Revolutionizing The Casino Industry

How Cutting-Edge Tech is Revolutionizing the Casino Industry

Playing at an online casino is all about entertainment and safety. Today’s tech is rapidly improving, so online providers are eager to incorporate it, allowing even better gameplay.

At the same time, all top casinos now look to boost their level of security by adding AI or crypto payments. Czech players have a long list of these safe options at to choose the best casino. Safety for these operators means that they employ top security technology like SSL encryption and firewalls to ensure players enjoy their stay and have a go at the chance to get their best win ever.

From OCR to crypto and NFT, let’s see what this cutting-edge tech is and how it revolutionized online gambling.

Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) Tech

OCR is the tech that added the needed “live atmosphere” in online gambling. Namely, it is the technology behind live dealer games. Of course, such a type of gaming existed before, too, but it was working with RFID chips, which didn’t give the same action.

On the contrary, OCR encodes every information from a live dealer table and streams the game for players without the need to have microchips in their cards (which is how RFID works). The HD cameras capture all action and send the information to the database. It is then transformed to show up on your screen as gameplay.

Face Recognition

With the increase in cyberattacks, some casinos pay extra attention to security and employ face recognition to safeguard players’ accounts. But it is not the only thing it’s used for.

Face recognition can also detect players who have set a limit to their account or have activated a self-exclusion period. Plus, this biometric scan lets the casino know which player is a high roller so that it improves their stay.

Face Recognition

Virtual Reality

Being in the casino itself while sitting at home used to be a matter of dreams. But with the development of VR, it is now a reality. Virtual Reality allows you to literally be at the casino without moving from your home, just by using a headset.

VR has enabled players to double their fun online. You can now play slots and actually go looking for the treasure or dive deep underwater for an in-bonus game. Live dealer games, moreover, are way more thrilling with this technology since it feels as if the croupier is next to you.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is used to aid in practically all spheres of an online casino. It has been added as additional help to customer support agents and is constantly used to analyze games and improve their fairness.

Moreover, AI is also able to recognize problem gambling patterns and report them to the operator. The International Gaming Institute is currently researching the effect of responsible gambling programs. These are the most emphasized measures of every gaming operator once the AI pinpoints a problem gambler.

Blockchain Technology

In a recent post, the GGB magazine pointed out that there is a cashless evolution happening in the iGaming world. And the first thing that comes to mind when cashless is mentioned is crypto.

The blockchain technology opened up the doors for two new things to enter the world, including online gambling:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs

The best and safest casinos today use crypto, since it allows a higher level of security and speed. Based on an untraceable address on the blockchain network, crypto coins allow anonymity when spending your cash in an online casino. Moreover, digital coins are deemed the fastest method for players to top up their accounts and withdraw their winnings.

Recently, NFTs have also entered the iGaming industry. Some casinos offer special NFT bonuses, while others even link this part of the blockchain to special gambling games. Just like crypto, NFTs are secure and offer the same amount of anonymity – the main reason why they’ve made their way into casinos worldwide.

Mobile Gaming

One of the turning points in online gambling was the incorporation of mobile gaming. In 2005, the first mobile casino was launched, but it lacked many things that today’s operators have, such as vivid graphics and real-money play. Once smartphones evolved and were able to handle more powerful technical requirements, the shift toward better gaming on the go started.

Today, there isn’t a casino that’s not mobile-optimized. In most cases, players can join their favorite sites and play online through their preferred browser. However, some go a step further and create mobile apps.

In both cases, operators strive to have all gambling games and features available in the desktop version in their mobile version, too. Since Czech players usually prefer offshore sites, they may find some of the best casino sites with stellar mobile optimization. One such option is offered at to compare. Online reviews have shown that this site has a good gaming library and bonuses, which are all available on smartphones.

Final Words

As technology advances, casino sites find ways to use it to their advantage and improve their players’ gaming experience. From making gaming on the go a reality to using AI to ensure the safety of users’ personal and financial information, technology and the iGaming world will definitely keep meeting.

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