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How to Keep Your Non-Slip Shoes in Top Condition

If you’ve got a job that requires being on your feet all day, a pair of shoes that are comfortable and slip resistant can make a huge difference to your shift. From nurses in hospitals to back-of-house staff in hospitality, there are plenty of professions that need that extra support and stability while they work. Non-slip shoes give workers the confidence to go about their day without worrying about falling over due to slippery surfaces and dangerous spills. Here are a few top tips to help you preserve non-slip shoes and keep them in top condition.

Only Wear Your Non-Slip Shoes When You Need Them

Non-slip shoes purchased especially for work should only be used when you’re on the job. That means putting them on only when you reach the workplace and replacing them with another pair of shoes when you finish your shift. Any unnecessary mileage you get out of your slip-resistant shoes means that you will wear them down more quickly. In turn, you may need to clean them more often or replace them more frequently.

Step Away from the Washing Machine

While some shoes might survive a spin in the washing machine, you should keep your non-slip shoes away from excess heat. High heat exposure could change the shape of your shoes, and cause parts of them to shrink. Not only will this result in discomfort when you walk around in your shoes, but it will also impair their non-slip nature of them.  Throwing them in a washing machine in a hot setting can even melt the glue that keeps the shoes together and cause various parts to separate.


Just Use Soap and Water

If your non-slip shoes are dirty, simply hand-washing the exterior of your shoes with soap and warm water will do the trick. Try not to get the rest of your shoes too wet. Once cleaned, use a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe down your shoes.

Invest in a Bristled Shoe Brush

Shoe and boot brushes can be found in fancy hotels to help guests look their best before they head out. They also stop guests from treading in mud from outside. With this in mind, investing in a bristled shoe brush can help you keep your footwear clean in a cinch. Simply put your shoes on, slip your foot inside the brush, and move your foot back and forth to remove debris. If you can’t find one of these fantastic inventions, or you don’t want to splash out, a handheld brush with stiff bristles, or even a simple dish brush, can help you remove grime from your non-slip shoes.

Keep Non-Slip Shoes Clean with a Robust Doormat

A doormat made with tough, robust materials can help keep your non-slip shoes clean. Materials like coir fiber can help dislodge debris from the soles of your shoes. Wiping your feet on these door mats will reduce the number of times you need to clean your slip-resistant shoes. Grip mats designed with a  ridged surface can also do the job.

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