Good At A Lot Of Various Things Multiplethread


Multiple threat?

This title may sound a bit strange leaving you to wonder at the possibility.

But never mind, if you’re patient enough to read through, you’ll understand why I crafted it so …

In this world, it’s either you’re a single, double, triple, or quadruple threat.

1. A ‘SINGLE THREAT’ is someone who only knows how to do one thing.

Take for example one having only a college degree (maybe as a graduate) or only one skill s/he is very good at.

Gone are those days when all you needed to succeed was a school certificate or degree.

It’s like going out into the real world with a dull knife.

And if this is what your own case is, then you can’t do much because you’ll be limited.


In fact, you can’t afford to be a single threat in this era.

You can be much more than that.

2.  A ‘DOUBLE THREAT’ is someone who knows two things really very well.

These people are better armed to take on the real world and are better positioned for opportunities.

Let’s take an example of a young man, Brian who had an Accounting degree from college coupled with Excel skills.

At the workplace, he stood out amongst his colleagues because he had what they didn’t have, and could as well deliver from his wealth of knowledge, earning more money.

i.e. DOUBLE THREAT: (VALUE = $+$).

3.  A ‘TRIPLE THREAT’ is someone who knows three things really well.

This is like going into the real world armed with an assault rifle and whole arsenal…

Take for instance, a copywriter who has two other different skills relatively well.

He/she can take on more projects than other copywriters, convey information through more avenues than other copywriters, and just, in general, be able to do things someone who can ONLY write can do.

In this case, Brian is a double threat.

If he adds another skill that’s very useful to his career, he’ll become a triple threat, earning much more.

i.e. TRIPLE THREAT: (VALUE = $+$+$).

Do you get it?

So, If you want an average successful life, it doesn’t take much planning. Just stay out of trouble, go to school, and apply for jobs you might like.

But if you want something extraordinary, you have two options.

It’s either you become the best at one specific thing or you become very good (top 25%) at two or more things.

Now, let me ask you.

Are you a single, double, triple or quadruple threat?

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