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How to Launch an Anonymous Website or Anonymous Blog

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Are you looking for a web hosting provider that is entirely anonymous? What kind of hosting provider will allow you to launch an anonymous website or an anonymous blog? Well, this article will quickly assist you with that. We have thoroughly examined every aspect that an anonymous hosting provider should offer.

The question of why you require anonymous hosting may have more than one answer. The most common situation is when you’re attempting to share a particular type of content but also seeking to dodge government censorship or prohibitions. However, based on all surveillance and monitoring practices, you may not require a reason and prefer to remain anonymous.

Finding 100% anonymous hosting shouldn’t be that difficult. The main characteristics of truly anonymous hosting providers are the anonymous sign-up process (no need to provide personal details) and accepting only cryptocurrency.

These are the characteristics that will help you make the right choice:

  • The level of anonymity: The overall anonymity of requested, monitored or tracked personal and financial information. A 100% anonymous hosting provider requires only an email. No other verification or details are required for registration.
  • Cryptocurrencies: A truly anonymous hosting service accepts only cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency payments are way more anonymous than standard payment methods.  
  • Locations of the servers: These are the places where the servers are actually situated. The preferred is an offshore hosting service. Thanks to different offshore jurisdictions, offshore hosting can offer less strict hosting rules and is often resistant to takedown notices.  
  • Manageability: Ideal is anonymous hosting with full admin rights. Thanks to root access, you can tune your anonymous server to match your needs precisely. It also allows you to install any compatible OS. 
  • Scaleability: A good anonymous hosting provider offers an instant way to upgrade your anonymous server’s performance and daily backups and snapshots for easy data recovery. 
  • Security: Anonymous hosting providers should also offer additional security measures, including DDoS protection and physical server security. Regular maintenance and server security upgrades are also standard features of a reliable hosting provider. 
  • Server performance: this includes server speed, available bandwidth, and uptime. 99.9 % uptime means there are no server downtimes. 
  • Price: No one chooses expensive servers as their first option. A good anonymous hosting provider should also have friendly prices. The cheapest hosting plan should cost at most 10 USD per month. 
  • Experience and User Reviews: The control panel should be user-friendly, and a reliable anonymous hosting provider should have positive user feedback. 
  • Support: Swift and prompt support service is also a must-have feature of a truly professional hosting provider. It doesn’t have to be an instant chat, but you should get a response within 24 hours. 
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For what purposes is anonymous hosting best?

Any application (where the owner’s anonymity is necessary) can be hosted on an anonymous server, including an anonymous website, anonymous blogs, and other applications.

 Anonymous website is the website where it is impossible to determine who the operator is. The anonymous server hosting the anonymous website only requires an email address and accepts cryptocurrency payments. A private domain registrar is frequently used to register the domain name. Therefore, it is hard to identify the owner using conventional techniques, such as a domain lookup or an IP address.

Anonymous online access

The number of levels of security you place between yourself and your project will determine how anonymous your website will be. Therefore, it’s crucial to log in to your online project anonymously. 

Use a VPN and the Tor browser whenever possible if you are inexperienced with Tails OS. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is software that helps secure your access to the internet by establishing a secure and private tunnel. VPNs protect you from censorship, surveillance, IP geolocation, and monitoring.

Installing the Tor browser on your PC gives you the option of anonymous web browsing. Your data is protected with robust encryption every time you send or receive it over the internet. The public internet can only be accessed by traffic that has been encrypted before passing through a Tor node.

The Tails is an anonymous operating system that can be mounted to any PC from a DVD or USB disk. Fundamentally speaking, Tails is a version of Linux that has been anonymity-optimized. The Tails stands out because, among the privacy and encryption technologies it contains, it anonymizes internet traffic by passing it through a global network of volunteer-run computers. 

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 Finding the best anonymous hosting provider based on the above should be easy. If you’d like to keep your online project truly anonymous, be aware of how you access your anonymous hosting. Always use the Tor browser and VPN, or Tails OS, which is your best option. 

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