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Really, it’s very painful to have toiled and laboured in authoring a book only to get it littered all over the place by some persons who derive joy in reaping where they didn’t sow.

But one thing I strongly believe is that to every problem, there must be a solution.

I guess you also believe that too.


That’s why I want to share in this post how you can prevent your ebook from being stolen.


I know some of you may be wondering,

“For real? Is it really possible to do that?”

Well, although there may be no 100% proof for stopping your book from being stolen but there are ways you can prevent it, few of which are as follows:

1) Creating your book on Canva app. Our amiable VC Edirin Edewor has talked about it before now, and even workbook and ebook covers.

To begin, choose the A4 document size, copy and paste from your Word doc, and then watermark it with your name.

Once you’re done, download it as a PDF copy.

In fact, my first ebook (a free one was designed using Canva).

Creating an ebook on Canva affords you the privilege of having it in a PDF format which cannot easily be converted for alterations (if at all it can).

This way, no one can just claim your book because your signature (i.e your watermark) is there.

If they eventually decide to use it as a bonus for their online classes (which they must have the author’s permission), they’re only helping to promote your name and this way, some people may still bypass them and go searching for you in order to connect with you and get more knowledge.

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2) Passwording your ebook on sites like smallpdf(dot)com can also help. I’ve once had the opportunity of buying a passworded ebook before.

After making payment, I couldn’t access the book until the owner supplied me with the password and each time I need to read it, I receive an automatic prompt to put in the required password.

So, it’s kind of a way too.


Smallpdf.com is accessible on both smartphones and laptops so, you can adopt this method too, if you so desire.

3) Uploading/hosting/publishing your book on trusted sites like Amazon, (an international site).

You can also publish on Nigerian sites like Okadabooks, Kobocourse, etc.

In fact, the latest which I know of is Bookney app (founded just few weeks ago by two beàutiful Nigerian ladies Esther Enewerome Odafe and Precious Osikha on this platform).

It was because of this bruhaha that they came together to create it.

So, you can take advantage of it as well.

These are just a few points I have to share for now.

So, which of them did you know before?

And which one do you want to start implementing?

Let me also know in the comment section if you have additional points. Thank you.

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