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How to Propel Your Business With a Proper Website Design

A business website works as the brick-and-mortar store’s storefront. Unassuming storefronts often get snubbed, despite showcasing a wide variety of products. On the other hand, bold and captivating storefronts invite customers in, even those that aren’t interested or familiar with your products. A proper and effective website design by an Atlanta web design company should capture the effect of the latter.

And when talking about what must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business, effective web page design should be one of the top priorities. Looking at the numbers, effective website designs ensure an average global conversion rate of 4%.

This may seem inconsequential for established brands. But for smaller brands with less than 30-page visitors in a day, this rate may lead to an exponential growth of their current sales.

If you want to boost your website performance, here are some ways proper website design can propel your business.

1.   Say NO to Clutter and Messy Designs

Clean and sleek-looking website designs appeal to the common consumers. Clutter-free websites are easier to deal with. They are easy on the eyes, and navigation is also not a problem. If you are currently obsessed with the idea that every essential element should be above the fold, there are proper placements for each to avoid clutter.

Above anything else, a clutter-free web design also pertains to the smart use of negative space. Using negative or white space effectively drives attention to the vital parts of the website, may it be the call to action signs, text, or video ads.

This strategy may be one of the oldest tricks in the book of web design but ask any web design agency. They are probably practicing the same thing.

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And if you want to integrate the best web design practices on your corporate website, it’s best to get in touch with the professionals. Find the ones that are closest to you so that communication wouldn’t be an issue. Say you’re based in New York, a simple Google search of “web design agency NYC” will narrow down your choices instantly.

Aside from taking advantage of negative space, another element that creates a sleek web design is a standard format.

You may ask why opting for a standard format is ideal for business websites. Here’s why. Users interact with business websites to know more about the company and their offerings. They are not there to waste time and scroll around. Dealing with an already familiar interface increases user satisfaction and will imprint a positive impact on them.

2.   Mind the Placement of CTA

The CTA (call to action) buttons and signs are one of the most important elements on a website for a business. This feature is key to conversion.

WordPress says that the best and most traditional place for a CTA is the one above the “fold”. These elements are visible immediately after the website loads. These elements are often used by the log-in or purchase now buttons.

This isn’t the only ideal placement. It is recommended to incorporate it with blog posts. To maximize conversion, ensure that you include CTAs in your blog posts. The CTA should be placed at the end for short-form blogs that are between 1,000 and 1,500 words. It will appear as the first exchange between you, the reader.

If your blog posts are long, such as pillar posts, you can insert the CTA button at the end of the post. This will break up the monotony of your text and make the button more enjoyable than annoying.

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3.   Establish Authority

Build the authority of your site by appearing authoritative at first glance. Your choice of web-safe font style, size, colour palette, and placement of media will increase the value of your website without consistent effort.

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Research about the types of font that will go well with your branding.

Decide which font style best represents you. If you feel that a custom font is the best way to communicate your brand, then go ahead. Be mindful of its use. For text blocks, always choose a web-safe font that is easily readable.

The colour palette is also a vital design element.

No one will click on that exit button faster than a client who is annoyed by the colours of your website. Too loud colours that aren’t associated with your brand will drive away clients immediately. Dull colours, on the other hand, are too common among several brands. It doesn’t create a link of recognition.

Lastly, one of the main elements that build your brand’s authority is the content.

No matter how long or short your text, it should always contain sound and factual information. Clients will continue to return to your site because of these factual posts.

Don’t forget to use the best SEO practices in your posts. Do extensive keyword research to ensure that your content reaches the right audience.

4.   Ad Placement

Most small business owners mull over if their business websites need ad placements. The simple answer is yes, but not right away.

As per the research done by Ezoic, there are two factors to consider before integrating ads on your website. These are the rate of content publication and the rate of organic visitors. If the average rate of both is satisfied, it links to a positive rise in business revenue.

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Aside from that, displaying a ton of ads drive away first-time page visitors, especially mobile users. Disruptive ad placements that get in the way of blogs and other essential elements are major design turn-offs.

But, once you do integrate ads on your website, the standard rule is to keep them on the banners. They can be either at the very top or at the very end of the web page where they can’t disrupt the viewing experience of the site visitors.

Key Takeaways

Even before knowing more about your brand, potential clients get to know you first through your website. As such, proper website design plays a much larger role in reaching out to your target market.

It’s always beneficial to have a website design that will appeal to your target and a larger mass base. Standard website formats will never be out-of-style, but make sure to be smart about your other design choices too. When in doubt, it’s better to reach out to professionals who can deliver the best output bearing your brand.

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