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How to Get Instagram Followers: Top Tips and Tricks for 2023

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There’s no secret that Instagram is now one of the most popular social networks for posting and viewing content. According to the survey, about 70% of users have used this social network at least once to purchase or search for goods and services. This makes promotion on Instagram one of the most effective methods for increasing audience reach for any business. That is why both large and small companies regularly order advertising on Instagram and use promotion services and Web-based instagram bot for followers.

Promotion on Instagram is directly related to attracting followers to your account. However, this does not happen by accident. Whether users find out about your account or not depends on Instagram algorithms. If the algorithms consider that your account publishes interesting content, then your publications will appear in the recommendations of users more often.

Recommendations is a special section on Instagram where the user sees posts that match their interests. The list of posts is formed for a specific person: the algorithm automatically analyzes what the Instagram user likes, and then shows similar posts.

Getting into this section is one of the goals of the author on Instagram. The fact is that this is a free profile promotion method that provides organic traffic.

Instagram offers 2 types of recommendations:

  • Interesting publications. They are displayed in the “Interesting” section. Unlike the feed, it shows videos and photos of people you don’t follow.
  • Interesting accounts. This is a list of Instagram profiles that you are offered to follow. For example, if you are subscribed to 5 accounts of book publishers, then the recommendations will offer similar profiles: pages of other publishers and book bloggers.

In this article, we will share with you tips on how you can get recommended more often, which will allow you to significantly increase the growth of followers on your Instagram account. However, to begin with, let’s figure out how, after all, recommendations are formed.

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On what basis are recommendations formed?

Recommendations for posts and accounts are generated automatically. For this, a special algorithm is used. It considers various factors and signals that affect which photos, videos, and stories a particular user will see.

The administration of the social network does not disclose the secrets of the algorithm. But Internet marketers have understood the principle of how recommendations are formed.

Instagram analyzes the accounts with which the user interacted: liked, subscribed, commented, and saved posts. After that, the algorithm studies the similarity between profiles and publications: topics, hashtags, and keywords in the text. All publications are combined into one pool and then filtered for violations.

In the next stage, the algorithm selects 500 relevant posts that the user might like. Of these 500 posts, only 25 publications later remain. These are photos, videos, and stories that the user sees for the first time when he enters the “Interesting” section.

How to get into recommendations?

Now let’s move on to the main part of the article. Let’s share tips that will help you get into the recommendations to increase the organic growth of subscribers, likes, and comments.

Use hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags under every post. They can be added in the description of the photo/video or the comments. The maximum number of tags is 30 pieces. Well-chosen hashtags increase the reach of a post.

The main rule: choose thematic and relevant hashtags. Under the photo of the sea, you do not need to insert all the popular tags that have nothing to do with the topic. It will be more difficult for the algorithm to select the target audience if there are dozens of unrelated hashtags under the post.

Try the Massfollowing and Massliking

Mass following and massliking are popular ways to promote on Instagram. You perform bulk actions – subscribe to other people, and put likes under their posts. They subscribe and like in response.

Thus, you will gain the first audience – loyal subscribers who will read your posts, comment, and like.

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This will significantly speed up the process of getting into the recommendations, which means that the organic growth of the profile will increase.

For massfollowing and massliking, we recommend Instagram bot automated software. Instagram bot automates routine actions with your profile and generates organic follower acquisition. Today, the best Instagram bot on the market is Inflact. This web-based Instagram bot is equipped with an advanced AI algorithm that allows you to achieve maximum efficiency when promoting.

Analyze Publication statistics

See the statistics of individual posts. How many people liked, commented, reposted, or saved the post. Also, look at the “Reach” indicator in the “Interesting” section.

This way you will know how many new users have seen the post. Your task is to understand what kind of content your target audience likes.

To do this, survey subscribers, and ask them which posts they like the most. You can, for example, create a separate post with a question – let the audience write an opinion in the comments.

Find “top” competitors on your subject, and look in the “Interesting” section. See which posts related to your activity get the most likes and comments.

Perhaps there is some interesting challenge going on right now, in which you can take part. Or there is a newsbreak about which you can make a separate post with a detailed opinion.

Focus on diverse content

Don’t focus on just one type of post. Diversify your content: post photos, videos, and stories. This will increase the organic reach of posts and increase the number of subscribers.

It is also worth considering that videos increase audience engagement. Along with this, the likelihood of getting into the recommendations increases. Therefore, try to focus on this type of content.

Add a call to action to your posts

Add a call to action in your post description. The banalest call to action: “Like, subscribe to the profile, and write comments.” This simple trick works and increases the number of reactions and subscriptions.

Conduct competitor analysis

Don’t forget about competitor analysis. This will help you find growth points for your Instagram profile: for example, using competitive analysis, you can understand what content your target audience likes.

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Communicate with the audience

Try to answer all comments, conduct live broadcasts, and ask subscribers any questions. Your task is to increase the engagement of the audience.

The Instagram algorithm will understand that you have a “live” and interesting account, which means it will begin to actively recommend it to other users of the social network.

Keep the theme

If your account is about movies and series, then you do not need to publish posts that are not related to your topic: politics or cars. At the same time, you can write posts and record videos on related topics: for example, books or computer games.

Choose the best time to post

Again, statistics will help here. see what time posts get the most engagement. To get accurate data – experiment.

Post photos, videos, and stories every day at different times; for example, on Monday at 3 am, and on Tuesday at 5 am. This way you will know at what time the audience is most active.

Use “keys” in the text

When you write text posts on Instagram, then use thematic words. This is necessary so that the algorithm understands to which audience to show posts.

For example, in a profile about cinema, it is desirable to use thematic words: “Cinema”, and “Film”. Thanks to this, the Instagram robot will quickly select the right category for publication.


Use the described tips for your profile to get recommended on Instagram. Try to combine several schemes at the same time. This way you will noticeably increase the organic reach of publications. However, if you want to automate the process of promoting your profile, do not be afraid to seek help from Instagram bot companies. By trusting Inflact professionals, you not only get the best Instagram Bot that helps with any promotion issues. Also, you save your time and money, which will certainly help your business reach new heights.

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