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How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate

Building an amazing team in real estate is a skill to learn and master, and while building a team is no walk in the park, it’s an essential part of creating a successful real estate business. If you have the knack for it, you can create a team that will set your company apart from the pack. Here are the major components of a successful real estate team.

1. Must-Have Components Before Growing Your Team

A great team is built on a firm foundation of pre-existing relationships, making recruiting and retaining stellar talent easier. In today’s tough real estate market, you want employees who are more than willing to accept reasonable cuts in pay or even work for free.

To land these highly motivated employees, start by building well-seasoned relationships with your existing agents and clients. Most agents will not accept a smaller commission to join a team if they have to generate their leads since most agents follow a pre-set commission schedule typically based on the shifts they work.

You can be sure you’ll find the top-notch agents you need if your pipeline of leads is strong. You also want to ensure your agents have steady sales and are looking for other opportunities before they consider leaving your company. To attract top talent, you must be a player in the fields of real estate, marketing, and technology.

One of the ways of generating leads is through Google or Facebook Ads by posting unique content that is directly relevant to your clients. Another way is through CRM software designed for real estate agents. This software will allow you to create and connect with your client base daily.

2. Great Support Staff

The great support staff is vital to building a great real estate team. You want a team that is so efficient and reliable that there is no need for direct supervision.

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This goes beyond just having a supportive manager, but rather a team that is willing to take on additional workloads and responsibilities so they can help you run your company smoothly.

Additionally, you want candidates who are willing to work overtime, on the weekends, or occasionally even from home if necessary. Here is a list that constitutes great support staff for an awesome team in real estate:

a. Admin

Overseeing the daily operations of the brokerage is one of the many tasks a real estate administrator performs. A real estate admin is supposed to frequently interact with tenants while coordinating with property managers ensuring that any issues are resolved on time.

An admin must also work closely with property managers or other vendors as well as company owners if they work in bigger offices. An admin is responsible for performing administrative duties, including preparing bills, submitting forms, entering data into the computer, and maintaining an organized office.

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b. Transaction Coordinator

Typical office operations require the coordination of all transactions and document submissions by the transaction coordinator. This includes collecting rent and handling late payment issues and other financial transactions.

They are in charge of completing all forms for each office tenant and submitting any required reports or paperwork to the accounting department. The transaction coordinator is responsible for cross-referencing all documents from previous tenants so that everything is accurate and up to date.

c. Business Development/Marketing Manager

The business development manager is responsible for anything having to do with the marketing and advertising aspect of a real estate office.

Marketing materials are created by these individuals, including flyers, sales letters, postcards, banners, and special reports that are submitted to national directories in order to promote the office and products. They are also responsible for participating in networking events like MLS and MLS boards of directors.

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d. Inside Sales Agent

Anything to do with the marketing and selling of the office falls under the responsibilities of the inside sales agent. They are supposed to spend time on the phone, visiting clients, making appointments for open houses, and handling other customer requests.

Some offices may hire several agents to handle different tasks during any given day. These agents should have excellent communication skills and a stellar customer service reputation.

e. Showing Assistant

Providing tenants with office tours and leasing is the responsibility of the showing assistant. They also ensure that every tenant complies with the rental agreement. They are also responsible for making appointments and setting up appointments, as well as calling tenants to find out what they need while they are at appointments.

They should be able to quickly resolve any issues that arise while a tenant is in the office, including anything regarding rent, keys, maintenance, or termination if necessary.

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3. Strong Team Culture

Creating a strong team culture is ideal for a successful real estate team. A team that participates in company activities outside of work may be more willing to go above and beyond when at work.

Some companies host monthly or quarterly events for their agents, which helps foster camaraderie and encourage teamwork. An obvious way to build bonds among agents is through social gatherings like parties or sports events.

However, you will want to take it one step further by regularly participating in activities that inspire teamwork and collaboration. A strong team culture also promotes acceptance among team members.

You want to be able to keep the team intact when you transfer or hire new agents, so you must ensure a good working environment that doesn’t constantly change.

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This can be done by ensuring employees are invested in their work and jobs. You want to ensure everyone feels important and valued and that they all play a part in achieving your goals. A strong team culture will also ensure everyone is motivated to do their best. You want each team member to know they are appreciated as an individual and an asset to the company.

4. Fun Client Events

While real estate is all about sales, having fun with your clients is important. You want to find ways for your team to engage with your clients so you can build a stronger relationship and ensure that every encounter you have with them, whether during a phone call or an appointment, will be remembered and appreciated.

Live events like open houses, tours, or competitions may be held by some businesses. A real estate agent might also participate in local radio shows or television programs regarding real estate topics. There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet clients and build relationships.

Final Words on How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate

An amazing real estate team will work together as a cohesive unit and treat each other respectfully. A positive work environment will promote cooperation and collaboration among those involved in the company’s success. There is no better place than home to create the right atmosphere that promotes success, so make sure you set up a great team culture so your office can thrive.

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