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How to Buy Laptops: 5 Things to Consider

Your laptop is your personal gadget. So, it should fit your style and needs to the fullest. It could be used for entertainment, for work or for school. 

A surprisingly high number of people buy Laptops globally and the numbers are expected to increase.

Globally, 171 million laptops will be sold in 2023, up from 166 million in 2019.

In this article on how to buy Laptops, I will assist you in making a decision about which laptop you should purchase based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

For a start, take three questions below:

  • What are the reasons you would like to purchase a laptop?
  • How do you make use of the laptop?
  • What’s your budget, and how much will you pay?

When you ask the appropriate queries, it helps narrow the options available and allows you to make an informed decision.

5 Tips on How to Buy Laptops

Here are five guidelines for purchasing laptops. It won’t be overly technical since no one likes to drown in the complexities of terms.

Consider Functions

The functionality should be top-of-the-line. Your laptop should be capable of doing what you plan to utilize for the duration you’re planning to use it.

Because not all laptops were designed the same way, one can perform better in various other areas than the others. Each laptop has strengths and weaknesses, each in its own way.

Let me ask you: are you someone who is a student and requires an application for processing documents?

Are you an artist that requires a laptop to design graphics or video editing software? Perhaps, you’re a gamer or developer? Perhaps you’re in need of it, mostly to entertain yourself.

Whatever the reason you are purchasing it, it has to perform its purpose effectively. 

One thing you should be specific about is the specifications specifically:

  • CPU serves as the computer’s brain laptops and is also known as the processor.’
  • RAM is short-term memory.
  • Internal Storage (HD/SSD)

In terms of RAM, the greater the number of GBs, the better. In order to provide you with an estimate of what to expect, an entry-level model is 4GB. The more is better, so you don’t have to ask questions, like “why is my iPad so slow? How to find out and fix it”, to fix your slow iPad.


This is plenty to allow you to use it for entertainment browsing, browsing, and processing documents. 8GB of RAM will suffice for performing tasks that require multimedia.

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Different processors offer different strengths. Some processors are created to be excellent in gaming, while others are designed to be suitable for multimedia processing.

Let’s get to talking about storage. Like most things, the more memory you have, the more effective. Similar to memory. However, compromises do come together. There is more storage capacity on a hard drive at a lower cost than storage available on an SSD.

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Consider Battery and Weight

  • 1.3-2 kg (2-5 2-5 lbs) The standard weight for laptops that can be comfortably carried
  • 6- 8 hours of battery life for moderate-intensity use is considered to be decent.

Let’s get this straight: you’re buying laptops for their portability and functionality. You would like to carry the device with you and transport it around. This way, wherever you are anywhere, you can access it whenever you want to.

If you are prone to a lot of travelling and constantly travel, taking a laptop that weighs a lot around could cause you to be a nuisance in the end.

First of all, it’s certainly not all you need to take with you. It’s only one of the numerous things you’ll bring.

You don’t want the weight to become an additional burden. There are a variety of alternatives. Be aware that a laptop with a smaller size typically is at an additional cost, and the size may be reduced.

Lightweight laptops weigh under 4 pounds or 2 kilograms. This is the perfect weight if you intend on transporting your laptop all the time.

The battery is another aspect that you should be aware of in terms of mobility. It’s not always the case that there is a source of power in the form of a battery, particularly when you’re travelling by train, plane or bus.

If you’re working on your laptop while sitting lying on the lap of your hand, it’s rather cumbersome to keep wires floating.

Because its primary purpose is to help you stay active for long periods of time, it is ideal to have a battery lifespan of approximately 8 hours of moderate-intensity and 4-6 hours when it comes to demanding computer tasks that require power.

Consider the Resolution and Screen Size

  • 12 – 17 inches screen sizes for laptops.
  • 13-14 inches for use in normal situations.
  • 15-17 inches for professional multimedia and gaming.
  • 1920 1090 Full HD – the default resolution of laptops.
  • 2K, 3K, and 4K can be found in more expensive models.
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The screen size is an interesting aspect to discuss when purchasing laptops. There is no need to have a large screen size. The most important thing is the resolution which refers to the screen’s quality. In essence, the greater is the pixels density, the higher. If you have to choose between a larger screen or one with larger pixels, you’d want to select the one with the lower pixel density.

If you have higher resolutions, it is clear that images will be of similar sizes. If you have a huge screen but it has a low resolution, it will not be appealing to the eyes. In addition, it can also make you tired more quickly.

Consider the Operating System

This can be a major factor. The choice of the operating system can be enough to remove a number of competitors. Apple users already using iPhones, iPods, iPhones, as well as Apple Watches will mostly consider only the MacBook models and will not consider the other choices from other manufacturers. However, Windows, on the contrary side, is the top choice for most users.

Cost and Extras for Ergonomics

First, if you could have the budget and cash to buy the top laptop with everything you need and accessories more than you’ll ever require to provide ease of use, performance, power, and overall user experience – consider it.

However, for most users, price is the primary element. The extras are expensive too. An example of this can be the touch bar Apple offers. It’s an option that users can choose to not use without compromising the laptop’s performance or power.

The tablet-convertible feature and touchscreen capabilities on other laptops of high-end are another option. If you have the money that you could spend on these features, you’ll be able to enjoy them.

Common Laptop Questions and Answers

Lets look at some of the questions people ask when researching the laptop to buy.

The top-rated Laptop in the world?

Apple is, without doubt, one of the most luxurious brands of smartphones, laptops, computers, laptops and Tablets. Apple excels in customer service, quality of build, user-friendly design, power and display.

Which is better? Is Dell or HP more effective?

Are HP superior to Dell? Dell provides a broader range of options and is known to be superior to HP with regard to its lowest-end series. However, HP laptops often have longer battery lives than Dell laptops, but they are costly.

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What’s a 2-in-1 Laptop?

2-in-1 Laptop, Convertible Laptops, Hybrid Laptops

A laptop with a 2-in-1 (2-in-1 PC) is a portable computer with the features of tablets and laptops. It is also known as a “tablet” or a “laptop”, which includes an operating system for PCs keyboard, touchscreen, and other features that are convenient to both devices rolled into one.

Are you able to run your Laptop without batteries?

Yes, you can run laptops that do not have batteries. The Laptop must be connected to an outlet to be able to function. It will shut down immediately when you disconnect it, the same way a regular computer will. If you don’t, it’s perfectly acceptable to use your Laptop with or without batteries.

Does Dell still a top notebook?

Dell’s laptops look fantastic and have decent inside hardware. They come with lots of fashion (and they’ve got some of the top ruggedized choices available). They’re built with top-quality materials, have an impressive battery life, they’re light and compact.

Which is better? Is Lenovo or Dell more effective?

Comparatively, Dell laptops are a great choice in terms of cost; however, Lenovo laptops are the top choice in other factors such as; 

  • Battery life, 
  • Innovation, and
  • Specifications.

 Apart from being rated the best Laptop by the majority of users, Lenovo laptops offer great value in terms of price.

For how long can I use my Laptop?

Let’s say three to five years.

The majority of experts believe the lifespan of laptops to be 3 to 5 years. It might last more than that; however, its functionality will decrease since the components become more capable of running advanced applications.

Final thoughts

The purchase of a laptop can be an attractive option, and also it is very personal. You should consider your options carefully to ensure that you’re getting the most value you will receive for the money you spend. It might appear overwhelming after you’ve weighed in the five suggestions I’ve provided previously mentioned; it will help you make decisions quickly and effectively.

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