effective SEO plan must include link building because it can raise a website’s search engine rankings and increase traffic to the site.

Each link type has a particular value when it comes to link building, and there are many different sorts of links that may be employed for SEO.

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Dofollow links: Links that “pass on link juice” or “pass on link authority” to the connected website are known as dofollow links. As they have the potential to raise search engine ranks and increase referral traffic, they are the most beneficial sort of links for SEO.

Nofollow links: Links with no link authority or link juice are known as nofollow links. When pointing to external websites whose material might not be dependable or trustworthy, they are frequently employed. Although they are less useful for SEO, they can nonetheless send visitors to a website through referrals.

Internal links: These are links that lead to different web sites on the same domain. They assist consumers in navigating websites and may also aid search engines in comprehending a site’s layout and contents.

Backlinks: These are links pointing from one website to another. They are regarded as a “vote of confidence” in the calibre of a website’s content and are one of the most significant criteria in determining a website’s search engine rankings.

Outbound links: Outbound links are those links that lead to other websites. They can also generate referral traffic and aid in building the website’s authority.

Anchor text links: Links with a specific word or phrase as the clickable text are known as “anchor text” links. They can also help search engines understand the topic of the content being linked to and give context for the link.

Guest posting

Even though each respondent listed several of their favourite tactics, blogger outreach topped the list. Most specialists vouch it as one of the most effective methods for growing a portfolio of backlinks. By posting a link to someone else’s blog as part of your link-building strategy, guest blogging helps you increase the visibility of your website there.

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If the blog’s owner agrees, you can use the nofollow attribute to include the links either in the text body or the “About the Author” section. You can then link to that blog from your website so that the blogger can increase the visibility of their own blog,

Social media backlinking

This approach performs well when it comes to promoting your brand or portraying your expertise. By creating a personal profile and devoted communities, you may significantly enhance your brand positioning and ability to gain trust.

It works well when you want to boost brand recognition and encourage consumers to learn more about you. If you do not already have an account, you now have a compelling incentive to sign up. But keep in mind that this tactic is more about increasing sponsored visitors than expanding a backlink profile.

Collaboration with opinion leaders

Reviews, endorsements, or interviews with well-known members of your audience might help you build your backlink profile and raise your brand’s visibility.

By conducting interviews, AMAs, assembling brand champions, and other professional activities, you can include them in the marketing of your brand. This strategy will surely help your brand develop over the long term and build strong relationships with its customers.

Skyscraper technique

The most mysterious yet successful tactic is to take popular content with plenty of backlinks and improve it. But it is not as easy as it seems. You must conduct thorough research on the market niche for the content you are creating to use this method.

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Consider the text’s structure, visual components, readability, and keyword density to find all the errors and omissions in the current content aimed at your audience. Produce something that performs better than your competitors’.

Business directories and local citations

Placement in business directories is essential if you own a company that serves a specific market or offers services in your neighbourhood. This method improves your search rating since it sends you clients who have already visited you for a specific purpose, even though you can only place nofollow links on these websites.

In these directories, you can include information about your business, contacts, an address, and a link to your website. Examples of these directories include Yelp, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, etc.


There are numerous techniques to improve your traffic and rating. Building a backlink portfolio is by far the oldest and most popular method of achieving this goal. Your challenge is not building links but earning natural and quality links. Contact a reputable link building company to strategize the task and instantly expand your reach.

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