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Whether you call it affiliate program for beginners or referral program for beginners, this is all about getting paid commission from online retailers for traffic or sales generated from your referrals.

Creating a source of income online through affiliate programs attracts a lot of people including beginners. By using the principles for selecting the best affiliate program for beginners shared here, you can create both a small source of additional income and a good business that brings passive income.

Let’s figure out how to choose the best affiliate programs for beginners.

Many people choose this path, but in reality, only a small percentage of people manage to make money from affiliate marketing and many beginners wonder why affiliate marketing does not work.

Today I want to reveal how I choose affiliate programs for promotion. These principles are few, different, and easy to understand, so you can figure them out as well.

Let’s start immediately.


Below are 5 proven principles to guide you in choosing the best affiliate program for beginners;

1st Principle The target audience

“I want to buy a house, but I can’t. I can buy a bracelet, but I have no desire. ” – this phrase fully describes this principle. In simple terms, it means that you always need to measure the desires and capabilities of your potential customers.

If you are promoting affiliate products through a blog or mailing list, then affiliate programs should be in the same topic on which you communicate with your readers constantly or in topics that are closely related. If you advertise a product directly, then it must be consistent with the goods and services you offered.

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Otherwise, your suggestions will be like the “bracelet”, no one needs it, even if it is very good.

2nd Principle Free cheese

Obviously, most people want to get as much benefit as possible, while spending a minimum of resources, that is, the principle of “I want everything and I need to get it for free” works perfectly.

In this regard, most people do not want to spend money even on what they really need.

And in order for a person to “mature” to purchase the goods or services he needs, try to give him as much useful information as possible.

Most authors today are aware of this and modern digital products, very often, have a free introductory part “The Trial Version”.

When choosing between two options for promotion, choose the one in which the author offers something for free to try, this significantly increases sales. The same goes for various services.

What if there is a cool product, but there are no freebies for it? In this case, you have two options:

  1. Write a couple of introductory articles yourself, and then talk about the recommended product. This is not difficult if you know the product very well.
  2. Contact the author and ask him to help, for example, to give some additional lessons. If you already have a serious and loyal audience, then you can arrange an interview.

3rd Principle Recommend what you use

During the few years that I have been in business, I am increasingly convinced that the easiest way is to recommend what you use yourself. In this case, the recommendations are more sincere and the clients feel it. This principle works not only in affiliate marketing but in all types of business and sales that I have come across.

Therefore, on my blog, I always give recommendations on the use of those goods and services that I have tried on myself or about which I know in great detail.

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Try to promote such products that you bought yourself personally and can say with a clear conscience that you like them, or, alternatively, you are well acquainted with other products of the same authors and trust them.

If you yourself are not willing to pay for what you recommend, then you do not expect someone else to do it.

4th Principle – The Price Range

The link “price-quality” plays a role for any product.

When it comes to choosing a price, there cannot always be a single correct answer. Since someone wants an expensive Bentley, and someone is ready to fork out only for a WHA. When choosing a pricing tier for featured products, focus on your target audience.

If you initially communicate with serious, prepared people, then the prices can be very high (thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars). Of the training that I’ve bought, the most expensive one cost $200. But keep in mind that most people are not ready to part with that kind of money, even for a very useful thing.

The most massive and best-selling range is $50 – $100. If your audience is not exclusive, then focus on these prices, it will be very difficult to promote more expensive products.

5th Principle Long term partnership

If you want your income to be constant, and not end immediately after the release, try to choose affiliate programs for promotion that have several products in their composition.

In this case, after a while or right away, a client who bought one product on your recommendation will buy something else, and you will receive your percentage.

Also, look at how long the service remembers the transition to your affiliate link since not everyone will make a decision right away. If the leads mature in six months, can you still receive your commission?

Affiliate marketing strategies for beginners

Affiliate marketing remains one of the main approaches to make money online. It can even turn into a major source of income for your blog. Boost your affiliate marketing earning can be done by delivering relevant content and staying committed to your audience. Nonetheless, affiliates earn when a buyer shops from your link.
Below are important affiliate marketing strategies for beginners that will help you make money faster;

  • Choose a niche for your blog
  • Know your blog audience
  • Do Keyword Search
  • Publish valuable content
  • Follow SEO guidelines
  • Plan your affiliate marketing strategy with the future in mind
  • Take not of legal guidelines
  • Add affiliate disclaimers to your website
  • Choose affiliate products carefully
  • Work with reliable affiliate networks
  • Check the online review on affiliate programs
  • Try to promote products you’ve used
  • Welcome feedback from your audience
  • Try to get returning visitors
  • Use a content marketing strategy to promote your content
  • Be truthful in your review of products you are promoting
  • Always update your blog content
  • Be patient and wait for your efforts to start yielding
  • Invest in learning
  • Create a relationship with affiliate managers
  • Your content should be relevant in your chosen niche
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Of course, the level and stability of your income from affiliate programs are influenced not only by the choice of goods and services that you will promote. There are many other, even more, important factors, but using the principles that I have described will help you increase the effectiveness of your work or business.

Thanks for reading my piece, don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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