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How CapCut’s Online Video Editor Can Transform Your Property Listings

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Enhance your property listings with the power of CapCut’s video editing tools. From stunning house tours to aspirational dream homes, showcase every aspect of your properties with a professional touch.

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In the world of real estate, the way a property is listed can greatly affect whether someone decides to buy it. Nowadays, people mostly view properties online, which means having good pictures and videos is essential. That’s where CapCut, a free online video editor, comes in. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can turn boring house tours into something much more exciting, making people more likely to want to buy the property.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how CapCut’s online video editor is revolutionizing the real estate industry and why it’s a must-have tool for every agent or homeowner looking to sell their property quickly and efficiently. Join us on this wonderful voyage!

Main Features of CapCut Online Video Editor

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CapCut’s online video editor has become a game-changer in transforming property listings. Its capabilities help real estate brokers produce visually appealing property tours that realize potential buyers’ aspirations.

Speech to Text

This feature allows you to add captions to your property tour videos. Using speech-to-text, you can create high-quality captions that help viewers better understand the property’s features and benefits.

How to use the Speech Text feature of CapCut’s online video editor to enhance property listings:

Import Video

The first step in using the Speech Text feature is to import the video that needs to be transcribed. Once the video is uploaded to CapCut’s online video editor, select the video and click on the Speech to Text feature to start the transcription process.

Edit and Refine Transcription

After transcription, users can modify and add missing information or repair errors. CapCut’s online video editor has a simple text editor for punctuation and spelling corrections.

Add Captions to Video

After editing the transcription, users can caption the video for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. Captions also allow viewers to follow along with the video even if they’re in a noisy environment or unable to play audio.

Background Removal

Sometimes, distracting elements can ruin the visuals of a property tour video. CapCut’s video background remover feature enables you to remove unnecessary objects and keep the viewer’s focus on the property’s best features.

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How to use the Background Removal feature of CapCut’s online video editor to create compelling property tour videos:

Select the Video

The first step in using the Background Removal feature is to select the video file that needs to be edited. Users can choose the video that features the property tour.

Apply Background Removal

Once the video file is selected, users can use the Background Removal feature to remove the background of the video. The feature works by identifying the main subject of the video, which in this case is the property, and isolating it from the background. It creates a clean, professional look that makes the property stand out.

Add a New Background

After removing the background, viewers can install a new one to make the video more immersive. It can be done by adding images or videos of the property’s surroundings or creating a virtual tour. The new background can also be customized with filters or text overlays to make the video more engaging.

Resize Video

The ability to resize a video is an essential feature for real estate agents who want to create high-quality property listings. CapCut allows you to resize videos to fit various platforms, including social media platforms, websites, and emails.

How to use the Resize Video feature of CapCut’s online video editor to create engaging property tour videos:

Choose Video

The first step in using the Resize Video feature is to choose the file that needs editing. Users can select the property tour video that needs resizing.

Adjust the Video Size

Once the video file is selected, users can use the Resize Video feature to adjust the size. It can be done by selecting the aspect ratio or manually adjusting the video’s width and height. The resized video can then be reviewed to ensure it fits the desired dimensions.

Add Text Overlay

After resizing the video, users can add text overlay to highlight the property’s best features or provide additional information. The text overlay can be customized with different fonts, colors, and styles to make it more visually appealing. It can be particularly useful for emphasizing the property’s selling points or providing additional context to potential buyers.

Text to Speech

Adding voiceovers to your property tour videos can help potential buyers understand the property better. CapCut’s text-to-speech feature enables you to convert written text to voiceovers, making it easier to create engaging and informative property tour videos.

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CapCut’s online video editor’s Text to Speech function for captivating property tour videos:

Enter the Text

The first step in using the Text to Speech feature is to enter the text that needs to be converted into speech. Users can type in the text they want to include in the video, such as descriptions of the property’s features or information about the neighborhood.

Choose the Voice and Settings

Users can choose the voice and settings for the text-to-speech conversion once the text is entered. CapCut offers several voices in different languages, and users can adjust the speed and pitch of the speech to suit their preferences.

Sync with Video

Users can sync the text to speech with the video after selecting the voice and settings. It can be done by adding the speech audio to the video timeline and adjusting the timing to match the visuals. This feature is especially useful for creating property tour videos with voiceover narration that highlights the features of the property or provides additional context.

Rich Resources of CapCut Online Video Editor

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CapCut’s online video editor is a powerful tool that offers rich resources to enhance property listings and transform them into dream homes. It provides a range of features that enable real estate agents to create visually appealing and engaging videos.

Effects and Filters

CapCut’s effects and filters can enhance the visual appeal of property tour videos and transform property listings into dream homes. Adjusting the colors, brightness, and contrast can showcase the property’s features in the best light. Special effects can highlight specific features, such as a fireplace or a swimming pool. With CapCut’s effects and filters, real estate agents can create visually stunning property tour videos that attract potential buyers and turn house tours into dream homes.

Music and Sound Effects

You can choose from various genres and moods to find the perfect music for your property tour video. Whether you want a relaxing acoustic track for a cozy family home or an upbeat pop song for a trendy city apartment, CapCut’s music library has you covered. Additionally, the sound effects library includes a range of ambient sounds that can make the property tour videos more realistic and immersive. Using CapCut’s extensive music and sound effects library, real estate agents can create more engaging and emotional property tour videos, attracting potential buyers and turning house tours into dream homes.

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Text Overlay and Text Templates

Using text overlays and templates, real estate agents can provide viewers with important information about the property without interrupting the flow of the video. Text overlays can highlight home attributes like number of bedrooms, baths, lot size, and pool. Text templates can also provide additional context and branding for the video, such as the agent’s contact information or the agency’s logo. By utilizing CapCut’s text overlay and template features, real estate agents can create more informative and engaging property tour videos to help them stand out in a competitive market and turn house tours into dream homes for potential buyers.

Who Needs CapCut Online Video Editor?

CapCut’s online video editor is an excellent tool for anyone involved in real estate, from agents to homeowners looking to sell their properties.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents must create visually appealing and engaging property tour videos to attract potential buyers. CapCut’s online video editor offers a range of features and resources that enable agents to create high-quality videos that showcase the property’s best features. With CapCut, agents can quickly and easily create professional-quality property listings that stand out.


Homeowners looking to sell their properties can also benefit from using CapCut’s online video editor. With CapCut, homeowners can create property tour videos highlighting their homes’ best features and attracting potential buyers. By creating visually stunning videos, homeowners can increase their chances of selling their property quickly and at a higher price.

Property Managers

Property managers who oversee multiple properties can also benefit from using CapCut’s online video editor. With CapCut, property managers can quickly create property tour videos that showcase the unique features of each property. By creating high-quality videos, property managers can attract potential renters or buyers and increase occupancy rates.


CapCut, a free online video editor, has transformed how property listings are presented to potential buyers. With its user-friendly interface and creative editing techniques, real estate agents can create captivating videos that showcase a dream home. It’s essential to boost your real estate business and stand out in the competitive market.

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