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How to Access Ukr Net ( Email via IMAP or Ukr Net as most people call it, is an email provider and ISP located in Kyiv, Ukraine which allows individuals to create personal email accounts easily and conveniently. Notable features of’s user experience include sending files up to 50GB via emails with anti-spam/antivirus protection for optimal service delivery. understands the value of seamless digital communication and offers IMAP access for your email account, giving you easy and flexible access from mobile devices or desktop email clients alike. This offers unparalleled convenience.

What Is IMAP and Why Does it Matter?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email protocol widely utilized today that enables users to access their emails across different devices while keeping them synchronized, unlike traditional protocols that entail managing emails directly on an email server. supports both IMAP and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), giving customers the flexibility of selecting any of their preferred email applications such as Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird as long as the desired server supports both protocols.

Desktop Email Applications offer many advantages that should not be ignored.

One key benefit of desktop email applications is their freedom from’s webmail interface. By configuring an IMAP email client with your account, desktop email applications give you greater independence than webmail interface alone. Here is why this matters:

Enhance Your Workflow: Desktop email applications provide many features and customization options that enhance the email management experience, from advanced filtering capabilities to seamless organization options allowing you to tailor your inbox according to your own individual preferences.

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Offline Access: With IMAP, emails remain accessible even when offline – making IMAP especially convenient during travel or locations with limited internet connectivity. Read, compose, and reply without being connected online is now within your grasp!

Improved Productivity: Desktop email applications often feature advanced task management and scheduling tools built-in. By centralizing these communication and scheduling tools, centralized messaging apps allow you to maximize productivity easily while remaining organized with tasks at hand.

Establish Your Account Using IMAP

Configuring an IMAP email client on can be easily achieved; simply follow these simple steps and you’re off!


Ukr net IMAP Settings

IMAP Server
IMAP Port 993
IMAP Security SSL / TLS
IMAP Username Your full email address
IMAP Password Your password SMTP Settings

SMTP Server
SMTP Port 465
SMTP Security SSL / TLS
SMTP Username Your full email address
SMTP Password Your password

Once you’ve configured your email program with these settings, you’re all set to experience the seamless email connectivity IMAP provides.

FAQ: Ukr Net Mail Service

What Is UKR.NET Email?

UKR.NET Email is an email service widely utilized throughout Ukraine and other regions. Offering secure yet fast email communication for its users, with personal accounts that include “,” it also features an easy user interface allowing for email sending/adding of files up to 50 GB as well as professional anti-spam and virus protection for enhanced online safety.

Ukr Net

How Safe Is UKR.NET Email?

UKR.NET Email has an extremely low risk profile that puts its users’ safety first. Quality reports show that most accounts from this domain are valid and safe – making this an excellent option for individuals searching for secure email platforms to protect their communications.

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Can I Access Ukr Net mail Email on Mobile Devices?

Yes! UKR.NET offers its official Mail App available for both iOS and Android, providing easy management of UKR.NET accounts by users while on the move – receiving and sending messages, forwarding large files quickly, staying in contact while staying productive while away.

Is UKR.NET Email Suitably Secure for Businesses?

While UKR.NET Email may be mostly used by individuals for personal accounts, its security features make it suitable for use by businesses as well. With anti-spam and virus protection measures built into its service, data remains safe from being exposed or lost during transmissions between employees.

How Does Ukr Net mail Prevent Plagiarism and Scams?

UKR.NET takes active steps to counter plagiarism and scams within its ecosystem, monitoring for any suspicious activities that might present threats as well as providing users with education on recognizing phishing attempts that help keep users aware of any possible scams that might try to take advantage of its platform.

What Sets UKR NET Apart From Other Email Services?

UKR NET stands out among email providers due to its user-friendly interface, large file attachment capability and advanced security features. Furthermore, its low risk profile and ongoing efforts against scams make it a reliable option for individuals as well as businesses alike.


Embracing Ukr . net’s IMAP access opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to manage your emails efficiently and effectively. By integrating your account with a desktop email application, you can enjoy enhanced features, offline access, and improved productivity.

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Don’t limit your email experience to a webmail interface—explore the freedom and flexibility of’s IMAP access today. Stay connected, stay productive!

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