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How to optimize your Instagram Profile to sell more on Instagram Shopping


Is the first place you go on Instagram to learn more about a brand you’re interested in is the company or product’s Instagram profile?

According to a 2021 Opinion Box poll, 82% of respondents stated they follow firms on Instagram, and 47% like to follow and like branded material. So, we’re willing to guess the answer was yes.

Instagram is becoming an increasingly important component of the consumer’s purchase journey, as evidenced by the fact that this behavior is growing more common in our daily lives. Therefore, if you want your brand to sell effectively and sell more, you must know how to invest in the social network’s resources.

So, if all you needed were a few pointers on how to go about doing this organically while also saving money by not using paid media, you’ve come to the correct spot!

Even if you don’t have time to read everything right once, bookmark this page so you can come back to it later and see what you’ve already accomplished and what you still have to do!

  • Optimize your profile and get it ready to be noticed on Instagram Shopping • Set up a store and use the greatest elements of the Store feature • Create content to bring customers to your products and make more sales! Throughout the book, we’ll discuss how to:

To begin, here are the fundamentals: have a profile for your business

You can skip this section if your account is already set to “business mode.” Then get to work on it straight immediately! This is an easy process, just follow along with the instructions below:

To switch to a business account, go to the menu in the upper right corner of your screen and select Profile > Account > Switch to a business account.

The first thing you should do is pick a category for your account.

Alternatively, you can choose to not connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Instagram will establish an unowned profile for you if you do not connect your Facebook account. You should, of course, aim to create a well-organized, personal Facebook profile with your face on it, if possible.

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Make your Instagram profile more discoverable by optimizing it.

For your business to succeed, you must first ensure to have a good range of organic Instagram growth, and your brand is easily recognized and makes a strong first impression, as well as offering all of the necessary information to the customer right away.

Here’s a checklist to assist you in attracting and receiving new followers on your profile:

The following is my photo as a user profile:

It’s important to check that the image accurately represents your business, and that image parts can be seen even at a reduced scale. For personal brands, a clean photo (without any text) will suffice.

Username (without the apostrophe):

Make it easy for people to remember by choosing a name that is both straightforward and memorable. Instead of using your brand name, consider using an add-on that makes things simpler for the user while also making it easier to find you.

The terms “restaurant” or “shop,” for example, can be fantastic compliments to your business’s Instagram profile and also help your account be found simply when looking for it on Instagram. We understand how difficult it might be to have to deal with a large number of Instagram users who are unable to post.

Be confident in your abilities, but remember that the possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild. The first impression a user gets from a brand can be greatly influenced by their username!

Instead of including the brand or product name in the display name, it could be an expansion of the username to draw attention to a particular market or brand differentiation.

Think of a search word that others may use to find you on Instagram if they were looking for you. Men’s apparel, for example, or “healthy food/fitness,” for example.


It’s vital to talk about the company’s mission and include further details in your bio because it’s the most in-depth description of your service, product, and/or brand.
You can also include a powerful CTA (Call To Action) at the end of your description, urging readers to take action.
“Place your order,” “Buy here,” “Access,” “View Our Products,” etc., are examples of such phrases.

And if you are not sure what information to add or put into your Instagram bio that will captivate the users attention, then that is not a problem as you can get Instagram bio ideas perfect for your account.

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In the bio, you’ll find a link to this article.

In the bio, you’ll find the infamous link. Remember to drive your followers to the important website, such as a purchasing site, registration page, or a direct link to an offer you’re running.

Even if you’re only adding a single link to your post, you may make a simple and compact list of all of them using services like comprarseguidoresportugal free Linklist.

News portals, musicians, and retailers have all discovered innovative methods to turn their links on Linklist into a new kind of community area.

Organize your shop and make use of what Instagram Shopping has to offer

Instagram Shopping, which was launched in 2018, provided businesses and consumers with a significant advantage by lowering the barrier between users, products, and the conversion into purchases, which can already occur within the platform itself, whether through direct messaging (DM) or Instagram Checkout (not yet available in Portugal).

The same as in “real world” stores, businesses who set up an Instagram Shopping Store can tag their products with names and prices that are already included in the tags.

Tagging allows you to link the sale of a physical product or service to the publications you currently make available on Instagram through the use of a single platform.

Any qualified content producer company or account (with at least one registered product) can use the price tags to drive customers to their site so they can make a purchase, according to the social network. Or, if Instagram Checkout is enabled on the account, to finish the transaction within the app itself.

As soon as a company signs up for Instagram Shopping, they will be notified and can begin tagging products immediately. if a business doesn’t get approved, Instagram will explain why and provide instructions on how to appeal the decision.

Increase your sales on Instagram by utilizing the options at your disposal.

Several new Instagram features and improvements will be released in 2020, all of which will have a direct impact on consumers’ purchasing experiences and be integrated with Instagram Shopping. In this section, we’ll go through the most important ones and how to leverage them to boost your Instagram revenue:


Instagram’s big bet for 2021 is its Reels feature, which will debut in 2020, with its navigation icons prominently shown where the previous icons were used to publish new posts and get notifications.

However, the success of Reels and Shopping on Facebook wasn’t limited to the move of the symbols themselves. Updates like Reels’ product tagging feature are also being merged into the two services. Brands can use this “label” to mark their items, or influencers can use it to mark what they use or promote.

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That is to say, with these qualities and the enormous popularity that Reels has already gained, this is a wonderful opportunity to close connections between businesses and influencers and think of actions through Reels in which you can insert your goods.


It’s no surprise that Stories are one of the most effective content types for connecting brands with their customers and increasing engagement with stickers. You can also tag products, so make good use of them when creating content and promoting your Instagram Store.

Instead of just reposting images of the products, consider creating content that will draw people in and pique their curiosity in making a purchase. If you want to announce the arrival of a new collection or the replenishment of a popular item, you may use countdowns to do so.

You can also show photographs of different skin tones wearing the same lipstick if you own a cosmetics line. Consider making a video in the changing room demonstrating how the garment fits, the fabric is created, or what combinations are possible if your company sells clothing.

Always keep in mind that stories are the perfect medium for delving deeply into the human experience. Make publications based on how your business fits into the daily lives of your audience.

Use calls to action to entice consumers to explore more of your Instagram Shopping profile when adding your product label. You may say, “These pants are also available in three other colors; to see the full range, please click on the label.”


Instagram is continuously working to improve the platform and the in-app purchase features, so both should receive additional upgrades in the future to make the user’s journey easier and help businesses make more sales.

Keeping up with industry news and knowing how to use it effectively in your profile is key. You must know your target well and know click here will help your products be discovered more readily. So, here’s our advice: test, innovate in content, and then test again.


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