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Do you need to know how to block a website on chrome? You may need to block a specific website, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter from opening on your browser to avoid distractions that can reduce your productivity at work.

You may also need to know how to block a website on chrome to prevent your little children from accessing websites that contain unsuitable or inappropriate information.

You may need to know how to block a website on chrome to stop a friend who likes streaming videos when using your computer. You can just block the video streaming website and save your internet cost without offending your friend.

In the simple steps below, you will see how to block a website on chrome browser if you are using a desktop device.

The fastest method for blocking any website from opening in your chrome is to download and install chrome browser extension.

This “how to block a website on chrome” guide is based on “Block Site” a productivity chrome extension that is used by over 1 million chrome browser users.

The “Block Site” chrome extension is available for download and installation via the Chrome web store.

  1. Open the chrome browser on your PC and search for the Chrome extension called “Block Site” Chrome extension, and add it to your browser. You can Click Here to go to the “Block Site” page on the Chrome web store directly.

how to block a website on chrome

  1. Add the Chrome extension “Block Site” to your browser by Clicking on the Circled Blue Button as in the image below. That is the “Add to Chrome” button.
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how to block a website on chrome, - step by step

  1. Click the “Add extension” button in the box that pops up after you click the “Add to Chrome” button in step two (2) above.

how to block a website on chrome, add to chrome button

  1. Accept the Term of the “Block Site” extension provider

how to block a website on chrome, Accept

  1. Visit a website you want to block, click on the “Block Site” icon on the top corner of your browser, and click on the red “Block this Site” button.

how to block a website on chrome, click the Icon

Now, you’ve successfully blocked the website and you won’t be able to open the website you blocked in your chrome browser.

To unblock the website you blocked, you have to click “Edit your list” in the top right of your browser or click the “Block Site” extension icon and then click the “Edit block sites list” button.

You can also password-protect your settings so that another person using your chrome browser will not be able to unblock websites you blocked.

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