Apartment For Rent In Phnom Penh

How To Find An Apartment For Rent In Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh has attracted many people because of its growing job opportunities, education sector, and lifestyle. But do you know more than 60% of the Phnom Penh population lives in an apartment?

For all those who are searching for a rental apartment, IPS Cambodia, the best real estate agent, will help you with the best listing to find an apartment for rent in Phnom Penh.

Besides this, Phnom Penh has an average cost of living, because of which you can see mixed types of people living in the city. Therefore, this blog will provide you with how to find an apartment of your budget and choice in Phnom Penh City.

Factors To Consider When Finding An Apartment For Rent In Phnom Penh


Choose a location or neighbourhood that is both safe and convenient and has places like restaurants, stores, and public transportation within easy reach. Some areas are Chamkarmon district, Districts of Daun Penh, 7 Makara and Toul Kork.

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Select a size for your apartment that meets your needs and financial plan. It should neither be small nor extra big.

Apartment For Rent


Amenities are an important thing when selecting the apartment, as some want AC rooms while others wish to have parking facilities. So choose your desired amenity wisely.


If you are a student or looking for a fresh start, opt for a fully furnished apartment or a well-maintained one. Avoid selecting flats or apartments that require major changes before shifting in.


The rental rate matters as everyone has a budget. Financially plan everything, and for a bargain, you can take help from a real estate agency.

Tips On How To Find An Apartment For Rent In Phnom Penh

Searching For An Apartment Or Hiring A Real Estate Agency

People might have a language barrier and need to know the paperwork required to rent an apartment. If that’s the case, it’s best to hire a real estate agency that can help show you all the rented apartments available under your budget and as per your preference. These agencies will not take commissions from clients but from the seller.

Choosing The Best Apartment As Per Your Budget And Preference

Phnom Penh has multiple apartments, from studios to simple bedroom and bathroom flats. Also, there is a difference between the amenities and facilities these apartments offer. Therefore, list your desired amenities and start shortlisting them per your needs.

Extra Charges For Amenities

While searching for amenities, be sure you know if this service has extra charges or if it is included in the rent. The extra charge for these amenities might burden your budget and plans. Mostly in Phnom Penh, electricity expenses are included, but it’s always right to be sure about it.

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Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Lease

Phnom Penh landlords see any lease of less than 6 months as a waste of opportunity. Therefore try to stick to a lease period and don’t pay an extra amount. If you have hired a real estate agency, then they can convince the landlord and even get negotiations for you.

Read The Lease Carefully

As you are fully unaware of the terms and conditions of the country law on rented apartments, you should read the lease document carefully. This is why most expats contact a real estate agency in Phnom Penh to do all this work on their behalf. Reputable companies like IPS Cambodia have helped many people to get saved from fraud.

Benefits Of Taking Help From A Real Estate Company In Finding An Apartment On Rent In Phnom Penh

Knowledgeable About The Rental Market

Real estate companies have a list of apartments and the current rental trend in Phnom Penh. They can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of renting a particular apartment, the cost involved, etc.,

Assisting In Searching Apartment

Real estate companies consider your budget, personal preferences, and lifestyle that will help you find an apartment as needed. You can also see apartments not listed in ads but with a real estate company.

Negotiating Rent

Real estate companies don’t charge a commission from customers but from the landlord. Therefore they help the client to get the apartment at the best rate possible by negotiating with the landlord.

Paperwork Assistance

Real estate companies are aware of fraud and the paperwork required to rent an apartment. Therefore they can help the client to get all security deposits and the necessary documents from the landlord proving you have taken the apartment on rent.

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After-Sale Services

Some reputable real estate companies provide after-sale services at any lease period. So, it can help you feel secure in any unseen future event.


Now you know that it’s pretty easy to find an apartment for rent in Phnom Penh. But this can happen only when you hire a well-known real estate agency in Phnom Penh. One such company is IPS Cambodia, which has a list of apartments, houses, condos, and villas available for rent all over Cambodia. Not only this, but they have been in this business for years, and the team has helped hundreds of people to find their dream homes.

So, don’t wait and look for apartments available for rent in Phnom Penh with the help of IPS Cambodia.

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